Volume 5 - Issue 12**

Some Applications of Electromagnetic Theory[Download]
Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed & Mohamed Toum Fadel

An Update on Dairy Products Authenticity -Scientometric Evaluation and Prospects [Download]
Georgios P. Danezis

65/35 Cotton/Polyester Blended Fabric Dyeing in One Step by Using Azeotropic Ternary Mixture [Download]
Lablu Miah, Md. Wahidur Rahman, Suman Chandra Paul

Analysis of Machining Parameters on EDM of EN 31 Tool Steel Using Full Factorial Design[Download]
Tikendra Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Vaidya

Dynamic Ownership Management with Secure Data Deduplication in Cloud Storage [Download]
Priyankesh Sinha, Er. Piyush Rai

For Raeigly Distribution Simulation with the Help of Kendall Distribution Function Archimedean Copula Parameter Estimation [Download]
Mine Doğan, Ayşe Metinkarakaş, Murat Karakaş

Magnitude of Supply Chain Management on Ready Made Garments to the eventual Buyer[Download]
Lablu Miah, Muhassina Ahmed, Musaddika Ahmed Renesa

The Effects of Monetary Policy Determinants on Export in BRICS-T countries: An Empirical Analysis[Download]
Zeynep Karaçor, Sevilay Konya

The Effect Of The Income Of Revenue To The Agrıcultural Productıon: Turkey Example[Download]
Selcan Üçgöz, Dr.Zeynep Karaçor

Spot Speed Study at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, Kota Kinabalu in Sabah[Download]
Mohd Azizul Ladin, Amsori Muhammad Das, Jia Yung Lim, Tsu Jian Khor, Ekin Bin Arot, Chen Choon Lee, Bartholomew Kwan, Fariq Ismeth Jaimin

An RFID Based Access Control System[Download]
Joseph Vasquez, Sohail Anwar

Design and Construction of an Ardiuno Microcontroller Based Temperature Control System[Download]
Keenan Brent Phillips, Sohail Anwar

Microcontroller Based Automated Tool Dispenser with Touchless Activation[Download]
Joseph Thurman, Sohail Anwar

Sandwich Theorems for Higher-Order Derivatives of Multivalent Analytic Functions Defined by Convolution Structure with Linear Operator[Download]
Abbas Kareem Wanas, Alaa Hussein Khaleel

Towards a Better Understanding of Chinese Cultural and Social Experiences of African International Students[Download]
Francisca N Mapiye Dube

Comparison of Modern methods for Stability Analysis of Electrical Power Transmission Networks: Case of the Cameroon’s Southern Interconnected Grid (SIG)[Download]
Andre Cheukem,Y. A. Tene Deffo1, P. Tsafack, P. Ghogomu, G. Kenne

Strengthening Women’s Access To Land Rights[Download]
Onyeneke, D. N, Kakuku, I. I

Properties of EuTiO3 at high temperature[Download]
V.P. Srivastava