Volume 5 - Issue 2**

The Study Of The Method Of The Direct Torque Control Based On Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation[Download]
Ruan Shihao, Liu Weiting,Wei Haifeng,Yan Pengyu,Yao Jinyi,Chen Jiaqi

Isolation Of Cellulose Degrading Microorganisms From Agro-Wastes For Industrial Utilisation.[Download]
Nwogwugwu, N.U., Abu, G.O., Akaranta, O.

Prevalence And Intensity Of Schistosomia Haematobium Among School Children In Some Parts Of Owerri, Imo State.[Download]
Nwachukwu, I.O., Ajero, C.M.U.,Nwachukwu, M.I. And Obasi, C.C.

Growth Of Productivity In Electronic-Commerce Stores Based On Customer Purchase Data Analysis Via Performance Of Data Exploring Techniques[Download]
Tahereh Etehadnezhad, Vahid Khatibi Bardsiri

Geotechnical Investigation At Sanzule Beach, Ghana, Using Seismic Refraction Tomography[Download]
Kwame .N. Asamoah, Jamel Seidu, Anthony Ewusi And Ebenezer Ansah

Complex Formation In A Liquid-Liquid Extraction System Containing Nickel (Ii), 2-Hydroxy-5-Nitrothiophenol And Hydrophobic Amines[Download]
Sultan G. Aliyev, Zohra G. Askerova, Yavar C Gasimova, Ali Z. Zalov

Kinetic And Thermodynamic Study Of Oxidation Of Reducing Sugar In Alkaline Medium y Titrimetric Method[Download]
Rama Sarojinee, Shilpa Sharma, Manisha Mishra

“Genetically Tuned Optimization Of Plastic Extrusion Process: A Litreture Review”[Download]
Rama Sarojinee, Manoj Kumar Jha

Comparative Analysis Of Dual, Quad And Octa Element Patch Array Antenna[Download]
K.Srinivasa Naik, K.Y.K.G.R.Srinivasu

Numerical Study On The Heliacal Cooling Channel For Injection Molding Process[Download]
Pham Son Minh, Tran Minh The Uyen

Cloud Computing – An On Demand Service Platform And Different Service Models[Download]
Jasmeen Kaur, Kailash ahl

**Remaining Papers are in progress