Volume 6 - Issue 9**

Overview - of Seismic Resistance of Railway Steel Trusses Bridges Using Splice Connection[Download]
V Ravi sankar, J Umanambi

Transport Planning System and Management of Davao City: A Perceptual Study[Download]
Jade C. Arcillas, Marvie L. Castroverde, Francis Jon S. Locsin, Rizalyn O. Tecson, Frederick John Trinidad, Joel S. Pardillo

Longitudinal Data Modeling Using Multiscale Autoregresive (MAR) Wavelet[Download]
Suparti, Rukun Santoso, Alan Prahutama, Sudargo

Derivation of Spatial Evolution of Quantum System in the Interaction Picture within the Framework of Generalized Special Relativity[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Abdelkarim Gismalla Khogali, Musa Ibrahim Babiker Hussein, Mona Ali Abdalrasool Abdalla, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Effect of Constraints to Real Estate Ownership by Women on Women Contribution to the National Economy.[Download]
Obodoh, Chikasi M, Emoh, Fidelis I , Ogbuefi, Joseph U., Obodoh, Dominic A.

Determine the Drivers to the Awareness and Compliance of Building Insurance Valuation (BIV) and Insurance Policy to the Selected Universities[Download]
Njungbwen, Ernest, Oke, Abimbola Adeoluwa

Diversification Strategy And Firm Profitability: Evidence From Selected Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Firms In Lagos State, Nigeria[Download]
Adekunle O. Binuyo, Hillary S. Ekpe, Babatunde O. Binuyo

Regulatory Envronment And Smesí Access To Financial Services: Evidence From Nigeria And South Africa[Download]
Adekunle Oluwole Binuyo, Tersia Botha

Curse Of Air Pollution & Mitigation Strategies[Download]
Umapati Sahay, Kumari Smita

Fatigue Life Estimation Of Local Sharp-Grooved Circular Tubes With Different Diameter-To-Thickness Ratios Under Cyclic Bending[Download]
Kuo-Long Lee, Wen-Fung Pan

Chitosan- A Biological Alternative To Chemical Denture Cleansers[Download]
Dr Supriya Manvi, Dr Athira Krishnan, Chaitra Koppal Renukanath, Dr Shruthi Eshwar, Dr Anil Mangutti.

Flood Hazard : Its Impact And Management In Some Blocks Of The Northern Part Of Nadia District, West Bengal[Download]
Safiur Rahamana, Dr. Satyajit Dharab

**Remaining Papers are in progress