Volume 7 - Issue 2

A Comparative Study of Modified DSRs routing Protocols for MANET[Download]
Régis O. K. A. JOHNSON, Dr Jean-Marc Sunaina Sharma, Aparna N. Mahajan, Ramesh Poonia

Assessment Of Slope Stability In Kethikal-Mangalore Using Sesmic Design Of Reinforced Wall: A Case Study[Download]
Monisha K Y, Dr. Arun Kumar Bhat, Dr. Anil Kumar

Implementation of Basel III and Stress Testing of Ukranian Banking System[Download]
Andrii Ramskyi, Olena Sobolieva-Tereshchenko, Valeriia Zharnikova

Education 4.0: A New Paradigm in Transforming the Future of Education in India[Download]
Dr Ruchi Tandon, Dr Sanjeev Tandon

Yajna causes good rainfall[Download]
Venkata Chaganti

A simple UV spectrophotometric estimation of antiretroviral drug, Saquinavir[Download]
Koteswara Rao Adusumalli and Anitha C. Kumar

Estimation of chromium in slag samples -A Solvent extraction study[Download]
A.V.L.N.S.H.Hariharan, D. Santhi priya, A.Satheesh

Influence of Smasse Active Learning Techniques on Students’ Performance in Mathematics In Secondary Schools In Baringo County-Kenya[Download]
Wanjala Mukwabi Protus, Dr. Wanjala Martin, Dr. Shikuku Beatrice

Antimicrobial study of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) seed oil against bacteria and fungi: A comparative study.[Download]
Arunima Sur

Role of Quality Management System in Pharmaceutical Industry[Download]
Monika khatri, Dr. R.B bodla, Bhargavi singh

Enhanced Safety System for Vessels by Using Arduino[Download]
S.Ravi chand, M. Sasamka Devika, G. Akhila, Ch. V. D. N. Praveena, M. Sindhuja

Effect of platelet-rich fibrin on some characteristics of human periodontal ligament stem cells[Download]
My Thi Ngoc Nguyen, Thuy Anh Vu Pham and Ha Le Bao Tran

Antimicrobial Activity of Metabolites of Lasiodiplodia theobromae isolated from Psiduim guajava[Download]
Nonye T. Ujam, Peter M. Eze, Chika Ejikeugwu, Festus B. C. Okoye, Charles O. Esimone

Implementation of Self Organizing Map Neural Network clustering to derive Empathy and Adoption Criterion of Compost Sample[Download]
Savita Mohurle and Manoj Devare

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System[Download]
Patel Bhavik G, Patel Parth P, Patel Pavan M, Gupta Mahesh J

On Homomorphism of Vague Ordered Gamma-Near rings[Download]
D. Bharathi, K. Balakoteswara rao, S.Ragamayi

Performance Evaluation of Speech Denoising Using Three Different Deep Neural Networks[Download]
Gilu Abraham and Preethi Bhaskaran

Dirac Generalized Relativistic Quantum Wave Function Which Gives Right Electrons Number In Each Energy Level By Controlling Quantized Atomic Radius[Download]
Mohammed Idriss Ahmed

Impact of Television Advertisement on Buying Behaviour of Customer in Purchasing FMCG Products in Coimbatore District[Download]
V.Vivek, G.Jeyalakshmi, Dr.K.Chandrasekar

The Impact of Using Bi-lingual Mobile-App Dictionary on the Story Writing skills of Low-Proficient International Students[Download]
Mr. Nagendra Rao Howji and Dr. Vijaya Kumar Chavan

Modeling and thermal simulation of a bioclimatic habitat integrating phase-change material for a typical climate of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso[Download]
Yacouba Camara, Xavier Chesneau, Sékou Camara and Céllou Kanté

Stock Market Prediction using Neural network and MLP[Download]
Yogita Deshmukh

Gas Turbine Performance Modeling Using Fogging System In Hot Climate[Download]
Imhamed M. Saleh, Mohamed Bughazem, Khalifa Khalifa and N.Algharbi

Teaching Strategies Used By Teachers to Support Grade 4 Learners with Reading Difficulties[Download]
Dr Fesi, Liziwe, Dr S. Makeleni

Different manifestations and permutations of colonial culture: The African hair in dispute.[Download]
Nokuzola. Gloria. Gqeba

A Design and Development of novel framework to enhance the quality of image using Fuzzy set based Image processing[Download]
Ravikumar H.R, Dr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Raghav S

Optimal Load Frequency Control of Two Area Reheat Interconnected Thermal Power System with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Device[Download]
Sk.Mastan, Ch. Naga sai kalyan , K.Vasuki, P.B.Sankar, N.Rajesh

Stability of Acidophile Endoglucanase in Ionic Liquids[Download]
Latiffah Karim

Statistical Assessment of the Factors Affecting Quality of Hotel Websites from the Customers Point of View[Download]
Haider Al-Wakeel

Battery Thermal Management in Electrical Vehicle - Review Article[Download]
Mylaudy Dr. S. Rajadurai and S. Ananth

Histochemical Study of Glycogen in Interstitial Cells in the Ovaries of bats Rousettus Leschenaulti, Megaderma Lyra Lyra, Hipposideros Speoris[Download]
Nitin P Meshram & K S Janbandhu