Volume 5 - Issue 8**

Molecular Docking Studies of MMP25 in Asthma[Download]
Yogesh Joshi, Shruti Gajul

K-Nearest Neighbour in Image Retrieval based on Color and Texture [Download]
Luke Toroitich, Wilson Cheruiyot, Kennedy Ogada

Effect Of Zno Nps On Body And Organ Weights In Male Rats[Download]
Noor Ali Zayed, Noori Mohammed Luaibi

Phytosociological Studies On The Western Sector Of Saint Katherine Protectorate, South Sinai, Egypt[Download]
Albaraa Elsaied, Om Mohammed Khafagi, Mohamed Metwally, Asmaa Shehata

Control Systems Protection In Case Of Uncertainties And Disruptions Affecting Their Operations[Download]
Kamen Yanev

Public Ledger: The Blockchain Technology[Download]
Manisha Bagri

Liquid-Liquid Extraction And Spectrophotometric Characterization Of A New Ternary Ion-Association Complex Of Cobalt(Ii)[Download]
Sultan G Aliyev, Elmira I Suleymanova, Latafat M Magarramova, Shahla A Ibrahimova, Ali Z Zalov

Reconstruction Of The Historical Parts And Principles Of Placement Of Modern Houses And Complexes In The Cities Of Uzbekistan[Download]
Anvar Aymatov

Flora and Plant Communities of the Eastern Sector of Saint Katherine Protectorate, South Sinai, Egypt[Download]
Om Mohammed Khafagi, AlBaraa ElSaied, Mohamed Metwally, Rahma Hegazy

Occupational health problem among laundry workers of denim industries in Bangladesh[Download]
Nahid Sultana