Volume 4 - Issue 9

A Suzuki-Type Common Fixed Point Theorem for generalized ( , φ )- weak contractions[Download]
Ombir Dahiya, Ravinder Kumar, Raj kamal

The Integration of ASTER Imagery and Airborne Gamma-ray Spectrometry in Lithological Discrimination of Ras Barud - Um Tagher Area, North Eastern Desert, Egypt[Download]
Dawoud, M.; Abdel Ghani, I.M.; Elsaid, M.; Badr, Y.S.

The Significance Of Specialization On Engineering Training In Nigeria[Download]
C. O. Okpanachi, M. A. Mohammed, A. Oni1, C. A. Ikutegbe, K. Dogo1, O. D. Allo, A. Ibrahim, O. D. Ogunrinde

Structural properties of polar liquids using microwave technique[Download]
Shagufta Tabassum, V.P.Pawar, G.N.Shinde

Implementation of a Square Pipe Ultrasonic Flow Meter[Download]
Deok-Woo Park , Shang-Yoon Hwang , Chungyong Kim, Gyu-Sik Kim

Positive psychology and its impact on entrepreneurship Case study of boushehr hospitals[Download]
Mohammad Mahmudi Meymand, alireza Pirali, Saeideh Seyadat

Air Pollution Monitoring System for Underground Shopping Center Using Environmental Sensors[Download]
Chungyong Kim, Gyu-Sik Kim

Irrigation Suitability Of Surface Waters Of Enyigba Ebonyi State, Southeastern Nigeria[Download]
Chinenye Florence Onyeabor, Nneto Rex. Nwatalari

Production Of Cassava Nursery By Improved Cuttings Technique[Download]
Mambé Auguste Denise Boye, Dago Faustin Soko, Valère Kotchi, Ekra François D’Assise Odoukou

To Improvement The Energy Efficient Of Pdrop Routing Protocol For Using Leach And Aco[Download]
Sandeep Singh, Er. Jasdeep Singh Mann

Determination Of Heavy Metals ( Pb,Cd,Zn,Cu,Ni,Co) In Street Soil Of Shattrah City.[Download]
Ibtihaj Ahmed Kahdim

A Critical Analysis Of The Entrepreneurial Syndrome On Early Childhood Quality Service Delivery In Ecde Centres In Kenya[Download]
Evaline Cheptoo Nowoi And Dr Ruth W. Thinguri

Researches On Increasing The Oxygen Transfer Speed To Water In The Process Of Water Aeration[Download]
George Marin, Mădălina Zamfir, Rareș Păun, Daniel Besnea, Tănase Beatrice, Mihaela Constantin

Block Based Face Recognition Algorithm[Download]
Dr. A Lenin Fred, S. Wilson

Prediction Of The Compressive Strength Of Palm Kernel Shell Ash Concrete Using Multilayer Feed Forward Neural Network[Download]
Olulope, O. R., Popoola, O.O.

Assessment Of Infiltration Capacity Of Agricultural Soil In Ado-Ekiti South Western Nigeria Using Selected Empirical Models[Download]
M.O. Lasisi, B. O. Fati, B. S. Awe

Solving Economic Dispatch Problems By Using Grey Wolf Optimization Technique[Download]
AlaaSiddig Ali, Alaa.FSheta

Towards a Personalized Learning Path based on Learning Style and Collaborative Filtering[Download]

Experimental Study on the Performance of Corn Cob Ash as Partial Cement Replacement in Mortar[Download]
Olulope, O.R. Popoola, O.O.

Genetic Algorithm Solution for ELD by Equal Incremental Cost Criterion[Download]
Vikash Kumar Nishad, Anupam Masih

Face Recognition with Single Sample per Person using Haar Cascade and LBPH[Download]
A.L.Amutha, S.P.Kanmani, G.Sivagami.

Energy Efficient Protocol for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Cognitive Radio Networks[Download]
Rajesh D. Kadu, Dr. Pravin P. Karde, Dr. V. M. Thakare

Analysis of Fuzzy Control of Dynamic Loads with Adaptive Power System[Download]
Pankaj Kumar Verma, Anupam Masih