Volume 5 - Issue 6**

Privacy Aware Authentication Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing In An Efficient Manner[Download]
Akshat Mehta, Latha A, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Pratik Kumar

A Dynamic Web Business Creation and Patenting Model for Collaborative Internet Business[Download]
Nwobodo Lois Onyejere, Inyiama Hycinth Chibueze

Railway Gate Crossing Control Using Plc Automation[Download]
Prakash H.More, Vaqar A Shaikh And Nitin B. Shinde.

Proposed Algorithms To Solve Big Data Traveling Salesman Problem[Download]
Mohammed Ahmed Alhanjouri

Analysis Of Pram Memory[Download]
Gayathri S, Jeevan M

A Hybrid Image Encryption And Decryption Using Logistic Map & Block Based Encryption[Download]
Shruti Garg, Er. Jasdeep Singh Mann

Ict Role In Yemen Basic Education And Awareness Of Teachers[Download]
Dr. Adnan Y. Almutawkki, Dr. Mossa M. Ghurab, Suhail M. Saeed

Analysis Of Bed Load Security Transportation On Kamp Wolker River – Jayapura Province Papua, Indonesia[Download]
Ira Widyastuti

Compositional Analyses Of Solanum Lycopersicum Stalk And Its Hydrolysis Using Aspergillus Niger Isolated From Maize Grains For Reducing Sugar Production[Download]
Tambuwal A.D, Sani N.A, Sirajo M, Ogbiko C, Muhammad I.B.

Design And Analysis Of Roof Top Wind Turbine For Household Purpose[Download]
Rohini. D, Samiyappan. P, Lokesharun. D, Gokulnath. E

Electromagnetic Suspension System-A Review[Download]
Ankit Prasad, Akesh Srivastava

Climate Change And Its Impact On Biological Diversity Of Indian Sundarban[Download]
Srimanta Halder

Explaining the Role of Business Intelligence Capabilities in the Companies’ Brand Management[Download]
Mirza Hasan Hosseini, Farhad Ghandehari

**Remaining papers in progress