Volume 5 - Issue 3**

In- Silico Structural & Molecular Characterization Of Clgr From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis[Download]
Yogesh N.Joshi And Rupali D. Salunkhe

Study Characteristics Of Nickel Slag For Gradient Gap On Mixtured Hot Rolled Sheet Base[Download]
Ari Kusuma, Rais Rachman

Marshall Characteristics Test On Hot Rolled Sheet Base Combine Using Nickel Slag For Half Gap Graded[Download]
Charles Kamba, Rais Rachman

A Novel Local Linear Radial Basis Functional Neural Network For Classification Of Pq Events[Download]
Dr. P. Ramesh Babu, Satyanarayana Alamanda

Some Consequences Of -Banach Algebras, With Involution[Download]
A. U. Terrang, M. T. Y. Kadzai

Quality Of Worklife Of Coal Mining Workers – A Case Study[Download]
Dr Manoj Kumar

Complex Formation Of Chromium (Vi) With 2-Hydroxy-5-Bromothiophenol In The Presence Of Di - And Triphenylguanidine[Download]
Abel M Maharramov, Ali Z Zalov, Sultan G Aliev, Naila A Verdizadeh, Novrasta C Hasanova

Modified Method To Remove Haze With Enhancement Of Light In An Impervious Manner[Download]
Battepati. Siva, Alimili. Pavani, Shaik. Mahaboob Basha

Similarity Solution Of The Rayleigh Problem For Non Nonnewtonian Mhd Fluid Past Semi-Infinite Plate[Download]
Pankaj Sonawane, M. G. Timol, J.N.Salunke

Iot Garbage Monitoring System[Download]
Priya.S,Rineesh C.H,Thomas Subickson Raj.S,

Android Based Placement Management System.[Download]
Priya.S,,Laya Rose Joseph,Reshma Rajan

An Experimental Study On Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Refrigerant R134A In A Microtube Evaporator[Download]
Giadat Nguyen, Hoangtuan Nguyen, And Thanhtrung Dang

A Primary Examination Of Servperf Dimensions And Customer Satisfaction Relationship In The Automotiveelectrical Maintenance Serviceindustry[Download]
Emmanuel Baffour-Awuah,

Service Quality In The Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Service Industry In Central Region, Ghana: An Exploratory Study[Download]
Emmanuel Baffour-Awuah,

Model Of Siklemia With Periodic Coefficients For A Combined Critical Case.[Download]
S. Sánchez, A. Fernández, Z. Ribeiro, M. Lacortt, Nascimento R. F, A. I. Ruiz

Cost Reduction Techniques In Multi Storey Building Construction[Download]
S Radhakrishnan, Dr K G Selvan

Analysis Of Pedestrians Facilities And Safety In Smaller Town[Download]
Mukesh Kumar Khoiwal, Avinesh Kumar

Composite Indicator For Assessing National Sti Performance: A New Approach For Measuring Cross-Sector Linkages[Download]
Tawisa Pipatthitikorn, Yoshiki Mikami

Stabilization And Neutralization Of Dump Yard Soil[Download]
K.Dhanasekar, M.Madheswar, K.Divakar, G.Gowtham Kumar, I.Mohammed Igbal

Studying The Effect Of Knowledge Attraction And Dynamic Capabilities Capacity On The Competitive Advantage Of Companies (Case Study: The Active Companies In Telecommunication Industry In Tehran)[Download]
Amir Hossein Amirkhani, Abolghasem Shabani

The Mediator Role Of Intrinsic Motivation And Job Independence In Organizational Atmosphere Effecting On Researchers’ Knowledge Share In An Institute Located In Tehran[Download]
Mohamad Mahmoudi Maymand, Abolghasem Shabani

Spectrophotometric Investigation Of Complex Formation Of Nickel (Ii) With 2-Hydroxy-5-Nitrothiophenol And Aminophenols[Download]
Sultan G Aliyev, Rana A. Ismailova, Elmira I Suleymanova, Latafat M Magarramova, Sadagat S Sultanzadeh, Zohra G Asgerova, Ali Z Zalov

Analytical Estimation Of Doppler Shift In Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks For Enhanced Detection In Accident Avoidance Campaigns[Download]
Ferdinand Nyongesa

A Note On The Hierarchical Transmuted Log–Logistic Model[Download]
Anna Malinova, Anton Iliev, Nikolay Kyurkchiev

Study Of Labor Pain And Pain Remedies: An Overview[Download]
Dr. Niraj, Nehika Swarup, Pinki, Gaurav Kumar, Harish Kumar, Dr. Rashmi Tripathi

A Survey On Dynamic, Consistent And Distributed Approach Against Selective Jamming Attack In Tdma-Based Wsns[Download]
Vani B, Shruti S K, Shwetha B, Subodh B K, Surangana Ghosh

Some New Approaches To Kumaraswamy–Lindley Cumulative Distribution Function[Download]
Anna Malinova, Vesselin Kyurkchiev, Anton Iliev, Nikolay Kyurkchiev

A Hybrid Technique Of Image Watermarking Using Dwt And Harmony Search Algorithm[Download]
Parvinder Kaur, Er. Jasdeep Singh Maan

Biodegradation Of Heterogeneous Mixture Of Organic Fraction Of Municipal Solid Waste By Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia Illucens) Under The Tropical Climate Conditions[Download]
Daniel Sarpong, Sampson. Oduro. Kwarteng, Samuel. Fosu. Gyasi, Richard. Buamah, Emmanuel. Donkor, Emmanuel. Yaw. Botchway, Samuel. Acquah

Parametric Investigation On The Seismic Response Of Voided And Solid Flat Slab Systems[Download]
Jerry Paul Varghese, Manju George

A Survey On Single Channel Speech Separation By Signal-Noise-Dependent Dnns[Download]
Afeena T, Sajeer Karattil

Smart Home Secure Design[Download]
Vignesh Aravindan, Bhat Geethalaxmi Jayaram

Quality Control Of Conventional Radiology Devices In Selected Hospitals Of The Republic Of Cameroon[Download]
Calvin Didier Njiki, Joseph Eric Martial Ndjaka Manyol, Yolande Ebele Yigbedeck, Jean Félix Beyala Ateba, Daniel William Abou’Ou, Thierry Ndzana Ndah

A Survey on Privacy Preserving Location Transfer for mobile users[Download]
Safiya M K, Anil K Jacob

IoT Based Traffic Congestion Control for Smart Cities[Download]
R.Iswariya, D.Jayakumar

Solar Street Light Remote Monitoring System[Download]
R.Narmatha, E.venkatesan