Volume 4 - Issue 6**

Polymer Modified Bitumen Using Sewage Sludge Ash (SSA)[Download]
M. A. Shafii, C. Z. Cong, A. A. Latif, N. M. Rais

Statistical Analysis Of Engineering Properties Of Alluvial Deposits In Western Mashhad City[Download]
Mahin Etemadifar, Nargess Alizadeh Loushabi, Iman Aghamolaie, Saeedeh Hossein

Designing And Harmonic Analysis Of Shunt Hybrid Filter With 24 Pulse Converter[Download]
Anumeha Kumari, Er. Roshan Nayak

Intelligent Monitoring System Of Ship Engine Room Based On Can Bus[Download]
Wang Ming-Qian

The Effect Of Disc Brake Rotor Conditions On Brake Performance[Download]
Yousef Ali Al Mulla 1, Yousef Alhouli 2, Jasem Alazemi 2, Fahad Almaskari 3

The Determination Of Lithological-Capacitive Properties Of Rocks According To Geological-Technological Research In The Drilling Process[Download]
Taryel Arif Oglu Mahmudov, Master Of Science,

FPGA Implementation Of WG Stream Cipher[Download]
Anna Johnson

Convergent And Divergent Thinking-Based Instructional Strategies To Students’ Achievement In Trigonometry At Advanced Level Mathematics[Download]
Tsododo Misheck, Mutoto Cosmas.

Structural And Optical Properties Of Ctab Assisted Dy2O3 Nanoparticles Prepared By Co-Precipitation Route[Download]
Catherine Tom, Donna Varghese, N. Krishna Chandar

Stress Analysis Of Bell Crank Lever In Sewing Machine[Download]
Ms. Rupali Patil, Er. N. K. Patil

Design And Manufacture The Model Of Plastic Color Sorting[Download]
Nguyen Hoang An, Nguyen Khac Hieu, Nguyen Thanh Nguyen, Pham Sanh Viet, Thanh Trung Do, Pham Son Minh

Dynamic Analysis Of Multistory Building Using Response Spectrum Method And Seismic Coefficient Method - A Comparison[Download]
Suchi Nag Choudhary, Dr. P.S Bokare

Virtualization Technology[Download]

Fashion Design And Innovation[Download]
Shalini Singh

Physico-Chemical Properties Of Ge40Te60-Xsbx Glassy Alloy[Download]
Sarika Sharma, Ashish Kumar Saxena, Saurabh Kumar Tiwari

Computer-Aided Design Of A Flat Floor Timber Formwork[Download]
Okere Chinenye Elizabeth

Homotopy Perturbation Method For Fractional Gas Dynamics Equation Using A New Local Fractional Integral Transform.[Download]
Matilda Kreku

Breastfeeding Patterns Of Postnatal Mothers And The Effects On The Health Status Of Their Infants.[Download]
Chiejina En, Odira Cc

Parametric Analysis Of Gas Turbine Cogeneration Cycle For Various Blade Cooling Means[Download]
Ankita Sharma, Shubham Tiwari, Laxmi Kant Sahu

A Note On The Soboleva’ Modified Hyperbolic Tangent Activation Function[Download]
Angel Golev, Anton Iliev And Nikolay Kyurkchiev

Rationale Of Mathematical Properties Of Method Of Calculating Material’S Thermal Conductivity Coefficient[Download]
A. Baimankulov, T. Zhuaspayev

Vacuum Cup Grippers For Material Handling In Industry[Download]
A K Jaiswal, B Kumar

Monitoring Of Dousti Dam During Construction And Operation[Download]
Mohamad Heydari, Ehsan Motamedshariaty, Amir Jami Khorasani, Nasibeh Sadat Vaziri ,Mahin Etemadifar

Experimental Study On Light Transmitting Concrete[Download]
Awadhesh Kumar, Rahul Ahlawat

Security Issues In Cloud Computing And Grid Computing[Download]
Manvendra Yadav, Sonia Kumari

Study Of Existence And Uniqueness Of Solution Of Abstract Nonlinear Di Erential Equation Of Nite Delay[Download]
Rupesh T. More And Vijay B. Patare

Effect Of Cenosphere On Moisture Absorption Performance Of Woven Hybrid Jute-Glass Epoxy Composites[Download]
Soma Dalbehera, S.K. Acharya

Extraction-Spectrophotometric Study On The Complex Formation In The Cobalt (Ii) - 4-Hydroxy-3-Thiolbenzoic Acid - Diphenylguanidine System[Download]
Nazani A. Novruzova, Rana A. Mamedova, Abel A. Maharramov, Shahla A. Ibrahimova, Ali Z. Zalov, Nailya A.Verdizade, Sultan G. Aliyev

Discrete Wavelet Transformation A Method For Digital Watermarking[Download]
Ifra Iqbal Khan, M.A. Rizvi

A Comparative Study Of Load Balancing Techniques In Distributed Systems[Download]
Vinita Mathur

V2V Communication In 5G Multi-Rats And Vanet Clustering Model From Localization Approaches[Download]
Arcade Nshimiyimana, Theogene Mupenzi, Jean De Dieu Kanyesheja

Abatement Pb (Ii) From Waste Water By An Agricultural Waste Sugarcane Bagasse[Download]
Dr. Kishor Kumar Singh

The Importance Of Diffusivity And Viscosity In Increase The Temperature Of Solar Plasma[Download]
Bhagvat K. Kumthekar

Some New Families Of Face Integer Edge Cordial Graphs[Download]
A. Muthaiyan, A. Nesamathi

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Monitoring And Image Acquisition System[Download]
Li Li

Causes And Modeling Of Power Losses On Electric Power Distributors And Its Effects On Household Appliances In The Nigerian Power Distribution Network[Download]
France O. Akpojedje

Investigating The Removal Of Cadmium From Water Using Chemical Oxidation (Fenton)[Download]
Fahimeh Nakhzari Moghadam, Somayeh Bagheri, Atefeh Shahraki, Naghmeh Janikol

Use The Thermal Efficiency Criterion To Optimize The Fins Dimensions For The Absorber With Fins On A Compact Solar Collector.[Download]
Anjorin Malahimi, Adihou C. Wilfrid, Awanto Christophe, Houngan C. Aristide, Vianou Antoine

Nox Aftertreatment Using Urea Scr For Tier 4 Final Application[Download]
S. Rajadurai, Suraj Sukumaran

Evaluation Of The Poly (Lactic Acid) And Calcium Carbonate Effects On The Mechanical And Morphological Properties In Pbat Blends And Composites[Download]
Edilene De C. D. Nunes, Alana G. De Souza, Renata D. S. Coiado, Esperidiana A. B. Moura, Derval Dos S. Rosa

An Experimental Study Of Contaminant Removal Capacity Of Water Hyacinth From Waste Water[Download]
Ranjitsing Pandurang Gaikwad, Prof. Sagar Gawande

A Review On Effects Of Hazards In Foundries To Workers And Environment[Download]
Christopher T. Mgonja (Phd)

Tylophora Hirsuta Wight (Apocynaceae)- A New Addition To The Flora Of Dumka District, Jharkhand, India[Download]
Swarnendu Mondal

Virtualization Of Data Center Towards Load Balancing And Multi-Tenancy[Download]
G. Srinivas Yadav

On The Implementation Of Rc Car For Exploration In Disaster Situation[Download]
Ye Hoon Lee

Landsat Etm Data Processing For Micro Level Soil Resource Mapping: A Case Study[Download]

A Study On Consumer Evaluations Of Continued Group-Buying Intentions[Download]
Shu-Mei Tseng, Jia-Rong Wu, Chao-Wei Chou, Hsien-Leing Tsai

An Empirical Study Of Programming Languages From The Point Of View Of Scientific Computing[Download]
Dharmendra Singh

Study Of Mode Function Of The Logistics Enterprise And Methods Of Inventory Control[Download]
Xue Min

Influence of Perceived Stress, Anxiety, and Self-Esteem on Aggressive Behavior among Teenagers[Download]
Olatunji Samuel Olutunde

Study Election Mode of Domicied Workers in Makassar City Region[Download]
Rais Rachman, Herman Parung, Slamet Trisutomo, Nur Ali

Anti Cancer activity of Moringa Oleifera (Flowers) against human Liver Cancer[Download]
A. Rajeshkanna, M. M. Senthamilselvi, D. Prabhakaran, S. Solomon, N. Muruganantham

Adaptive Algorithms Performance Analysis for Noise Cancellations using Neural Networks employing real time signals[Download]
A.M.Prasanna Kumar, Ramesha K