Volume 7 - Issue 1**

Examining EFL Teachers’ Views on the Effects of Tests on English Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools[Download]
Régis O. K. A. JOHNSON, Dr Jean-Marc GNONLONFOUN & Dr AKPACA Servais M

Assessment of Drinking Water Quality in El-Obeid City, North Kordofan State, Sudan, (Jan to Dec 2017).[Download]
Musa A. O. Mohammed, Magda E. Ahmed, Osman K. Saeed, Halima B. G. Tigaida

Modeling and Mapping Incidence Rate of Tuberculosis in Bandung City by Means Spatial Error Model[Download]
Régis Salsa Nurdini, I Gede Nyoman Mindra Jaya

Implementation of On-Board Weighing System for Trailer Application[Download]
Régis O. K. A. JOHNSON, Dr Jean-Marc Vijay Patel, Vinay Khatod

Custom Power Devices for Power Quality Improvement: A Review[Download]
Kailash Nath Verma, Deepak Joshi

Using Hadoop Click Stream Analytics in E-Commerce[Download]
P.D.S.S.Lakshmi kumari, S.Sureshkumar

Geometric Properties of Some Class of Univalent Functions by Fixing Finite Many Coefficients[Download]
K. V. Vidyasagar

Factors Influencing Students’ Choice Of Christian Religious Education In Public Secondary Schools In Matungulu Sub-County, Machakos County, Kenya[Download]
Stephen M. Mueke, Dr. Selpher K. Cheloti, Dr. Redempta Maithya

Influence Of Multilayers On The Stress Intensity Factors Of A Buried Elliptical Crack.[Download]
Aly Rachid Korbeogo, Bernard K. Bonzi, Richard N. Kouitat, Zacharie Koalaga, François Zougmore

Evaluation Of The Performance Of K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm In Determining Student Learning Styles[Download]
Elhaj Musa Ali Elnazeer, Bashir Shehu Galadanci, Abdullahi Isa, Edeh Michael Onyema, Hauwa Ahmad Amshi, Hayatu Alhaji Saidu

A Study To Combat Microbial Food Spoilage Activities In Custard Apple (Annona Reticulata) Using A Combination Of Chemical Preservatives[Download]
Namous Fatima, Dr Sindhu Anoop

Leaf Recognition And Classification Techniques-Survey[Download]
Margesh Keskar, Dhananjay Maktedar

Study On Cross Layer Protocols Used In Hybrid Wireless Network For Efficient Routing[Download]
Steven Raj N, Dr. Dhananjay Maktedar

Drivers Of Consumer Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Of E-Tailers - A Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) Approach[Download]
Dr.S.Ilayasankar, Dr.T.Sundareaswaran

Bioactive Peptides: Its Production And Potential Role On Health[Download]
Shashank M Patil ., Sujay S ., Chandana Kumari V B ., Tejaswini M A., Sushma P ., Prithvi S Shirahatti ., Ramith Ramu

Software Complexity Metrics Of Functional Languages Using Binary Search Algorithm[Download]
Maria Adigun, Kehinde Sotonwa, Johnson Adeyiga, Mojeed Abass

Diamond Search Improvement For Motion Estimation In High Efficiency Video Coding[Download]
Dr. Eng. Jamal Kamil Al-Rudaini

Systematic Literature Review on Mining Software Repositories[Download]
Arvinder Kaur, Kamaldeep Kaur, Deepti Chopra and Harguneet Kaur

In Silico Sequence and Structural Annotation of Putative amidase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis[Download]
Yogesh Joshi, Prathamesh Kulkarni

Homology Modelling and Molecular Characterization of E1 structural Glycoprotein involved in Chikungunya[Download]
Someshwar M.Moholkar , Yogesh N. Joshi and Shrutika B.Chintakindi

Dealing Heteroscedasticity Problem in Regression Modeling Using ML-Fisher Scoring Algorithm: Simulation Study[Download]
I Gede Nyoman Mindra Jaya , Neneng Sunengsih

Utilization of the Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris Waste in the Industry of Cement Bricks for Environment Cleaner[Download]
Emhemmad A. Basha, Abd- Alazez Alkilani, Abdullah E. Basha

Corrosion Inhibition behavior of 3-Hydroxy flavone on Aluminium metal in the Presence of Halide ions in NaOH medium[Download]
J. Morris Princey, A. Nandhini, E. Abinaya

Remaining Papers are in progress