Volume 5 - Issue 9**

Effects Of Minimum Quantity Lubrication On Surface Roughness In Machining C45 Steel[Download]
Pham Tuan Nghia, Le Van Canh, Tran Anh Son

Investigation Into The Pesticides Properties Of Garlic In Preserving Grain (Cowpea As A Case Study)[Download]
Adeosun, Y.M, Ayelegun, T.A

Optimized E-Transaction To Have A Secure Safe: E-Wallet[Download]
Dr. M.N. Nachappa, Lathesh. C. K

Measuring The Effectiveness Of Human Resources Management System In The Ministry Of Interior In The Kingdom Of Bahrain[Download]
Tareq Abdulrahman Mejhem, Andres A. Regondola

Proposal For Design A Helmet Mounted Display For Kfir C2 Aircraft[Download]
Pramith Perera

An Experimental Study On Effect At The Work Piece Surface Has On Fluid Delivery During Grinding Process[Download]
Mohd Rosli Saad,Zabidi Saad

Effect Of Boiling Time On The Proximate Composition And Microbiological Quality Of Various Parts Of Cattle Meat Sold In Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.[Download]
Emeka-Ike, P. C., Ebiringa, D. C., Ike, C. C., Nwogu, O. G., Akwari, D. K.

Comparative Analysis Of Access Control Models In Mobile Cloud Computing[Download]
Shifali Dixit, Kailash Behl

A Novel Approach For Solving Economic Dispatch Problems Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique[Download]
Alaa Siddig Ali, Murtada Khalafallah Elbashir

A Study Optical And Physical Properties Of Soda Lime Silica Glass Doped With Cu2O[Download]
Ali Salih Ali 1, Mubarak Dirar Abdalla 2, Mohammedaine Adam3, Yasir Ibrahim Elawad4

Architectural Design Of Crowdsourcing Systems With Various Crowds[Download]
Georgi Iliev

Fuel Price Influence On The Road Users To Ride Public Transport In Ums[Download]
Mohd Azizul Bin Ladin, Fariq Ismeth Bin Jaimin, Syahira Binti Diwa, Harryanshah Hamansa, Franklin Lim Tiam Yang

Development Of Grey Fuzzy Controller For Power System Reliability Evaluation Problems And Preventive Maintenance Suggestions[Download]
Ashok Kumar Singh, Neelam Sahu

Reliability Investigation Of Series-Parallel Components Of Power System Using Grey Fuzzy Theory[Download]
Ashok Kumar Singh, Neelam Sahu

A Study On The Electrochemical Deposition Of Ni–W- Co Alloy In Citrate And Triethanol Amine Baths.[Download]
Atef Shenouda, Fatma Farghaly

Electrodeposition Behavior Of W- Ni-Fe Alloys From Their Ionic Electrolyte Baths[Download]
Atef Shenouda, Fatma Farghaly

Design Of Smart Home Security System Using Fuzzy Logic Based Internet Of Things[Download]
Abhinav Kumar Shukla, Neelam Sahu

An Innovative Methods On Voltage Profile Improvement Using Anfis Based System To Improve The Power Quality Of Photovoltaic (Pv) Energy Generation System Using Hysteresis Loss Current Control Of D-Statcom[Download]
Adarsh Kumar, M.F. Qureshi

Effectiveness Of Fair Treatment Women In Bank Of Bahrain & Kuwait In The Kingdom Of Bahrain[Download]
Khalid Khalil Ali

Leaching of Manganese Ores Using Ghalab as Reductant in H2SO4 Solution[Download]
T. A. A. El Barbary

Human Resource Management Techniques and their Relationship to Training and Development in the Petroleum Industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain[Download]
Mohamed Sameer Bukamal

Data Analysis of Dust and Foreign Particles in Fabricator Using Matlab [Download]
Manoj kumar.M, S.S. Mahesh Reddy, Dr. G. N. Sahadeva

An investigation into the Policy and Regulatory Challenges of Digital Financial Services ICT infrastructure in Zambia [Download]
Kombe Kaponda, Simon Tembo