Volume 4 - Issue 1**

Optimising The Parameters For The Congo Red Dye Decontamination In Aqueous Solutions By Polyvinylpalmitate Adsorbents[Download]
S Rathika, P S Raghavan

Response Spectrum Analysis Of Single Storey Framed Structure By Numerical Integration Methods[Download]
Jayaraman Ariyagounder , Dr.V Senthilkumar, M Saravanan

How Information Quality Leads To Operational Capabilities And Corporate Performance[Download]
Shu-Mei Tseng

Cloud Computing : In Simple Terms[Download]
Jamil Abdul Kareem Al Muttawa

Energy Monitoring, Assessment And Control System Based On Zigbee[Download]
Abdülkadir Çakir, Husam Abdul Muttaleb Abdul Ameer Alabde

Parametric Analysis Of Mixed Gas-Steam Cycle For Various Blades Cooling Means[Download]
Shubham Tiwari1, Laxmi Kant Sahu2, Ankita Sharma3

Determination Of Thermal Rating Of Power Semiconductor Devices For Different Motor Duty Cycle[Download]
Muazzam Laiq, Avinash Sinha

Distance Measurement Using Stereo Vision[Download]
Sheetal Nagar, Prashant Mavi

Determination Of Component Values For Butterworth Type Active Filter By Differential Evolution Algorithm[Download]
Bahadır Hiçdurmaz

**Remaining Papers are under the process