Volume 7 - Issue 10**

Hair Follicle Analysis Using Image Processing Techniques[Download]
Swapnil M. Wanjare, Dr. Vishwas T. Gaikwad

Covid Impact On International Business[Download]
Michael Raj S

Hydrothermal Synthesis, Characterization and Gas Sensitivity of Nb2O5[Download]
Dr. S. V. Jagtap, S. D. Thakre, A. S. Tale and S .B. Deshmukh

The Effect of Nano-filled Resin Coating on The Color Change of Resin Composite. In-Vitro Study.[Download]
Hadeer A. Abd-Alnabi, Ali Abd-Alnabi, Faten M. Kamel

Realization of MIN-MAX Circuit using 0.18um CMOS technology for fuzzy applications[Download]
Mostapha Boussetta

Effect Of Dietary Supplementation On Anaemic Schizophrenia Patient Admit In Selected Hospital Raipur (Chhattisgarh)[Download]
. Dr. Reena Barai, Dr. Hemant Sharma

Generalized Offset Fourier-Mellin Transform & Its Analytical Structure[Download]
Paritosh Dolas, Vidya Sharma

The Experimental Study of Cassava Peeler Machine with Flexible Blades and Rollers[Download]
Aton Yulianto, Sigit Purwanto, Suparman and Novi Kuswardani

A Critical Review On Rizi-Pisciculture[Download]
Dr. Dani Kacha

Effect Of Workload On Turnover Intention, Work Stress As Intervening Variables In Readymix And Precast Concrete Employees In Lombok Island[Download]
Rijalul Hadi, Thatok Asmony, Surati

Improved imod ileach iwith iBisecting i ik-means ialgorithm[Download]
Dr.K.R.R.Mohan Rao, P.Gokul Krishna, B.Rajyalakshmi, P.Subb Rao

Cluster Analysis Of Chikungunya In Bandung City, Indonesia[Download]
IGNM Jaya, Neneng Sunengsih

Application of Jordan Standard Form[Download]
Liang Fang

Analysis Of Earthquake Resistant Open Story Building On Etabs Acc To Is:1893-2016[Download]
Ankita Choubey, Prof. Aruna Rawat

Deep Learning Based Model Architectures For Cardiac Mri Segmentation: A Survey[Download]
Surayya Ado Bala, Shri Kant

Influence Of Traditional Mantra On Germination Of Seeds[Download]
Itagi Kumar, Gwak Sol

Optimizing Smart Shading System In The Unit Residential Housing In Surabaya[Download]
Syaifuddin Zuhri And Karina Firdauzy

Planning Of Production Facilities Layouts In Home Industry With The Systematic Layout Planning Method[Download]
Jakfat Haekal, Dian Eko Adi Prasetio

Junbiki Method Implementation And Mapping In The Part Stay Headrest Distribution Process Reviewed From Lean Manufacturing In The Mrp Company, Indonesia[Download]
Bethriza Hanum, Ragil Pardiyono

The Influence Of Competency And Work Ethics On The Performance Of The Government International Supervisors Through Organizational Commitments As Intervening Variables In The Inspectorate Of West Nusa Tenggara Province[Download]
Muhamad Saefi, Mukmin Suryatni, Surati

Project Delay Factors Ranking Analysis Towards The Project Dynamics Stage Cycle And Pmbok 10 Knowledge Areas[Download]
Ade Asmi, Aurino Djamaris, Mohammad Ihsan

E-Commerce Industry And The Significance Of E-Services[Download]
Suchitra M. Kumar

Recruitment In Ngos - Challenges In Attracting Management Graduates[Download]

Hyperspherical Expansion Approach For Study The Three Particle System[Download]
Kumari Priyanka, B. B. Prasad And Pramod Kumar

Work-Life Management Practices in Bhagavat Gita: A Good Strategy of Work Life Integration in IT sectors[Download]
Keerthy.V. Sagar, Dr.S.Kamala Sugandhi

Gender Differences In Educational Attainment: Indian Perspective[Download]
Jinu Joseph

A Review Article on Correlated-Source Extractors in Cryptography[Download]
Simran Gade, Pragati Gupta

Biochemical Characterization Of Cellulases: Review[Download]
Raj Kumar Ahirwar, Dr. Sanjay Sahay, Dr. Ragini Gothalwal

GIS-based assessment of photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) generation potential in Cameroon using a Boolean method[Download]
Fotsing Metegam Isabelle Flora, Njomo Donatien, René Tchinda, Oumarou Hamandjoda

Development Of Initiative Sacrament Teachings With Experential Narrative Methods[Download]
Hartutik, F.X Sugiyana, A.J Prayitno, Martin Sitepu, I.C Harita, T.A.H Naditasari

Compare Clustering Algorithms of Weka Tool [Download]
Dr. Fatima Dafallah Mohammed Elhassan and Dr. Yasir Mohamed Ahamed

**Remaining Papers are in progress