Volume 10 - Issue 08

An Impact Of Chat GPT in Higher Education.[Download]
Dr Himanshu Maniar

Environmental Impact Assessment Of Kanhan River Water [Download]
Nitin P. Meshram

Is Chlorpyrifos Safe For Human Health? - A Mini-Review[Download]
Meenu, Noor Saba Khan, Ramesh B. Bodla, Arun Kumar Jain,

The Impact Of The New Educational Management In Schools[Download]
Ms Dipal Gohil, Dr. Vijay Pithadia

Etheron – Gluon – Quark – Bion[Download]
Dénes Joó

The role of pastoral women in the development of pastoral communities and the challenges they face in Sharq El Nile Locality, Khartoum, Sudan[Download]
Hala Ahmed Hassan, Mohammed Ibrahim Abdelsalm, Kwother Mohammedosman Abbas Osman and Dalia Khiry Abdelraheem

Stafne’s Bone Cyst: A case Report[Download]
Dr.Priyanka Tidke

Photonics by Four Bosons Electromagnetism[Download]
M. Couto1, R. Doria, L.S. Mendes

Review On Waste Water Under Different Regions And Water Purification Techniques And Their Limitations[Download]
Jayashri Waghmode, Sagar Sodmise, Ashwini Jadhav, Supriya Shinde , and Ramchandra Sapkal

Place Of Radio-Iodine Therapy In The Management Of Hyperthyroidism In Senegal[Download]
Thiaw Gora; Bathily E.H.Amadou Lamine; Djigo M.Salif, Ndong Boucar

The Role of Sustainable Tourism in Preserving Traditional Knowledge[Download]
Dr. Zainab Sadiq Mustafa

Remaining Papers are in progress