Volume 6 - Issue 6**

Impact Of Spindle Speed And Traveler Weight On The Tensile Properties Of Yarn Explicitly The Yarn Tenacity And Elongation At Break[Download]
Lablu Miah, Nusrath Sharmin, Jarin Yasmin

Moderating Effect Of Organizational Culture On The Factors Affecting Transformation Of The Kenya Police Service[Download]
Meshack M. Mutungi, Gladys G. Njoroge, David Minja

The Economic Crisis In Jordan And The Pressures On Jordan And The Turkish Position For Supporting Jordan[Download]
Abdalraheem Alkaed

A Study Of Acoustic Parameters Of 2-(Diphenylmethoxy)-N, N-Dimethylethanamine In Different Mixture Of Solvents At 299 K[Download]
Jumle R.M, Wasnik Usha

A Clinical Study To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Syrup Patoladi On Amlapitta In Children[Download]
Dr. Shilpi Sharma, Prof. Rakesh Sharma

Extraction Of Oil From African Walnut Seed (Tetracarpidium Conophorum)[Download]
Oloko, S.A.

A Clinical Study To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Khandkushmandaka Avleha On Amlapitta In Children[Download]
Dr. Shilpi Sharma, Prof. Rakesh Sharma

To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Mukhakantikara Cream And Microdermabrasion With Aluminum Oxide Crystal Externally In The Patients Of Vyanga[Download]
Dr. Hemlata, Dr. Uma Thakur, Dr. Rinky Thakur

Effects Of Citrus Sinensis Irrigation With Treated Wastewater On Microbiological Quality Of Soil And Fruits[Download]
Monia Trad Ra誰s

Data-Mining Using Nearest Neighbour Method[Download]
Baljeet Kaur, Kailash Bahl

The Monetary Transmission Mechanism Operation And Empirical Findings: In Turkey (2001-2017)[Download]
Zeynep Karaçor, Orhan Kasap, Ramin Ganbarov

Spectral Analysis Of New Indian Currency Of Denomination 500 Using Vsc-5000[Download]
Sandeep Kumar Pathak, Ashmita Paul

An Efficient Security Enhanced Nb-Iot Connections In Hospitals[Download]
Rasika.P, Sobin.C.C

Optimization Of The Value Chain Of The Service Process Of The Automotive Mechanical Workshop: ¨Saint Louis T.¨ Through Lean Tools[Download]
Eng. Noe Aguila

Mapping Biological Concepts: Concept-Vee Maps An Improver Of Students’ Performance In Photosynthesis[Download]
Y. Ameyaw & I. Kyere

Comparative Effects Of Three Teaching Methods On Students’ Performance In Human Blood Circulatory System Concepts And Their Retention Rates[Download]
Y. Ameyaw And I. Kyere

Challenges To Effective Utilization Of Instructional Resources In Early Childhood Education And Development Centres In Bungoma County, Kenya[Download]
Simiyu Chililia Pius, Dr. Wanjala Martin M. S.

Investigation Of Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Drum Brake For Light Duty Vehicle Application[Download]
Brhan Dinberu, Maj. Dr. Bisrat Yoseph

Complete Set Of Genera Of Compact Riemann Surfaces With Group Of Symmetries Of Ammonia (Nh3) Molecule[Download]
Rafiqul Islam, Dr. Chandra Chutia

Microbial Characteristics Of Meat Products In Khartoum State[Download]
Azza M. Khalid, Asmahan A. Ali, Samah K. Hussain, Faisal N. Awad, Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Ahmed El. Ismaiel And Eiman O. Basheer

Evaluation Of The Tensile And Impact Strength Of Glass And Basalt Composite[Download]
P Ramasubramaniam, Vineeth V K

Unicode Based Language Identification Using Trigrams[Download]
Fathima Sana K, Farzana T

Economic Evaluation For A Block Company With Addition Of Pet Powdered.[Download]
Zapata Tec Gabriela Del Rosario, Moreno Rivera José Luis, Montiel Huerta Ma. Elizabeth

Cloud Privacy Protection Based On Reversible Data Hiding And Chaotic Approach[Download]
G A Navya, Dr. Sukumar

Employee Motivation - A Study in a Food Industry of India.[Download]
Dr. Mohammed Shafiuddin

60 GHz Power Amplifier with 57.9% Peak PAE in 0.15 µm PHEMT Technology[Download]
Noha AL MAJID, Mahmoud MEHDI, Said MAZER, Moulhime EL BEKKALI, Catherine ALGANI