Volume 6 - Issue 12**

A Review On Recent Progress In The Synthetic Utility Of N-Halo Compounds And Their Biological Significance[Download]
Priya.V, Subalakshmi.M , Morris Princy.J , Priya Rosaline.V And Kavitha

Prediction Of Stock Prices Using Financial Analysis[Download]
Sharon Carl

Removal Of Flouride From Groundwater Using Various Technologies: A Review[Download]
M.V.V. Chandana Lakshmi, K.V.S.Karthik

The Effect Of Optical Energy Gaps On The Efficiency For Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (Dssc) By Using Gum Arabic Doped By Cuo And (Coumarin 500, Ecrchrom Black, Rhodamin B And Ddttc) Dyes[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla -Alobid Ali Khalid Awad Elkareem - Mohammed Idriss Ahmed- Abdalsakhi .S .M.H - Rawia Abd Elgani

A Review On Dried Blood Spot Analysis[Download]
Dr. Bhavya Sri. K, Surekha.T, Swethasri.R, Dr.Sumakanth.M

Radioactivity Of Soils Affected By Pyrogenic Carbon Emissions[Download]
Venera Tsolova, Radoslava Lazarova, Ivanka Yordanova, Donka Staneva

Machine Learning[Download]
Sankar K,

Appraising Investment Performance Measurement Of Both Residential And Commercial Properties In Lagos And Port Harcourt.[Download]
Kingsley Oseghe Osa And Chukwuemeka Ekenta.

Optimization Of The Uav Landing Gear To Minimize The Weigth[Download]
Anutha M A, Dheeraj M, Lakshmi Swathi S

Identifying Credit Card Fraud Using Genetic And Clonal Selection Algorithms[Download]
Asmaa Alotaibi, Mashael Alqhtani, Areej Alzaidi, Omar Batarfi

Foundations On Semi-Primitive Roots[Download]
Alireza Alizadeh Moghaddam

The effect of transparency and replacing gum by dye layer on solar cell efficiency when doped by cobalt oxide[Download]
Alobid Ali Khalid Awad Elkareem -Mubarak Dirar Abd-alla - Mohammed Idriss Ahmed -Abdalsakhi .S .M.H - Rawia Abd Elgani,

Analysis of Epstein Distribution Effect on Magnetized Plasma Reflection using TLM Method[Download]
Yasser Ekdiha, Mohamed Kanja, Khalid Mounirh and Mohsine Khalladi

Numerical Integration Approach to Stochastic System State Identification[Download]
Angel Tanev

The Period for 2000 - 2015 Current Account of Tourism On The Effect Of Income: An Assessment On Turkish Economy[Download]
Memis Karaer and Ayse Yavuz

Strengths in India for Success of Smart Distribution Grids[Download]
Dr S N Saxena

Opinion based Sentiment Analysis for Product Recommendations[Download]
Tushya Veni S, Dr.B.Ramasubbareddy,

A Novel Threat Detection Method for Platform Security Enhancement[Download]
Shahin D, Jasmine Sabeena

Enneagram Built Citizenship in Organizations[Download]
Ertan Gunduz

A Rule-based Room Management System for Energy Reduction[Download]
Sang-Young Cho

Information Mining Using Genetic Algorithm and Bigdata Analytic Methodology[Download]
Manjunatha Swamy C, Kiran B , Raghavendra Babu T M

Online Teaching Learning Platforms and Websites in Indian Universities[Download]
Dr. C. Anandhi

Bayesian Approach in Estimation of Shape and Scale Parameter of Log-Weibull model [Download]
Ashwini Kumar Srivastava

**Remaining Papers are in progress