Volume 5 - Issue 4**

Survey On - Facilitating Secure And Efficient Spatial Query Processing On The Cloud[Download]
Athulya S., Harikrishnan G. R.

Apparel Production Plan System And Its Implementation Process In Ready Made Garment Manufacturing Process.[Download]
Rajib Das, Nazmun Nahar, Hafsana Yasmin, Mithila Kabir Tarafder, Mr. Ashraful Islam, Solaiman Kabir Mamun

Dynamic Analysis Of Metro Rail Supporting Structure[Download]
Reshma Babu, Jobil Varghese

Cloud Data Integrity Checker Using Tpa[Download]
Ganesh Moorthi M, Jayakumar D

An Implementation Of Twofish Algorithm In Healthcare System To Enhance Data Security[Download]
Veena Miranda, Dr.R.Karthikeyan

Aadhaar Secure Travel Identity[Download]
K.Sudarvizhi, Dr.R.Karthikeyan

My Privacy My Decision: Control Of Photo Sharing On Online Social Networks[Download]
Anup Sandeep Kachhap, Dr.R.Karthikeyan

An Enhanced K-Means Algorithm For Classification Of Cardiac Disease[Download]
R.Harish Kumar , Dr.E.Venkatesan

An Efficient Technique For Cloud Security Using Triple Des Algorithm[Download]
M.Uma Maheswari, D.Jayakumar

Testing Of Steel Tube Welding By Using Six Sigma Dmaic Techniques[Download]
Atul Heer, Onkar Singh Bhatia, Dr.Ravindra Pratap Singh

Investigation Of Heat Transfer Enhancement In A Pipe Using Zinc Oxide/Water Nanofluid And Twisted Tape Insert[Download]
Aditya Suresh Naik,Pavan Kumar N , Akshay Kumar G, Musturu Devaraja

Autoppg: A Literature Survey On Automatic Generation Of Privacy Policy For Android Applications[Download]
Jihan C, Aneesh M. Haneef

Analysis Of Bridge Deck Panel Using Polyurethane Material[Download]
Aleesha Augustine, Divya P Paul

Comparison Of Base Isolation Techniques For Reducing Seismic Vulnerability Of Elevated Steel Silos[Download]
Reshma Roy, Divya P Paul

Thermal Analysis Of Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger Using Louvered Strip Inserts[Download]
Anoop P S, N. Sreenivasalu Reddy

Groundwater Exploration In The Voltaian Formation Using 2-D Resistivity Survey: A Case Study Of Tadieso Community, Ghana[Download]
Elvis Baffoe, Isaac Ahenkorah, Amoako Kojo, Isaac Kotei, Theophilus A. Aryeetey

High Secure Mutual Authentication Protocol For Tvws Database[Download]
Mubark A. Elmubark, Rashid A. Saeed, , M.A Elshaikh, Rania A. Mokhtar

Prediction Of Behaviour Of Steel Beam-Column Joint With Pretensioned Bolt Connectors[Download]
Aarsha Balan, Manju George

Evaluation Of Torsional Buckling For Beam Structures[Download]
Archana Maria Thankachan, Anna M Thomas

Calculation Of Specific Absorption Rate (Sar) Of Patch Antenna On Human Brain And Design Of Low Sar Value Microstrip Patch Antenna[Download]
Lovika, Jyoti

Impact Study On Concrete Columns Confined By Gfrp Tube And Steel Isotruss Reinforcement[Download]
Anitha Kurian, Vidya Vijayan

Determination Of Optimal Yield Of Biodiesel From Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Seed Oil.[Download]
Hadiza Garba Abubakar, Ismail Muhammad

Analytical Study On The Behavior Of Hybrid Steel Trussed Concrete Deep Beam[Download]
Chinju Alias, Vidya Vijayan

Method Of Numerical Calculation Of Three-Component Economic-Mathematical Model And Definition Of Predicting Vector Function With Regard To Unaccounted Factors Influence In 3-Dmensional Vector Space[Download]
Azad Gabil Oglu Aliyev

Studies On The Effect On Load Carrying Capacity Of Composite Honeycomb Structures When Used In Layers[Download]
Susan Mary Paul, Manju George

Comparative Study On Partial Replacement Of Concrete Below Neutral Axis Of Beam Using Seeding Trays And Polythene Balls[Download]
Basil Tom Jose, Divya Sasi

Study On Mechanical Properties Of Latex Modified Concrete Using Ggbs Admixture[Download]
Mathews Eldho, Divya Sasi, Manju George

Study On Effectiveness Of Self-Healing Technique For Self Compacting Concrete[Download]
Amal Thankachan, Divya Sasi

Investigating Deep Learning And Self Play In Artificial Intelligent Games[Download]
Adamu Adamu Habu

Optimization Of Submarine Ring Stiffened Composite Pressure Hull Using Numerical Methods[Download]
Afna Asif, Jobil Varghese

Analysis Of Hysteristis And Fatigue Response Of Concrete Hybrid Beam Reinforced With Natural Fibers And Steel Bars[Download]
Maria Eldho, Anna M Thomas

Non-Linear Out Of Plane Behavior Of Steel Plates With Cutouts Under Compressive Loads[Download]
Meera Joy, Deepthy Varkey

Nigerian Environmental Pollution Concerns And Remediation: A Study Of The Coastal Areas Of Nigeria[Download]
Sunday Goodness John, Dr. Mehak Jonjua

Cyclic Response Of Steel Plate Shear Wall With Corrugation And Perforations[Download]
Soumya Roy, Deepthy Varkey

Static Response Of Lightweight Tanks[Download]
Umaiba K U, Manju George

Supply Chain Design Of Location And Allocation In Multiple Stages[Download]
Anand Jayakumar A, Aravinth Kumar A

Effect of Transverse Reinforcement Biased Spacing on Concrete Columns under Blast Load[Download]
Athira Rajan, Jobil Varghese

Study on Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Stone Masonry Beam with Openings[Download]
Ashly Sajan, Roshny Roy

Artificial Neural Network Based Data Mining [Download]
Fathima Safna P.A, Rekha Sunny T

Job Scheduling in Cloud Computing Using Genetic Algorithm[Download]
Jasdeep Kaur, Kailash Bahl

Design of Cellular Layout[Download]
Anand Jayakumar A, Raghunayagan P

Solving a Multistage Transportation Problem Using LINGO[Download]
Anand Jayakumar A, Raghunayagan P

Solving a Simple Transportation Problem Using LINGO[Download]
Anand Jayakumar A, Raghunayagan P