Volume 8 - Issue 1**

Innovative Development Of Clusters And Technoparks As A Form Of Implementing Investment Economy Model[Download]
Savchuk O., Liubchych A. & Klimova G.

Augmentation Of The Aesthetic Appearance And Quality Of Plantation Timber Veneers Through Dyeing Technology[Download]
Sujatha.D., Mamatha B S & Uday.D.N

Recycling Of Beverages Tetra Pack Wastes Into Value Added Composites[Download]
Sujatha.D, Mamatha B.S, Uday D N, Prakash V, Kiran M.C and Varada Raju K.C

Properties of light weight engineered wood composite made using foaming chemical [Download]
B.S. Mamatha, Sujatha.D, Uday D. N, Prakash V, Kiran M.C

The Impact of Technology on Migration [Download]
Maryam Adli, Amama Saleem, Tamima Saleem, Hawa Adli,

Remaining Papers are in progress