Volume 7 - Issue 12

Technologies for Force/Torque Sensor[Download]
Yash Gujarati , Ravindra Thamma and Joshua Laber

The Finance-Innovation Nexus in Europe[Download]
Lucio Laureti , Alberto Costantiello , Angelo Leogrande ,

Cooperative technological development and business generation among startups and medium and large companies. Case Study: Nexos Program (Brazil).[Download]
Krishna Aum De Faria, Talita Souza Carmo, Grace Ferreira Ghesti

Characterisation of a Thermogravimetric Analyser Designed and Constructed for Energy Recovery Work on Cameroonian Biomass[Download]
Fongang Nkounda Isidore Blaise, Kouteu Nanssou Paul Alain, Daniel Egbe E, Jean-François Largeau , Lontsi Frederic & Alexis Kemajou

Comparative Study and Analysis of Current Pothole Detection Techniques[Download]
Aditya S.Joshi,

Credit Card Default Prediction using SMOTE and Machine Learning Algorithms[Download]
Annesha Dasgupta, Dona Ghosh, Jatin Vyas

Assessment of Radon (222RN) and Heavy Metals in Groundwater Sources from Kaduna and Environs, Nigeria[Download]
Aminu Kalip, James Yusuf, Aremu S. O

Gene effect estimation for yield–characters and inheritance of yellow rust resistance among generations in three bread wheat crosses[Download]
Shehab-Eldeen, M.T, M. A. H Darwish and Zeinab, E. Ghareeb

On quickest flow problem using improved binary search algorithm[Download]
Anjana Devi Bhandari, Tanka Nath Dhamala

Stimulus on 3D-CAD Software enactment in Fashion and Apparel Industry.[Download]
Mr. Ashraful Islam, Rajib Das, Mithila Kabir Tarafder, Nazmun Nahar, Solaiman Kabir Mamun

Experimental results of a R134a/CO2 cascade refrigeration system with the CO2 evaporation temperature of -30ºC[Download]
Thanhtrung Dang and Baoha T. Le

A Study On Awareness Of The Right To Education Act (RTE ACT) 2009 Among Various Stakeholders In Kalahandi District Of Odisha[Download]
Jayanta Kumar Pati

A Study on Social Factors Contributing Sustainability to Public Transportation in Kerala[Download]
Ms. Jintu S, Ms Sona Mary Francis

Design and cost analysis of a 2.9 kW photovoltaic system for rural areas.[Download]
Madhu Kumari

A Descriptive study to assess the Level of anxiety and depression among post myocardial infarction (MI) survivors.[Download]
Dr.V.Selvanayaki, Mrs. K.Sasikala

An Overview of Cloud Computing Different Services Models and Security Issues and Concerns in an Enterprises Data Storages[Download]
Dr Rajamohan Parthasarathy, Dr Ilangovan Perumal, Ms Preethy Ayyappan, Mr Seow Soon Loong, Dr Syazwina Binti Alias

Morphometric Features and Water Quality of Five Reservoirs from Maharashtra, India[Download]
Ashvin Godghate, Rajaram Sawant and Aditya Sawant

Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and Air Pollution[Download]
Jingying Li, Douglas Mayer, Andrew pope, Shagun Varma

Preventive Maintenance of Flexible Pavements in Nigeria Based on Roadway Inventory[Download]
I. N. Usanga, I. C. Attah, E. E. Ambrose

DJED – The Almighty Cosmic Dinergic Energy[Download]
Dénes JOÓ,

The Effect Of Web Design, Web Responsive, And Web Content On Impulse Buying And Compulsive Buying Behavior Of E-Commerce Purchase[Download]
Lalu Romi Sopian Tohri, Akhmad Saufi, Lalu Edy Herman

Veiling is not a static phenomenon: a study of the select novels of Salman Rushdie[Download]
Dr. Abhibunnisha Begum, Dr. P. Suresh Kumar

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during Covid-19 Pandemic: The case of Listed Companies on Colombo Stock Exchange in Sri Lanka.[Download]
Mahrool Farwis, M.Siyam , Mohamed Casim Abdul Nazar

Flood Forecasting using the Avenue of Models[Download]
Ayushi Trivedi, Bhanu Pratap Singh and Nirjharnee Nandeha

Fisheries potentialities of Krishnai river, Assam, India[Download]
Makibur Rahman

Is there consciousness in animals?[Download]

Artificial intelligence: milestones and currents[Download]
Ana Lilia Laureano-Cruces, Mohamed El Alami, Fernando de Arriaga, Javier Ramírez-Rodríguez, Lourdes Sánchez-Guerrero

The Effect Of Organizational Climate And Workload On Work Stress[Download]
Amrin Jaya Wardi, Lalu Suparman, Hermanto

The Effect Of Big Five Personality And Job Design On Civil Servant’s Performance[Download]
Ika Pramitha Sarly, Lalu Suparman, Siti Nurmayanti

The Influence Of Organizational Communication Climate, Communication Satisfaction On Job Satisfaction And Affective Commitment[Download]
Mia Oktora, Thatok Asmony, Dwi Putra Buana Sakti

The Effect Of Affective Commitment, Normative Commitment, And Continuance Commitments On Readiness To Change[Download]
Rohman Abdi, Hermanto, I Nyoman Nugraha A. P.

The Influence Of Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership And Organizational Commitments On Readiness For Change[Download]
Triana Winiastuti, Lalu Suparman, Sri Wahyulina

Evaluation of Frequency Analysis of Distinctive Rainfall Intensity for Various Stations of Gujarat[Download]
V.B. Vaidya, D. Suvarna, and M.S. Kulshreshtha

An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning[Download]
Zerui Li and Sohail Anwar

Study of the orientations of higher education projects in Madagascar[Download]
Pierre Benjamin Rakotomahenina, Manovosoa Finaritra Rakotovao

Eco-physiological Studies of Vigna radiata L. with Fungicide (SAAF) Stress[Download]
Sasmita Kumari Behura, Sukanya Padhy and Rasmi Sahu

Stability analysis of a three-layer shell with lightweight filler supported by rigidity ribs[Download]

Grievances Of International Patients - Legal Recourse With Respect To Indian Laws[Download]
C L Avadhani,

Assessment Of Dietary Mannan Oligosaccharides In Animal Husbandry[Download]
Rahul Vashishtha, Shaloo, Kartikey Rastogi, Praveen Dixit

A Hydroxyapatite Nanocrystals Formation under Hydrothermal conditions via Octacalcium Phosphate-Incorporating Succinate Ion[Download]
Shiv Prakash Mishra and Jitendra K. Srivastava

Nutritional and Phytochemical potential of gluten free cake and its acceptability evaluation[Download]
Srishti Agarwal, Ekta Singh Chauhan, Alisha Agarwal

Waste Segregation Robot - A Swachh Bharat Initiation[Download]
Sunil M P, Shravya Chaand P K, Bhavya Grandhe, and Hariprasad S A