Volume 6 - Issue 5**

Influence Of Organizational Culture On Project Success In Nigeria. A Case Of Nestle Nigeria PLC[Download]
Dr. Cross Ogohi Daniel

Enabling Search Operations On Private Spatial Data Using Blowfish Algorithm[Download]
A. Merlin monisha, Dr M.Lilly Florence

Detect Theft Using Machine Learning In Smart Grid[Download]
M. Blessa Binolin Pepsi

3D Vertical Electrical Sounding (Ves) At Mount Pandan Hot Springs Area, East Java, Indonesia[Download]
Oriensi Y. K. Teftae, Sukir Maryanto, Didik Rahadi Santoso

Species of fungi and bacteria associated with the genus Bambusa: A Review[Download]
Apolonia Zamora-Chacón, María De Jesús Martínez-Hernández, Vianey del Rocío Torres-Pelayo, Ana Lid del Angel Pérez, Jacel Adame-García

Analysis of Tall Structures with and without Openings in Shear Walls[Download]
Amitkumar Yadav, Dr. Vikram Patil, Somanagouda Takkalaki

Theoretical Analysis on the Viscoplastic Buckling of Local Sharp-notched SUS304 Stainless Steel Tubes under Cyclic Bending[Download]
Kuo-Long Lee, Wen-Fung Pan

Financial Literacy among Indigent Families: Baseline for Financial Literacy Initiatives[Download]
Ryan R. Pecson, MAEd, Jay M. Lampa, MAEd, Justine G. Tadeo

Electrical Permittivity and Magnetic Permeability of Fe3O4and Ni2O3Nanomaterials[Download]
Emtithal Ahmed Jadallah, Ahmed Alfaki, Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Abdalsakhi S.M.H, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Absorption Coefficient and Energy Gap of Fe3O4and Ni2O3 Nano-materials for Different Concentration[Download]
Emtithal Ahmed Jadallah , Ahmed Alfaki, Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Abdalsakhi S. M.H, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Secure Biometric System For Plant Identification[Download]
Dr.M.N.Nachappa, V. Sai Lakshmi

Secured E-Commerce Transactions Using Qr-Code[Download]
Dr.M.N.Nachappa, Harish V

8 Transistor And Modified 8 Transistor Full Adders For Low Power Design[Download]
M. Maheswari

Diabetes Prediction Using Multiple Machine Learning Algorithm From The Peoples Data Of Rural Kodagu[Download]
Punith Mandanna K N, Dr. Sumitra Binu

Applications And Implementation Of Iot In Securing Online Transactions[Download]
Dr.M.N. Nachappa, Shubham Jain

Image Steganography Applications For Secure Communications[Download]
Dr.M.N.Nachappa, Vignesh Kamble R P

Bipolar Pythagorean Fuzzy A-Ideals Of Bci-Algebra[Download]
R.Jansi, K.Mohana

Jamming Attack Model And Detection Of Transmissions Using Cognitive Radio Network In Vehicular Network[Download]
S. Divyashree, Dr. D. Geetha

ICT And Employment In India: An Analysis Of The Organized Sector[Download]
Dr. Pawan Kumar

Design And Analysis Of 2Mw Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade[Download]
Gizachew Dereje, Belete Sirahbizu

An Optimal Control Approach To Maintenance Modeling[Download]
Angel Tanev

Dietary Practices And Nutritional Awareness Amongst Women Belonging To Different Physiological Status[Download]
Dr. Nighat Nasreen

Analysis Of E-Government Implementation Strategy In Bandung First Class Immigration Office[Download]
Risris Rismayani, Santika Aristawidya

Modeling And Simulation Of Rail End Bolt Hole And Bolted Rail Joint By Fem[Download]
Amberbir Wondimu, Negash Alemu, Yohanes Regassa

Design Of Irregular Diamond Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna With U Slot To Enhance Bandwidth For S Band Applications[Download]
Satyendra Kumar Swarnkar, Dr.Anand Kumar Tripathi,Dr.Zakir Ali

Characterization Of Wastewater From Surface Coating Industries[Download]
Priyanka Digwal, Dr. Sampanth Kumar M.C

Efficient Data Transmission Using Opportunistic Routing In Underwater Sensor Networks[Download]
Sumiyath.O, Asha.G

Estimation Of Runoff By Gis Approach And Scs-Cn Method In Urban Area[Download]
Raghu.P.K. Vinayak Mali. Vinaykumar Chature, Vishal Kulkarni. M.C.Sampath Kumar.

Preliminary Studies On Reuse Of Industrial Solid Waste- Case Study[Download]
Ravina Telang, Dr. Sampath Kumar M.C

Optimization of Water Resource at PV Cell Manufacturing Industry[Download]
Sindhura S, Dr Sampath Kumar M C

Assessment of Ground water quality in urban area.[Download]
Swaraj.P.Chini., Udith.k.Ashoka. Punith.m.Kumar. Samrudh.A., M.C.Sampath Kumar. .

Land Use Land Cover Mapping Of Hirehalli Village In Karnataka Using RS and GIS Technique For The Year 2012 and 2018[Download]
Afreen Abad, Dr. L Udaya Simha

Marketing Engineering: The Evaluation of Integrated Marketing Communications towards the Growth of Air New Zealand[Download]
Eswaranathan Ehambaranathan, Shagesheela Murugasu, Kawtar Tani

Optimization of Chemicals Usage-A Case Study[Download]
Chaithra G Walishettar, Dr. M C Sampathkumar

Overview on Congestion Charging Schemes Available For Kota Kinabalu Sabah[Download]
Fariq Ismeth Bin Jaimin, Mohd Azizul Bin Ladin, Noor Sheena Herayani Binti Harith, and Nazaruddin Abdul Taha

Smart key access for car using Android app[Download]
Aishwarya ML, Bhuvaneshwari S, Divya B, Harshitha S, Aruna N S

Estimation of Optimum Tilt Angles for Solar Collector and Gained Energy at Cairo, Egypt[Download]
Aiat Hegazy

A Comparative Study and application of IoT Technology in the design and development of Smart Cities.[Download]
Sanket Chauhan, Dr.Kalpesh Popat

Soil and Water environmental Up gradation for Hirehalli Village Gram Panchayath in Karnataka By RS and GIS Technique[Download]
Afreen Abad, Dr. L Udaya Simha

Effect of Amalgam Corroded Products on Quality of Hybrid Layer Using Etch and Rinse and Self-etch Adhesive Systems[Download]

Cooperation of Big data Exploration and Cloud Service for Rapid and Analogous Truthful Computing Structure[Download]
G. Sumathi, Dr.S.Rajesh

Study of the unburned carbon content of ash and propose one new technology separated the ash and unburned carbon discharged by the coal-fire thermal power plants in Vietnam [Download]
Son Bui.H

A Literature Survey on Wireless Sensor Networks [Download]
M.K.Nagarajan, Dr.N.Janakiraman, Dr.C.Balasubramanian