Volume 10 - Issue 03

A Study Of Cognitive Dissonance In Relation To Locus Of Control Of Senior Secondary School Students[Download]
Dr. Rekha Rani , Dr. Reena Rani, Ms. Sandhya

Vision SDG 2030 Clean Water, Sanitation and zero emission Industry Pollution Management using nWSN based Green IoT Applications: A Techno-legal impact[Download]
Samir Chandra Das, Manas Kumar Sanyal, Jatindra Kumar Das, Nabarun Bhattacharyya

Distributed Artificial Intelligence for Indoor Spaces[Download]
Christodoulos Asiminidis

Analysis of Product Quality on the Food Processing Sector based on the Consumer Evaluation Criteria (Study on product Tempe Pejeruk Abian, Mataram City)[Download]
Muhamad Ilhamudin, Hilmiati, Rusminah, and Junaidi Sagir

The Speed of Adjustment Effect of Non Cash Payment System to Indonesias Economic Growth[Download]
Ida Ayu Putri S, Taufiq Chaidir and Gusti Ayu Arini

Tesseract Factorization[Download]
Christodoulos Asiminidis

About a cloud-based distributed software environment for scientific computations[Download]
Desislava Zaharieva-Uzunova, Anton Iliev, Nikolay Kyurkchiev, Asen Rahnev

Software Reliability Estimation in Aircraft Systems Development[Download]
Kolyo Kolev, Angel Tanev

Optimization of water-Invaded Horizontal Well with Inflow Con-trol Devices at Gulf of Suez Area[Download]
Abdalla Mohamed, Taher El-Fakharany and Samir Khalid

Egg fertility and hatchability in large Sudanese chicken under semi-intensive system[Download]
Emmanuel, C. Kodit and Ojang, A. A. Delker

An innovative microfluidic platform for the detection of circulating tumour cells - understanding potential applications for clinicians[Download]
Wu-Shun Felix Wong, Bee Luan Khoo, Karen Kar Loen Chan

Prediction of the Equivalent Circulation Density Using machine learning Algorithms Based on Real-Time Data.[Download]
Abdelrahman kandil, Samir Khaled, Taher Elfakharany

Complex Symmetric Operators And Applications II[Download]
Hawa Ibnouf , Waleed Elteib

Improved performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with natural pigments modified with metal nanoparticles[Download]
Kiran Ranabhat, Prof. Alexander Gendrikhovich Cherednichenko, Prof. Alexandra Anatolevna Revina

Square-based and metadata content-based Recommender Systems [Download]
Christodoulos Asiminidis

A Review: Analytical Techniques For Herbal Nano Medicine [Download]
Bhavya sri K, Chaitanyakarne, SumakanthMogili

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Empowering Living Condition of Rural Community (With reference to World Vision Lanka) [Download]
Harischandra H.M

Impact of Agile Management on Construction Projects in Khartoum State[Download]
Mazin Mohamed Bashir, D. Mona Adam Gumma

Effect Of Nickel Nanoparticles On The Liver Of Fingerlings Of Fish Labeo Rohita[Download]
Nitin P Mesharm