Volume 5 - Issue 11**

Characterization of Kaolin Clay from Ejigbo, Lagos, South-Western Nigeria[Download]
Mudi, K.Y, Akande, H.F and Oyawoye, M.R

Fabrication Of abrasive Jet Machine with Parameters Investigation[Download]
C.Anil Kumar Reddy, B.Danushyam, P.Anil

Optimization of Quicklime Production from Snail Shell using Factorial Analysis Method[Download]
Akande Funsho, Hassan, Yusuf Kehinde Mudi, and Kefas, Ephraim Gaska

On Suitable Copula Selection with Copula Garch Method[Download]

Performance Optimization of Spline Based Cam Follower System [Download]
Shivangi Umrao, Laxmi Kant Sahu, Anoop Kumar

Sustainable Development and Life Satisfaction Relationship: A Cross Country Study[Download]
Zeynep Karaçor, Emel Mirza

Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Problem of Thermal Generating Units Using Grey Wolf Optimization[Download]
Normansyah Normansyah, Hardiansyah Hardiansyah

Response Of A Rice Variety To The Combined Intakes Of P With Organic Amendments In Acidic Soils Of Moist Forest Regions In Côte D'Ivoire[Download]
Valère Kotchi, Dolou Charlotte Tonessia, Dago Faustin Soko, Mambé Auguste-Denise Boye

Influence Of Biofertilizers (Azolla Filiculoides And Compost) On The Growth And Productivity Of Two Varieties Pepper (Capsicum Annum) In The Locality Of Daloa (Côte D'Ivoire).[Download]
Mambé Auguste-Denise Boye, Noël Groga, Valère Kotchi, Et Paule Ayefemi Doriane Djikennou

Mycological Quality Of Rastrineobola Argentea (Silver Cyprinid Fish) Sold In Markets In Owerri Metropolis, Nigeria[Download]
Nnagbo, P.A., Nkwoemeka, N.E., Obum-Nnadi, C.N., Egbule, U.C., Umunna, C.C.

Prevalence Of Salmonella And Shigella Species In Chicken Eggs From Poultry Farms In Owerri, Nigeria[Download]
Nnagbo, P.A, Nkwoemeka, N.E.

Estimation Of Minimum Counts For An Acceptable Pulse Shape Using Scintillation Detector From 200To 2000 Kev Energy[Download]
Hailu Geremew Ashok Kumar Chaubey

Pso Based Mppt Of Pv System Under Partial Shading Condition[Download]
Saurabh Tripathi, Er.Roshan Nayak, Er.Anupam Masih

Comparative Analysis on the Extraction of Essential Oil from Lemongrass and Basil Leaves[Download]
Abbas Mustapha