Volume 4 - Issue 7

Optical Properties Of Dysprosium (Dy 3+) Doped Fluoroborate Glasses[Download]
Y Lakshmi Prasad Reddy, Mohammed Waaiz, S Nisar Ahmed C.V Krishna Reddy

Performance Of Cmos And Dtmos Sense Amplifier For Sram Application For Different Topologies[Download]
Komal , Neelam Rup Prakash

Data Mining Concepts And Techniques - A Survey[Download]
Dr.Sankar.K, Dr.Bhuvaneswari.C

Multi-View Skeleton Pose Sequence Selection For Human Activity Analysis[Download]
Petar Nikolov, Ognian Boumbarov

Performance Improvement In Clustering Using Similarity Measurement Method By Categorizing The Data Items[Download]
Sunil Kumar Sharma, Neha Gour, Mukesh Kumar, Dr. Rajendra Gupta

Pgpr: One Step Ahead To Sustainable Agriculture[Download]
Ananya Roychowdhury, Suparna Kundu, Chandan Sengupta

Performance Assessment Of The Physical Properties Of Kadna, Tagwai And Gbakoita Clay Deposits As Refractory For Furnace Lining[Download]
C. O Okpanachi, S Sadiq1, H. Z. Abdullahi, S. I. Ibrahim, V. C. Ezika, E. N. Yisa, G. O. Agada

Policies, Processes, Procedures And Measurement In Software Quality Assurance: A State Of Art Survey[Download]
M.Pravarsha Reddy, K L Raghavender Reddy

Development Of Computer Controlled Test Measurement System For Gas Sensing Applications[Download]
Jaspreet Kaur, Poonam Verma

Chemical Hydrolysis Optimization For Release Of Sugars From Wheat Bran[Download]
Suksham Pal, Jyoti Handa, Palki Sahib Kaur And Upendra Kumar Jain

Influence Of Salts At Different Concentrations On The Foaming Properties, Water And Oil Absorption Capacities Of Raw And Treated Treculia Africana Seeds Flour[Download]
Adeolu Jonathan Adesina, Emmanuel Ilesanmiadeyeye

Modeling & Simulation Of Solar Pv System For Induction Motor Drive[Download]
Sakshi Mishra, Roshan Nayak, Anupam Masih

Seav And Semt Labeling For Pvb-Tree[Download]
A.Delman, S.Koilraj

Effect Of The Briquette Sizes And Moisture Contents On Combustion Characteristics Of Composite Briquettes[Download]
Waweru, Josephat, Chirchir David K

Studies On The Effect Of Rice Straw Ash As Admixture Of Ordinary Portland Cement Mortar[Download]
M. U. Dabai, M. Muhammad

Inner Current Loop With Closed Loop Speed Control Of Sedc Motor Using Three Phase Fully Controlled Bridge Rectifier[Download]
Sheeshant Anand, Anupam Masih

Land Resource Investigation Using Remote Sensing And Geographic Information System: A Case Study[Download]

The Key Aspects Of Atmospheric Air Environmental Monitoring Concept Formation At The Urban Systems Level[Download]
Volodymyr Bakharev , Peter Sankov , Andrey Marenych, Vladimir Hilov

The Comparative Study On Spectrophotometric Analysis Of Chlorophyll And Carotenoids Pigments From Non-Leguminous Fodder Crops[Download]
R. D. Rajput And R. P. Patil*

A Study On Water Quality Parameters Using Physio- Chemical Parameters In Industrial And Agricultural Areas.[Download]
K.P Greeshma,T.Maruthavanan, S.Muthulingam

Exogenous Glycinebetaine Mitigate Drought Stress In Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Cultivars[Download]
Hossam M Fouda, Abd El-Monem M Sharaf, Magda A.F. Shalaby, El Sayed Kh. A. Kasem

Integrating Information Communication Technology (Ict) Into Guidanceand Counselling Services.[Download]
Dr. Rosemary Ochanya Ogbodo-Adoga

Enzyme-Based Assay For Toxicological Evaluation Of Soil Ecosystem Polluted With Spent Engine Oil[Download]
Ebulue, M.M., Nwodo, O.F.C., Onwurah, I.N.E. Uwakwe, A.A. and Wegwu, M.O.

The Influence Of Economic And Technological Factors On Hrm Plans Effectiveness In Epc Contractor Companies[Download]
Mohammad Hossein Mahmoudi Sari

Electrochemical Reactor And Process Conditions For The Continuous Oxidation Of Natural Graphite With A Capacity Of 10 Kg/Hour[Download]
Yurii Sementsov, Mykola Kartel, Stanislav Makhno, Zhang Weijzun, Zhang Xiaochen, Li Zhe, Liu Hunchen, Geng Li Vei

Researches On Water Aeration[Download]
Giovani Roza1, Nicolae Băran1, Mihaela Constantin1, Păun Rareș1, Beatrice Tănase1 And Adalia Chelmuș1

Distributing Wheeled Mobile Robot Based On Ros[Download]
Xuying Bei1, Xueliang Ping2 , Wenyan Gao3

Comparison Of Different Face Recognition Algorithms[Download]
Shehryar Ali Khan, Raafia Shabbir, Salma Mehbub Malik, Uroosa Sehar

Synthesis, Characterization And Antimicrobial Activity Of A Novel Dapsone Schiff Base.[Download]
G.B. Folaranmi, N.Oji, Adeolu Ajetunmobi

Modeling And Simulation Of Solar Photovoltaic Module Using Single Diode Pv Cell Model In Matlab/Simulink[Download]
Sandeep Neupane, Ajay Kumar

Physical Elicitation Of Rosmarinus Officinalis Callus Culture For Production Of Antioxidants Activity[Download]
Hussein E.A., Aref M.S., Ramadan M.M.

Investigation For Resistances To Phelipanche Ramosa L. Among Research Tomato Genotypes[Download]
Rida Draie

Vulnerable Embankment And Climatic Hazard And Its Impact On Local Community In Indian Sundarban Region : “A Case Study Of Sagar Block Of South 24 Parganas”.[Download]
Srimanta Halder

The P-Normed Space[Download]
Abubakar Umar Terrang, Musa T. Y. Kadzai

Optimization Of Crane Cross Sectional Area By Using Bem And Fem[Download]
Kawther Khalid Younus, Marwa Gh. Kareem, A. Prof. Hatem R. Wasmi, And Prof. Dr.Mohammad Qasimabdullah

Comparison Between Cellulose Nanocrystals Extracted From Different Agro-Industrial Residues Using The Same Obtaining Methodology[Download]
Cécile C. Hernandez, Derval Dos S. Rosa

Optical And Dielectric Properties Of Cuo-B2O3 Glasses[Download]
W. J. Gawande, S. S. Yawale, S. P. Yawale

Modeling And Analysis Of An Injection Mould Deploying Creo Parametric And Analysis System[Download]
Shakir Azim, Sahar Noor, Rehman Akhtar

Composite Of Methylmeth Acrylate –G – Guar Gum With Chitosan Using Persulphate/Ascorbic Acid Redox Pair: Synthesis And Characterization[Download]
Shruti Panwar, Sangeeta Loonker

Scheming Of 4-Bit Cmos Arithmetic Logic Unit Using Efficient Logic Techniques[Download]
B.P.Mishra, S.Padhi

Growth, Yield And Some Physiological Aspects Of Canola (Brassica Napus L.) Plants In Response To Treatment With Gibberellic Acid, Vitamin C And Zinc Sulphate .[Download]
Hossam M. Fouda, Ahmed Y. Elgazairly

Studies On Requirements For Materials Used In Friction Couplings[Download]
Ilie Butnariu, Nicolae Constantin, Cristian Dobrescu

Study of Waste Management System Of Tobacco Industry[Download]
Rutuja Ruturaj Kakad, Sunil Bhimrao Thakare

Single Chromatic Transversal Domatic Number Of Graphs[Download]
J. Felix a, R. Lawrence Joseph Manoharanb, L. Benedict Michael Rajc, S.K.Ayyaswamy c

Effect Of Two Extractants On The Chemical Composition Of The Defatted Seed Of Luffa Cylindrica[Download]
Afolabi, Olumide, Adegbite Jacob A., Ogunji Mayowa J.

Comparative Studies On The Chemical Compositions Of Cereal (Wheat And Corn) And Tubers (Water Yam And Bitter Yam) Flours[Download]
Ojo A., Odedeji, J.O., Oladapo, S.A. and Olosunde, O.O.

Anti–Nutrients And Physicochemical Properties Of A Defatted Moringa Seed Kunun–Zaki Sweetened With A Natural Sweetener Serendipity Berry (Dioscoreophyllum Cumminsii )[Download]
Ojo, A., Enujuiga, V.N., Ayo – Omoge, H.N., Olosunde, O.O.

Patient report Retrieval Using Semantic LDA with Cosine Similarity[Download]
Dr.Poonam Yadav