Volume 6 - Issue 10**

National Identity Evolution[Download]
Hussam Elbehiery, Khaled Elbehiery

Synthesis Structure Characterization of TiO2 Doped by Silver Ion[Download]
Nihad Alian, Alsiddig.T. Kaffi , Abdalskhi.S.M.H, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Acute Leukemia Classification based on Image Processing and Machine Learning Techniques[Download]
Najaat Abdullah, Mohammed Ibrahim, Adel Haider

Analysis of the impact factors on the deployment of an occupational health and safety management system in Moroccan Industrial Companies[Download]
Nouha Daoudi, Abdellah Haddout and Mariam Benhadou

Relationship between quality management and firm performance[Download]
Khadija Kacemi, Mariam Benhadou and Abdellah Haddout

Information Literacy Level of Graduate Students at Al-Quds University[Download]
Ibrahim Moh’d Arman, Ashraf Moh’d Abukhayran

Growth and Optical, Mechanical Studies of Semi Organic NLO Active L-Threonine Potassium Iodide Crystal[Download]
S.Murugannantham, S.Kumaresan, G. Kanagan, M. Kandasamy ,G. Govindarajan, S. Pari, R. Sambasivam

Dynamic Analysis of RCC Frame Structures With And Without Viscous Damper Having Different Aspect Ratio[Download]
Vibha More, Dr. Vikram Patil, Somanagouda Takkalaki

Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles From Leaf Extract Of Mentha Piperita, And Evaluation Of Antheliminthic Activity On Cestode And Nematode Parasites Of Country Fowl.[Download]
Dr. Y Sunila Kumari, A.K. Sunitha , G. Sucharitha,

Effect Of Changing Solvents On Absorbance, Optical Energy Gaps And Efficiency For Zinc Oxide And Rose Bengal Dye Solar Cells[Download]
Asia .Gamareldawla Eltayeb - Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla, Abdalsakhi .S .M.H - Mohammed Idriss. Ahmed

Efficacy Of Tuberculosis Treatment In Patients With Malabsorption Syndrome During Iv Administration Of Drugs[Download]
Lilia D. Todoriko, Мykola І. Gumeniuk, Olena V. Pidverbetska, Іhor О. Semianiv, Оleksiy S. Denysov, Тetiana А. Sprinsian, Inga V. Yeremenchuk, Antonina O. Chobotar

Rp-Hplc Method Development And Validation For Estimation Of Dorzolamide Hydrochloride (Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor) In Bulk Dosage Form[Download]
Devhadrao N. V.,Siddaiah M.

Analytical Method Development And Estimation Of Venlafaxine Hydrochloride In Bulk And Pharmaceutical Dosage Form By Uv- Visible Spectrophotometer[Download]
Bansode A.S., Saravanan K.

New Maxwell Quantum Distribution Law And New Energy Relation For Particle In A Medium[Download]
Mohammed Awadalkareim Yousif Balal, Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Mohmmed Mamoun Abdalazeem, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

String Model To Derive Continuity And Momentum Fluid Equations From Quantum And Maxwell Distribution Laws And Lasing Process[Download]
Mohammed Awadalkareim Yousif Balal, Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Mohmmed Mamoun Abdalazeem & Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Analytical Study On Horizontal And Vertical Irregularity In Structure Under Seismic Load With Shear Wall And Bracing[Download]
Swati More, Dr. Vikram Patil, Somanagouda Takkalaki

Function And Rating Curve Of Drainage Density Alteration Along The Mouth Of The Ranoyapo Amurang River[Download]
Maxi Tendean

Physico-Chemical Characterisation and Antioxidant Activity of the Powder of the leaves and extract Vitex madiensis Oliv. : Influence on the granulometric class.[Download]
Mauricette Tchicallat-Landou, Andre KIMBONGUILA, Jeremy PETIT, Laurette Brigelia NKELETELA, Louis MATOS, Joel SCHER

An Investigation into Comparison of Scientific Attitude of Science Students of Class XIth Studying In Private and Government Schools[Download]
Taj Samima Suleman

The Change Of Zinc Oxide And Nile Blue Dye Solar Cells Efficiencies And Energy Gaps Due To The Change Of The Solvents[Download]
Asia .Gamareldawla Eltayeb - Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla - Abdalsakhi .S .M.H, Mohammed Idriss. Ahmed

African Humanism: A Philosophy Of Unity And Mutual Co-Existence Of Itigidi People[Download]
Emmanuel E. Etta, Asukwo, Offiong O.

Death Penalty In Nigeria: To Be Or Not To Be: The Controversy Continues[Download]
Nzeribe Ejimnkeonye Abangwu, Dr. Adekunbi Imosemi

Implementation Of Bcd Adder Using Clockgating[Download]
N Vinod Kumar, K Prasad Babu, V Sundara Siva Kumar

Essential Limonene Oil Microencapsulation For Application In Active Biodegradable Packaging[Download]
Bruna V. Quevedo, Amanda A. Moraes, Henrique S. M. Lopes, Priscila Breda, Daniel Komatsu, Maira De L. R. Komatsu

The Reality Of African Epistemology[Download]
Emmanuel E. Etta , Asukwo. Offiong O.

Designing And Fabrication Of Smart -E-Dustbin[Download]
Sagar Kumar Pandey, Shivam Kumar Yadav, Sharmistha Sur, Ajeet Tyagi, Sagar Mishra, Harpreet Kaur Channi

The Essential Characteristics And Varieties Of Modern Training Strategies[Download]
Yurii Shapran, Olha Shapran

Evaluation Of Oregano`S Essential Oil Interference In Biodegradability Of Poly (L-Co-D, Lactic Acid L) (Pldla)[Download]
Amanda A. Moraes, Bruna V. Quevedo, Paulo J. Bálsamo, Daniel Komatsu, Maira De L. Rezende

Design And Development Of Ac Windings Calculation Using Matlab Software[Download]
Mr.S.Inbasakaran, Dr.Mahesh.K, Mr.Lithesh.J

Mathematics Teachers’ Level Of Knowledge In Mathematics Content And Students’ Achievement In Mathematics In Secondary Schools In Kakamega County, Kenya[Download]
Mr. Polycarp Muchesia Ishenyi, Dr. Martin Sibweche Wanjala

Flavonoid Extraction from Ampelopsis cantoniensis Planch for Spray Drying Powder Product [Download]
Yen Thi Ngoc Tran , Chi Vo Ngoc Dinh, Quynh Nhu Ho, Tam Dang Minh Nguyen

A Survey On Text Content Sentiment Analysis Levels And Techniques[Download]
Tenkale Pallavi S

Influence Of Product Diversification Strategy On Financial Performance Of Commercial Banks Listed In The Nairobi Securities Exchange (Nse), Kenya.[Download]
Mary Munyiri, Dr. Paul Kariuki, Martin Okode

Practice Of Creating Modern Architectural Ensembles In Uzbekistan[Download]
Said Manoev, Dilrabo Xoldorova

Alternative Tourism Diversity As A Tool For Rural Development: Example Of Turkey / Ermenek[Download]
Dr. Filiz Demir

Mechanical Properties Of Bamboo Props And Their Utilization As Sustainable Structural Material[Download]
Onyeka, F. C, Nwoji, U. G, Mbanusi, E. C

Stabilization Of Soil By Use Of Waste Tyre Rubber[Download]
Kirubakaran.K, Dinesh.S

Soil conservation through IWMP: A study[Download]
Dr. Venkatesh. R

**Remaining Papers are in progress