Volume 4 - Issue 8

Vague Direct Product In Bck- Algebra[Download]
S.Jafari, L. Mariapresenti, I. Arockiarani

Dumb-Bell Plots Of Cumulative Discovery And Production Of Nigerian Petroleum Resources Using Composite Underground Reservoir[Download]
Okere P.C., Kamalu C.I.O., Nwakaudu M.S., Onyelucheya O.E., Obijiaku J.C., Anyanwu E.E.

Numerical Simulations Of Rc Panels Subjected To High Speed Projectile - Erosion Selection In Autodyn-3D Code[Download]
Ezzedin Galuta, Wafa Regig

Healthcare Quality Factors That Influence Patients’ Choice Of Hospital In The Private Sector[Download]
Majid Twahir1, Maina Muchara2 And Peter Kiriri2

Hybrid Invariant Local Feature Extraction For Medical Image Registration[Download]
Sumitha Manoj, Dr .H. N. Suresh

Evaluating Transient Stability In Twin Machine Arrangement Through Swing-Equation[Download]
S.Padhi, B.P.Mishra

Communication Of Strategy As Prerequisite To Strategy Implementation[Download]
Majid Twahir, Francis Maina, Carolyne Mukuha

Graphene Nanoparticles And Graphene Nanoparticles - Polyamide 12/12 Composites[Download]
Yurii Sementsov, Stanislav Makhno, Mykola Kartel, Wang Bo1, Galina Dovbeshko, Volodymyr Styopkin3 And Sergiy Nedilko

Software Project Management In Developing Countries :Recent Developments And Research Opportunities[Download]
Diksha Verma, Kailash Bahl

Effect Of Drought And Salinity Stresses On Two Strawberry Cultivars During Their Regeneration In Vitro[Download]
Esam A. Hussein, Ahmed Y. El-Kerdany, Mohamed K. Afifi

Polymer-Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Nanocoatings On Macroporous Silicon Matrix[Download]
Liudmyla Karachevtseva, Mykola Karte, Wang Bo, Yurii Sementsov, Vyacheslav Trachevskiy, Oleg Lytvynenko And Volodymyr Onyshchenko

Physical And Thermal Properties Of Cuo-Mno2-B2O3 Glasses[Download]
W. J. Gawande, S. S. Yawale And S. P. Yawale

Correlation Between Climate Change Impacts And Migration Decisions In Vietnamese Mekong Delta[Download]
Oanh Le Thi Kim, Truong Le Minh

Strategic Leadership And Strategy Implementation In Commercial Banks In Kenya[Download]
Mr. Habil Olaka, Prof. Peter Lewa , Dr. Peter Kiriri,

Forecasting Operability Of Polymer Composite Materials[Download]
Vyacheslav Trachevskiy, Mykola Kartel, Yurii Sementsov3 And Wang Bo

Effect Of Some Processing Parameters On Quality Of Palm Oil[Download]
A. P. Olalusi , I. O. Oni, P. O. Ajewole

Seed Priming With Leaf Aqueous Extract Of Lesser Bulrush Improves Resistance Against Salt Stress In Pea[Download]
Nadia Ghezal, Haifa Sbai, Ines Zribi, Muhammad Farooq,Ines Saad And Rabiaa Haouala

Optimisation Of Scion To Increase The Success Of Grafting In Durian Tree (Durio Zibethinus. Murr)[Download]
Suharjo, Hasniati

Understanding The Dynamics Of Corruption Using Mathematical Modeling Approach[Download]
Felix Eguda, Festus Oguntolu, Timothy Ashezua

Bluetooth Optimization Design Of Intelligent Medical Kit Based On Ant Colony Algorithm And Tabu Search Algorithm[Download]
Liu Gai, Liu Wei-Ting, Wei Hai-Feng,Xu Yuan,Ruan Shi-Hao

Investigation Of Ground Water Quality In Selected Areas Of Huvinahadagali Taluk In Ballari District, Karnataka[Download]
Kottureshwara N M, Suresh T, Jayashree M, Sunitha R.M

A Study On An Ultrasonic Flow Meter[Download]
Deok-Woo Park , Shang-Yoon Hwang , Chungyong Kim, Gyu-Sik Kim

A Study Of Hdl-C & Ldl-C In Myocardial Infraction: Atheroscleosis.[Download]
Dr.Javed Bakas Mulla

Heterojunction Devices And Its Application In Field Of Electronics[Download]
Tanmoy Biswas

Effectiveness Of Unstable Atmospheric Boundary Layer On Heat Loss From Alexandria Eastern Harbor, Egypt[Download]
Maged Mohamed Abdel Moneim Hussein

Review The Relationship Between Creativity And Organizational Atmosphere And Organizational Deadlines Moderating Effect On Them In The Hospitals Of Bushehr Province[Download]
Mirza Hasan Hosseini, Alireza Pirali

Publicly Verifiable Inner Product Evalution Over Outsourced Data Streams Under Multiple Keys[Download]
K Pavithra , S.Amerasan

Jit, Kaizen, Takt Time Implementation In Manufacturing Company[Download]
Mayur M Mhamunkar, Prof. Arun Kumar, Swapnil Raut

Some Aspects Of The Analysis Of Citizens Appeals To Municipalities On Environmental Issues[Download]
Volodymyr Bakharev, Olena Kortsova, Andriy Marenych, Nataliia Kyrylaha, Mykola Moroz

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Of Ship Fleet Using Integer Programming[Download]
Yousef Alhouli, Mohsen Alardhi, Taha Elhag

A Study On A Metrology Seal Device Using Nfc Technologies[Download]
Deok-Woo Park, Chungyong Kim, Gyu-Sik Kim

Neural Networks For Financial Time Series[Download]
Odeta Shkreli

A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme For Dynamic Groups In The Cloud[Download]
S.David Arokkiya Doss, A.Senthil Kumar

Durability Of Mortar Made With Non Potable Water With Lime[Download]
G. Reddy Babu

An Innovative Scientific Breakthrough technology to achieve conversion of Fructose which will result in toxic free sucrose and also conversion of Glucose to make low GI sucrose. [Download]

Completely Anonymous ABE Scheme to manipulate Cloud Data Access Privilege and Anonymity [Download]
Syeda Zeba Fatima, Steven Raj

Inner current loop speed control for closed loop separately excited dc motor [Download]
Sheeshant Anand, Anupam Masih