Volume 6 - Issue 1**

Implementation of Aviation Shooting Drones[Download]
Ye Hoon Lee

Two Way Analysis of Variance: The Fundamental Concepts with the aid of Applications[Download]
Amit Rakshit , Sumana Ghosh, Supriyo Chatterjee

Occupational Safety and Health Footprints: An Interactive Model Approach[Download]
Dr. Mohammed Isam Mohammed Abdel-Magid, Prof. Dr. CEng. Isam Mohammed Abdel-Magid, Dr. Hisham I. M. Abdel-Magid

Operations Management of the E-Business Services of National Finance and Exchange in the Kingdom of Bahrain[Download]
Andres A. Regondola

Locating Laser Sensors for Projector Touch Screens Using Triangulation Methods[Download]
Sang-Young Cho

Gauging Leadership Participation in Safety Initiatives[Download]
Gulshan Gohrani

Aerodynamic Requirements of Avian flight[Download]
Nasiha Saher Bano, S. V. Suneetha

Output Feedback Controller Design for Damping Power System Oscillations [Download]
Ade Elbani, Hardiansyah Hardiansyah

Cloud Computing Securities and Algorithms[Download]
Shikha Singh, Er. Piyush Rai

Fractures and Vuggy Pores, as Deduced from Formation Micro Imager log and Petrophysical Data of the Miocene Syn-rift Dolomite Reservoir, Issaran Field, Western Shore of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt.[Download]
Ali Younis, Othman, A.A., Mohamed Abd El-Aal, Emad A., Abd El Aziz