Volume 11 - Issue 04

Complex Self-Sustainable Technical System For Producing Meat Products And Eggs And Its Multiplied Benefits [Download]
Darko Veljanovski, Blagojce Najdovski, Vangelica Jovanovska

Compendium On Phisicochemical Analysis Of Different Marketed Preprations Of Musturd Oil[Download]
Robin Beniwal, Adeshpratap singh, Manisha Bhatti

Review on Effect of Super Absorbent Polymer and Fiber on Concrete [Download]
Nirdesh vaidya, Mr. Pukhraj Sahu

Unfolding the Link: Exploring ER Stress and Neuronal Dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Diseases [Download]
Poonam , Inderjeet Kaur,Dr. Devinder Kumar Maheshwari

Disability Impact On Mothers Having Children With Developmental And Intellectual Disabilities [Download]
V. Beulah Vennela, Prof. C. Beena

Comprehensive Examination of the Evolution and Fluctuations in Malayalam Language Radio Programming within the United Arab Emirates: An In-Depth Analysis [Download]
Abdurabb Thodika, Dr. Umang Gupta

Microwave-Assisted Preparation And Characterization Of Tristearin Based Solid Lipid Nanoparticles [Download]
Manisha Sharma, Roushan Kumar, Nisha Joshi, Mohd Vaseem Fateh

Work Force Crisis In Healthcare [Download]
C.L. Avadhani

Thermophysical Properties Of Corn Oil Biodiesel Mixed With Nanoadditives [Download]
Raviteja Surakasi, Ravi Ganivada, Bobbadi Ushaswini

Petrophysical evaluation of well log and prediction of porosity using a probabilistic neural network for reservoir characterization in NW Red Sea, Egypt. [Download]
Ahmed Samy Hassan, Abd El-Nasser Helal, Ali Bakr and Mohamed I. Abdel-Fattah, Ayman Shebl El-Sayed

Implementation Of ISO 9001 System In Transportation Of Dairy Products [Download]
Kristina J. Gacoska