Volume 6 - Issue 9**

Overview - of Seismic Resistance of Railway Steel Trusses Bridges Using Splice Connection[Download]
V Ravi sankar, J Umanambi

Transport Planning System and Management of Davao City: A Perceptual Study[Download]
Jade C. Arcillas, Marvie L. Castroverde, Francis Jon S. Locsin, Rizalyn O. Tecson, Frederick John Trinidad, Joel S. Pardillo

Longitudinal Data Modeling Using Multiscale Autoregresive (MAR) Wavelet[Download]
Suparti, Rukun Santoso, Alan Prahutama, Sudargo

Derivation of Spatial Evolution of Quantum System in the Interaction Picture within the Framework of Generalized Special Relativity[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Abdelkarim Gismalla Khogali, Musa Ibrahim Babiker Hussein, Mona Ali Abdalrasool Abdalla, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Effect of Constraints to Real Estate Ownership by Women on Women Contribution to the National Economy.[Download]
Obodoh, Chikasi M, Emoh, Fidelis I , Ogbuefi, Joseph U., Obodoh, Dominic A.

Determine the Drivers to the Awareness and Compliance of Building Insurance Valuation (BIV) and Insurance Policy to the Selected Universities[Download]
Njungbwen, Ernest, Oke, Abimbola Adeoluwa

Diversification Strategy And Firm Profitability: Evidence From Selected Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Firms In Lagos State, Nigeria[Download]
Adekunle O. Binuyo, Hillary S. Ekpe, Babatunde O. Binuyo

Regulatory Envronment And Smes’ Access To Financial Services: Evidence From Nigeria And South Africa[Download]
Adekunle Oluwole Binuyo, Tersia Botha

Curse Of Air Pollution & Mitigation Strategies[Download]
Umapati Sahay, Kumari Smita

Fatigue Life Estimation Of Local Sharp-Grooved Circular Tubes With Different Diameter-To-Thickness Ratios Under Cyclic Bending[Download]
Kuo-Long Lee, Wen-Fung Pan

Chitosan- A Biological Alternative To Chemical Denture Cleansers[Download]
Dr Supriya Manvi, Dr Athira Krishnan, Chaitra Koppal Renukanath, Dr Shruthi Eshwar, Dr Anil Mangutti.

Flood Hazard : Its Impact And Management In Some Blocks Of The Northern Part Of Nadia District, West Bengal[Download]
Safiur Rahamana, Dr. Satyajit Dharab

Corrosion Rate Of Cast Iron Under Different Corrosion Environments[Download]
T. C. Gillow , D. J. Chuku

New Insights On The Chronological Relation Between The Supracrustals And The Magmatic Rocks (Charnockite Massifs) In The Eastern Ghats Granulite Belt, India And The Question Of Basement To The Supracrustals[Download]
S. Bhattacharya, M. Basei And R. Kar

A Survey On Mitigating Network Congestion In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Opportunistic Routing[Download]
Charan K V, Manjunath Singh H

The Future Of Quantum World With Optical Computers[Download]
Ankita Aditya, Dhanyashree M R

Local Strategies For Conservation Architectural And Archaeological Heritage (Case Study: Old Town Of Gaza City - Palestine)[Download]
Hammouda N. Aldohdar, Ekaterina Ch. Timofeevna

Cognitive Skills Required By Electrical Engineering Graduates Of Universities For Effective Performance In Industries Of Kano And Kaduna States, Nigeria[Download]
Nasiru Mukhtar, Bernard Numgwo Atsumbe,

Pre-Service Technical Teachers’ Perceptions On The Challenges Of N.C.E Electrical/Electronic Programme In Kano State, Nigeria[Download]
Nasiru Mukhtar

Blood Bank And Donor Management System[Download]
S.Sarath,Dr.N.Revathy, Dr.T.A.Sangeetha,N.Gowri, T.Harikrishna

Garment Industry Management System[Download]
R.Kaleeswaran, Dr.V.Kavitha, Dr.N.Revathy,R.Gopala Krishnan

E-Magazine Portal For Colleges[Download]
S.K.Jerin, Dr.V.Kavitha, Dr.N.Revathy, D.Shajin

Application Of Ahp Method For Optimal Placement Of Statcom Device Using Tlbo[Download]
Goru Niharika, Kottala Padma

Application Of Ahp Method For Optimal Placement Of Sss C Device Using Tlbo[Download]
Sathupati Kezia, Dr K Padma

Reclaiming Of Horticultural Waste By Vermicomposting Technology: Might Be Used As A Potential Bio-Humus For Organic Farming[Download]
Dr.G.Subbulakshmi, Dr .R.Thiruneelakandan, Patatri Pramanik

Identification Of Surface Sublayer Structure And Potentials Of Aquifer Using Geolectric Method Of Configuring Schlumberger In Pinabetengan Village[Download]
Marianus , Rolles N. Palilingan , Siti Maramis

A Comprehensive Review On Experimental Animal Models To Induce Schizophrenia[Download]
P. Chinnaiah, B. Rama Devi, G. Dayanand Reddy

Analytical Method Validation And Determination Of New Hplc Method For Oxalic Acid In Acacia Niolatica.[Download]
Waheeb Mohamedain, Dr. Qurashi Gasmelseed , Dr. Eltijani Hago

Improved Koutoukou Production: Physico-Chemical And Organoleptic Characterizations[Download]
Koffi Franck Charles Roland, Konan Brou Roger, Assemand Emma Fernande

Ai Cart System[Download]
Michael Raj S

Plea Bargaining And The Administration Of Criminal Justice In Nigeria[Download]
Nzeribe Ejimnkeonye Abangwu, Ph.D, Dr. Adekunbi Imosemi

Progressive Enforcement Of International Human Rights Norms In Nigeria: The Question Of Access To Justice[Download]
Nzeribe Ejimnkeonye Abangwu, Ph.D, Dr. Adekunbi Imosemi

Assessment Of Perception In Training And Development On Employee’S In The Legal Industry In The Kingdom Of Bahrain[Download]
Abdulla Eid Alruwainy, Andres A. Regondola

Finite Element Analysis Of Fatigue Life Prediction For Connecting Rod Using Aluminum And Steel Alloy Materials[Download]
Alayu Mekonen, Bisrat Yosiph, Jonathan B. Dawit

African Origin Of Democracy And The Role Of Women In Its Development: A Case Study Of Two African Pre- Colonial Political Systems[Download]
Enyimba, Maduka, Ncha, Gabriel Bubu

Studies On Memristor Characterization Based On Non-Linear Dopant Drift Model Modeled With Window Function[Download]
Prakash Savarimuthu

Organizational Antecedents And Intrapreneurial Intensity Of Soes After The Structural Adjustment Policy.[Download]
Remo Metalor Ruba,

The Susceptibility Of Escherichia Coli Biofilms To Various Extracts Of Senna Siamea Plant[Download]
Usman, Nasiru Adoyiza , Prof. Adeshina, G.O , Dr Tytler, Babajide A ,Abdulrahim, Umar

Degree-Edge Based Topological Indices Of Chain Graphs[Download]
N.K.Raut, G.K.Sanap

Assessment Of Nigeria National Position On Nuclear Power Development In The Country[Download]
Isa Sambo And Abuh Rafiu A

Improvement Organizational Behavior of Newcomer Employees in Construction Projects Using On-The-Job Training Programs [Download]
Mohammad Hossein Mahmoudi Sari

Detection of Dental surface shift Using Laser Speckle Photography Technique[Download]
Nouran Esmat Sayed, H El–Ghandoor, Abdelsattar M sallam, N Hussein

Hybridization of Neural Network-cum-Evolutionary Algorithm variants for Fraud Detection in Credit Cards Online Transaction[Download]
Oladimeji W. Ismaila, Folasade. M Ismaila

**Remaining Papers are in progress