Volume 10 - Issue 01

Groundwater contamination assessment: Sadulshahar block, Sri Ganganagar district, Rajasthan, India.[Download]
Seema Koushal, Dr. Atul Arora

Integrated Management System (Best4) For Sustainable Development Through Proccess Approch[Download]
Rajesh Goel

IOT based Digital Notice Board[Download]
Rhutik Dhanawade, Abhishek Sasne, Vishal Patole, Bhawana Patil, Ajinkya Patil

Mini Review On Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation into Hepatic Lineage and Herbal Induced Hepatoprotection[Download]
Savitri Trivedi, Nayan K. Jain, Rakesh M. Rawal

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Development of Ovarian Cancer[Download]
Uzma Roheen, Preeti Sharma Rawat, Simerjit Kaur

Harmonic Elimination in Single Phase Multilevel Inverter with Non Equal DC Sources Using Differential Evolution Algorithm[Download]
Sudhakar V. Pawar and Abhijeet R. More

A Study on Energy Efficiency in UTHM Buildings[Download]
Ade Asmi, Aurino Djamaris and Nur Sufini Hanizen Binti Sulaiman

An Investigation Of Learning Through Open Learning System Of Senior Secondary School Students[Download]
Dr. Sunita Devi

The Influence Of Managerial Competence, Social Competence, And Entrepreneurship Competence Of School Principles On Organizational Performance At Mobilization Schools In West Lombok District[Download]
Syahrudin Saat, Lalu Suparman, Sri Wahyulina

The Influence Of Good Corporate Governance, Return On Asset, And Capital Adequacy Ratio On Net Performing Loans With Inflation As A Moderating Variable[Download]
Brananda Adityo, Lalu Hamdani Husnan, Ni Ketut Surasni

An analysis of the risk factors for the onset of Asthma[Download]
Monika Devi, Simerjit Kaur, Preeti Sharma Rawat

Influence of Non-Physical Work Environment, Job Rotation, Demographic Characteristics on Career Development and Employee Achievement[Download]
Mardian Rizka Harsani, Agusdin, Mukmin Suryatni

Effect Of International Capital Inflows On Economic Growth In Nigeria[Download]
Nkiru Patricia CHUDE & Daniel Izuchukwu CHUDE

Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Models in the Histopathologic Grading of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma[Download]
Shwethal Sayeeram Trikannad, Noel Pereira

Numerical Solution of 2D Inhomogeneous Helmholtz Equation using the Meshless Radial Basis Function Method [Download]
Shrikrishna Dasari, Amit Parikh

A Connection Between Special Pythagorean Triangles And 4104[Download]

A Convolution Theorem for the Linear Canonical-Mellin Transform and Its Properties[Download]
Vidya Sharma, Nitin Dhange

On complex symmetric sequence of symbols of Toeplitz operators[Download]
Hawa Ibnouf , Waleed Elteib and Shawgy Hussein

Applying CNN Algorithm to Classification of Anybody Carrying Gun to Protect Muslim in Mosque for any Attacking and Shoots[Download]
Mohammed-Elbasheir, Somia-Badawi, Ahmed-Khalid, Samia-abdalrahman, Hind-Khalid

Citation Function Classification Schemes and Techniques: A survey[Download]
A.M.Ibrahim and Mohammed-Elbasheir

Comparative Study of Nutritional Composition of Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus florida Cultivated on Different Consortiums of Substrates[Download]
Mukundraj Govindrao Rathod, Jivan Munja Dhotare, Gautam Tanaji Kamble, Aarti Narottam Chopda, Shreya Babanrao Wahule, Pratibha Ishwardas Dhawale, Umesh Pravin Dhuldhaj and Anupama Prabhakarrao Pathak