Volume 11 - Issue 05

Classroom Examination And Centralized Examination: Comparative Analysis Through Students' Outcome In General Mathematics Among Grade 11 Stem Students Of Mindanao State University-Sulu [Download]
Adeb Muallip, Musirna Muksir, Nurweda Judain, Alwina Aldasir, Herdalyn Habir, Salha Amil, and Nurhisa Pawakie

Narendra Modis Diplomatic Shift: Redefining India's Ties with the Gulf Countries [Download]
Abdurabb Thodika, Dr. Umang Gupta

Facial Identification based Attendance System with Anti-Spoofing[Download]
Aparna Sawant, Rahul Daga, Saakshi Salvi, Mohammad Shaikh, Shrid Dagwar, Omkar Surve

Digitalization strategies in inventory management: a literature review[Download]
Ángel A. Esquivel-López, Missael A. Román-del-Valle, José C. Hernández-González

A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms: Enhancements and Future Directions[Download]
Matrika Shukla, Ravindra Thamma, Oyetunji Olaniba, Anurag Sobti

Exploring the Cinematic Depiction of Terrorism: A Critical Review Analysis of 'Mumbai Diaries' [Download]
Dr. Umang Gupta, Ms. Diya Singh

“Are they ready?”: Exploring critical thinking readiness through Nursing Aptitude test in Sulu[Download]
Ahmed Taylor Ingoh, Andreana Aguil, Fatima Krisha Indanan, Naidanoor Junie, Alfradkhan Pasihul, Sher-ainie Asdali, Andrea Aguil, Abdel Muizz Abdul, Zamem Jalil, Farhan Fadzlulkarim, Adeb Muallip and Salha Amil

Identifying Suitable Construction Technology for Redevelopment Projects in the Deccan Area of Pune: A Comparative Analysis [Download]
Ar. Kaiwalya Apte, Ar. Prachi Aiyer

The effects of cooking vessel type and a prototype heat storage box on rice cooking with a solar cooker[Download]
Isaac Mergner, Corliss A. O’Bryan, Philip G. Crandall

Remaining papers are in progress