Volume 4 - Issue 5

Order Statistics From Power Lomax Distribution[Download]
Ibrahim B. Abdul-Moniem

Hardware & Software Security Challenges In Iot: A Review Internet Of Things[Download]
Sarishka, Neetikashyap

Monitoring Of Masjed Soleyman Dam Based On Instrumentation Data[Download]
Saeedeh Hossein, Mahin Etemadifar, Iman Aghamolaie

Dispersion Of Multi - Walled Carbon Nanotubes On Foam Concrete[Download]
Mahitha M, Prof.M.Rajalingam, Dr Sunilaa George

Occurrence And Rectification Of Pre-Analytical Errors In Clinical Chemistry Profile Requests From Accident And Emergency Services At Tertiary Care Health Institute.[Download]
Junaid Mahmood Alam, Amna Salman, Farah Ashraf, Ishrat Sultana,

Hepatoprotective Activity Of Aqueous Extract Of Some Astraceae Plants Against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatotoxicity In Rats[Download]
M.M. Mansour, Moammed H.Elhaw And Ahmed E. El-Gendy

Studies Of Water Quality Analysis Due To Disposal Of Domestic Sewage In Tapti River[Download]
Utkarsh Kasera, Pratik Soni, Anil Pawar, Devendra Dhamandhekar, Sadashiv Choudary, Manish N. Gandhi

Study Of Strength Of Concrete By Using Coconut Shell[Download]
Ajay Tharwani, Ashish Sablani1 Gaurav Batra, Sakshi Tiwari1 Divya Reel, Manish N. Gandhi

Awareness On Strategic Management Accounting Of Small Medium-Sized Enterprises In The Kingdom Of Bahrain[Download]
Andres Alegre Regondola

Gap Analysis Of Hsems In Adcs Oil & Gas, Uae[Download]
Abdul Hameed A.S, N.A Siddiqui, Abhinav Srivastava

Adsorptive Removal Of Aniline From Aqueous Solutions Using Prunus Dulcis (Almond): Equilibrium, Kinetics And Thermodynamics[Download]
Somayeh Rahdar, Shahin Ahmadi, Hossien Shahraki Zadeh

Soil Stabilization Of Cochin Marine Soil Using Locally Available Materials[Download]
Lisha Elson,Arjun Singh, Elezabeth Joy, Linda Mary John, Tessmol Mathew

A Hybrid Feature Selection Method Based On Harmony Search[Download]
Yurou Zhang,Jing Zhang

Implementation Of A High Speed Binary Floating Point Multiplier Using Dadda Algorithm In Fpga[Download]
Ms.Komal N.Batra, Prof. Ashish B . Kharate

Prospection And Collection Of Striga Gesnerioides Seeds In Three Major Cowpea Producing Regions In Niger[Download]
N. Aichatou Abdoulaye, Romaric Nanema, Mamadou A. Coulibaly, J. B. Tignegre, J. D. Zongo

Analysis Of Cylindrical Shells Using Mixed Formulation Of Curved Finite Strip Element[Download]
Salah Barony, Ezzedin Galuta, Ahmed Tuhami

Cyber Eye: Cloud Based Reading Aid For Visually Impaired[Download]
Anjali Krishnan N, Lekshmi Vijayan, Priyanka P, Renya Reji, Minu Lalitha Madhavu

Comparing Traditional Project Management Practices Against Extreme Programming And Scrum Frameworks[Download]
Gurjit Kaur, Kailash Bahl

Online Examination System –Architecture[Download]
Ravinder Punia, Kailash Bahl

Investigation Of Machining Parameter For Edm Hole Drilling[Download]
Hemant Pawar, Rahul Shelke

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Using Implicit Similarity In Preference Relationships[Download]
Yu Hong Zhou, Zhi Jie Duan, Wei Jiang

Quantitative Assessment System For Reliable Routing In Wsn[Download]
Mrs. Vani B, Dr. Shrishail Math, Mr. Mahesh B

Preparation Of Stable Suspensions For Production Of Submicron Particles In Stirred Media Mill[Download]
Diler Katırcıoğlu Bayel, Oner Yusuf Toraman

A Study On Amended Liner Using Kuttanad Clay And Crushed Tile Chips[Download]
Binta M George,Alan Alex,Jeny Jose,Linu Roy,Soorya Thomas

Effect Of Sintering Temperature On Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Ni-Zn Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles[Download]
G. N. Kakade, M. S. Patil, V. D. Murumkar, D. R. Shengule

Geoelectrical Survey For Engineering Uses, Madinaty City, Egypt.[Download]
Thabet H. S.,Abdel Hafeez Th. H. , Diaa Hamed,Azab M.A.Basheer.A.A., Abdel Qawi S.R.

Application Of Shallow Seismic Refraction To Detect Engineering Problems, Madinaty City, Egypt.[Download]
Abdel Hafeez Th. H. ,Thabet H. S., Diaa Hamed,Azab M.A.*Basheer.A.A., Abdel Qawi S.R.***.

Waste Elimination By Lean Manufacturing[Download]
Tejas Chaudhari, Niyati Raut

Power Quality Improvement By Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer[Download]
Nootan Sharma, Arvind Ojha

Deypos: Using Revocable Storage For Multi-User Environments Identity-Based Encryption[Download]
P.Raju, A.Senthil Kumar

Thermal Analyses On Solar Collectors With Nano Carbon Coated Absorbers[Download]
P.H.Sudharlin Paul, R.V.Jeba Rajasekhar

Physical And Morphological Properties Of Periwinkle Shell-Filled Recycled Polypropylene Composites.[Download]
C. Onuoha, O.O. Onyemaobi, C.N. Anyakwo, G.C. Onuegbu

Frequency Of Academic Failure And Its Associated Factors From The Perspectives Of Students Of Zabol University Of Medical Sciences In 2016[Download]
Somayeh Bagheri, Fahimeh Nakhzari Moghadam, Mehdi Haghighi

Modeling The Amount Of Rainfall Using Fuzzy Logic[Download]
Zhifka Muka, Elda Maraj, Shkelqim Kuka

Ultra High Pressure Technology: Principle, Its Application And Microbiological Aspects Of Food.[Download]
Ms. Bhoite A.A

Rutting Behaviour Of Polymer Modified Bituminous Concrete By Using Waste Plastic[Download]
Rohit Jain, Sourabh Gupta, H.S. Goliya

Feasibility Of Providing A Skywalk For Pedestrian “A Case Study”[Download]
Sourabh Gupta, Rohit Jain, Vandana Tare

Ultra Embedder – A Secure Data Transmission By Hiding Data In Audio/Video Files[Download]
Litty Mariam Biju, Sreelekshmi S Kumar, Rakhi R, Rinta Mariam Jose, Minu Lalitha Madhavu

Strongly Extending And Fully Principally Extending S-Acts[Download]
Shaymaa Amer

The Effect Of Power Distance On E-Government Adoption In Vietnam: Empirical Investigation Using Utaut Model[Download]
Vo Thi Thanh Thao

How To Efficiently Reach New Public Administration With The Use Of New Technological Solutions[Download]
Igor Prerad1, Đorđo Vasiljević, Mladen Radivojević

The Concept Of Energy For Thermodynamics Friction System[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Abdelbagi Ahmed DafaAllah, AbdelAzeem Mohammed Ali, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Determinants Of Financial Performance Of Shrimp Processing Firms In The Mekong Delta[Download]
Vuong Quoc Duy

Uncertainty Analysis Of Electric Power Outages Disruptive Impacts On Flour Mill[Download]
Muhammad Kaleem Ullah Khalill, Rehman Akhtar

Estimation Of Flooding Disruptions On Interdependent Industry Sectors[Download]
Qazi M. Yaseen, Rehman Akhtar

A New Absorption Subtraction Method And Validation Of Simultaneously Estimation Of Resveratrol And Benzoyl Peroxide By Uv Spectrophotometric Method[Download]
Manju Kamra,Anupama Diwan, Satish Sardana

Potential Collapse For Sandy Compacted Soil During Inundation[Download]
Samir Ibrahim Shalaby

Simulation Of Hybrid 9-Level Inverter With Reduced Number Of Switching Devices For Grid Connected Load[Download]
Somashekara. G, Vasudevamurthy. S

Metabolic Changes In Common Bean Plants In Response To Zinc Nanoparticles And Zinc Sulfate[Download]
Emad A. Ewais, Mohamed A. Ismail, Mohamed A. Amin And Ali A. Badawy

In-Vitro Antiviral Activity Of Gossypium Hirsutum On Newcastle Disease Virus.[Download]
Ezeifeka,G.O.,Oguoma,O.I.,Bassey,J.J.,Nwiyi,O.P.,Erumaka,I.G.,Ukweni,I.A.,O Nyeabor,A.

A Source Coupled Cmos Voltage Controlled Oscillator (Vco) Using 0.18 Μm Cmos Technology[Download]

Image Security Using Aes And Rns With Reversible Watermarking[Download]
Prof. Prajakta Bhangale, Rucha S. Raje, Jyoti Maurya, Anushree Gawad

Image Security Using Aes And Rns With Reversible Watermarking[Download]
Prof. Prajakta Bhangale, Anushree Gawad, Jyoti Maurya, Rucha S. Raje

Prediction Of Acoustic Pollution In The Conditions Of Reconstruction Of Industrial Enterprise[Download]
Peter Sankov, Ivan Trifonov, Bakharev Volodymyr, Nataliia Tkach, Vladimir Hilov

A Note On The New Fibonacci Hyperbolic Tangent Activation Function[Download]
Nikolay Kyurkchiev And Anton Iliev

Performance Evaluation Of Carbide Tool On Turning Of Alloy Steel[Download]
Chhaya Patil, Niyati Raut

Effect of ICT on Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance in Christian Religious Studies in Oshimili North Local Government Area[Download]
Ikwuka, O. I. , Adigwe Joseph Eluemunor Henry

Palmprint Detection and Verification Using ROI and MLBP Method[Download]
Snigdha Mankar, A.A. Bardekar

Theory and Methodological Basis for the Application of Various Drilling Fluids for Drilling Oil and Gas Wells[Download]
Taryel Arif oglu Mahmudov