Volume 8 - Issue 10**

Analysis on the Characteristics and Academic Influence of Highly Cited Papers in Education & Economy[Download]
Zhongming Wei

A Scrutiny On Aftermaths Of Covid – 19 On Scientific Teaching And Learning With Potential Reforming Strategies[Download]
Mahima Srivastava

Statistics and Analysis of Highly Cited Papers in Chinas Sports Core Journals[Download]
Zhongming Wei

Project Proposal of a Safe Vial Transportation System for Biomedical Industry Use[Download]
Mateusz Gaciarz, Rafal Baliga ,E. Daniel Kirby, Ravindra Thamma

A documentary review of Quality Assurance (QA) Policy and Processes implemented in Teacher Education institutions. A case of selected Primary Teacher Training Colleges (PTTCs) in Uganda[Download]

Effect of Oil Price Shocks On The Nigerian Economic Growth.[Download]
Atayi Abraham Vincent, Ibukun Felix Olusegun(PhD)and Ogunbiyi Ayoola Olayinka(PhD) and Charles-Akpunne Covenant Chiemala

Remaining Papers are in progress