Volume 4 - Issue 4**

Tree Approach To Mine Frequent Pattern In Association Using Apriori Algorithm[Download]
Ms. D.Ananthi, Mrs.A.Arul Mary, Mr.T.Praveen Raja

A Novel Back Emf Zero Crossing Detection Of Brushless Dc Motor Based On Pwm[Download]
Zhu Bao-Peng Wei Hai-Feng

Response Of Rectangular Tank Under Seismic Load By Coupling Bem And Fem[Download]
Marwa G. Kareem, Kawther Khalid,Ass.Prof.Dr.Hatem R.Wasmi,Ass.Prof.Dr. Mohmmed Q.Abdullah

Frequency Assessment Of Pre-Analytical Errors In Tertiary Care Clinical Laboratories Services.[Download]
Junaid Mahmood Alam, Humaira Howrah Ali, Farah Ashraf, Ishrat Sultana,

The Teaching Of Local Content Subject Of English For Tourism In English Language Learning At Junior High Schools (An Ethnographic Study At Smpn 3 And Smpn 6 Sikur In East Lombok)[Download]
Pauzan, Prof. Dr. Joko Nurkamto, M.Pd, Dr. Rudi Hartono, M.Pd, Dr. Djoko Sutopo, M.Si

Ultrasound Guided Aspiration And Sclerotherapy For Renal Cysts[Download]
Dr. Mohammed Bassil Ismail, Dr. Nibbras Ibrahim Al-Hamdani, Dr.Abbas Fadhil Obaid, Dr. Jaber Abdulsattar Hassan, Dr.Saad Dakhil Farhan

Protected Anti-Collusion Dynamic Data Sharing System For Active Groups In The Cloud Computing[Download]
S.David Arokkiya Doss , A.Senthil Kumar

Application, Testing And Analysis Of Counting Mechanism For Small Industries[Download]
Forum Bhutaiya, Nikhil Bharambe, Yash Chaudhari

Comparative Study On Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Of Adhoc Networks For Three Zones Over A Network Via Non Homogeneous Conditions.[Download]
Rajesh Yadhav K, Srinivasa Rao T, Prasad Vadamodula

Electrochemical Behavior Of Gallium-Doped Lithium Titanate[Download]
Tatiana Kulova, Anna Kuz’Mina, Alexander Skundin, Irina Stenina, Andrei Yaroslavtsev

Fluid Hydrodynamics In Nano-Systems With Regard To Quantum-Mechanical Effects[Download]
Gabil Garibkhan Oglu Aliyev, Azad Gabil Oglu Aliyev

Automatic Material Separating Conveyor[Download]
Suhaib Thalekkara Maruthuru, A. Thirumoorthy

Comparative Mineralogy And Magnetic Separation Characteristics Of Nb-Ta Oxide Minerals From Rare-Metal Pegmatite And Stream Sediments, Eastern Desert And Sinai, Egypt[Download]
Mohamed F. Raslan And Mona M. Fawzy

Fabrication Of Envisioning Bricks[Download]
Ramprashanth.A, Hari Priya.M, Juliet Asha.A, Kannan.B, Dharun Prakash.P.G

Physico Chemical And Benthic Macro Invertebrate Analysis Of Usumani Stream In Abiriba, Ohafia L.G.A. Abia State[Download]
Onyenwe, E., Ekedo, C.M., Ifeakanwa, C.N.

Optical Properties Of Glass And Plastic Doped By Fe[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Elharam Ali Eltahir Mohammed, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed, Rawia A.Elgani

Bases Of Piecewise-Liner Economic-Mathematical Models With Regard To Influence Of Unaccounted Factors In Finite-Dimensional Vector Space[Download]
Azad Gabil Oglu Aliyev

Microbiological Quality Of Riyadh Water Supplies And Effect Of Intermittent Water Supply On The Bacterial Quality In The Water Distribution Network[Download]
Abdulrahman I. Alabdula’Aly And Mujahid A. Khan

Study The Effect Of Wind Load And Dead Load On Rc Hyperbolic Cooling Tower By The Provision Of Stiffeners[Download]
Mariya Jacob, Aswathi Mohanan

Channel Estimation Based On Compressive Sensing In Ofdm Systems[Download]
Yuanhang Liu, Zonggang Ye, Shuai Peng

Analysis Of Reliability And Availability Indicators In Railway Vehicle Ordering Specifications Of The Operating Agencies Of Various Countries[Download]
No-Geon Jung, Kye-Seung Lee, Wan-Il Kim, Chin-Young Chang, Jae-Moon Kim

Incorporating Tag Information To Enhance The Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm[Download]
Yuhong Zhou

Study Of Seismic Response Of Column Strengthened By Angles And Strips And Optimizing The Parameters For Deformation, Stress, Life And Damage.[Download]
Alfiya Latheef, Sumayyath M. M.

Optimization Of Cutting Parameters In High Speed Trochoidal Machining[Download]
Tushar Mestry, Niyati Raut

Design Of Dual-Mode High-Power Transmitter For Terrestrial Digital Tv Service[Download]
Minki Kim, Joong-Il Kim,Dong Ho Kim

An Experimental Study On Rotating House Based On Heliotropism[Download]
Indumathi.M, Kaviya.G, Karthikeyan.S. , Jeffreeves Ronald.P, Girinath.R

A Modified Case-Based Reasoning Architecture For Solving Real Society Problems[Download]
Gamal H. Eladl

The New Approach To Internet Marketing Based On Knowledge Bases And The Semantic Web[Download]
Srđan Jovanović, Snježana Đokić, Mladen Radivojević

**Remaining Papers are in Progress