Volume 7 - Issue 3

The Influence of Social Media Marketing Activities on Satisfaction with the Mediating Role of Social Identity and Perceived Value (Case Study: Adidas Brand)[Download]
Iman Azizi 1, Shahla Zafari 2

Biophysical indices derived from high resolution satellite images for monitoring rangelands in Swaida-badia/Syria[Download]
Nasser Tarraf Ibrahem, Ahmed H. Mohamed3, Ahmed Darkalt

Characterization of Divalent Zn (II) and Cd (II) nanoparticles and their composites by FTIR[Download]
Jagadeesh Kumar Ega , Kavitha siddoju

Chronic effects of paraquat dichloride on testicular histology of Clarias gariepinus Juveniles[Download]
Woryi, J.T., Ugbomeh, A.P. and Daka, E.R.

Physicochemical and Biochemical Characterization of Groundwater for Assessment of Potentials for End user Applications[Download]
K. Madhava Srinivas, K. Surendra Babu and P.V. S. Machiraju

Effect of common and dominant seed-borne fungi on dry weight content of pulses[Download]
Ashok Sadhu Kandhare

Chemical Composition and Microbiological Characteristics of Sudanese Cow's, Goat's and Camel's milk[Download]
Eiman O. Basheer, Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Ahmed El. Ismail, , Azza M. Khalid, Nada A. Fath elrahman, Mohammed A. ELnour, Randa A. Ibrahim and Sara Y. Ahmed.

Chronic Effects of Paraquat on Haematology of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus)[Download]
Woryi, J.T., Ugbomeh, A.P., Gabriel, U.U. and Daka, E.R.

Scale Development for Innovation Performance in Nursing Organizations of Community Hospitals under the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand[Download]
Nitaya Thanomsaksri1, Phechnoy Singchangchai2 and Narumon Pathumarak3

Measurement Of The Potentials Of Terminalia Mantaly Gum As A Viscosifier For Drilling Mud Formulation[Download]
Inemugha, O., Uyigue, L.,Chukwuma F., and Akaranta, O.,

Power Theft Detection Using Raspberry Pi Technology With GSM[Download]
Gobinath.B, Anupriya.s, logavani.S , Lokeshwari.M and Punitha.P

Design Of Body In White[Download]
Basavraj S Awatiger

Improved Indicators of Analytic Function[Download]
Dr. M. Kavitha

Statistic Evaluation Of Extrusion Variabels On The Changing Of The Pregelatinized Starch Characteristics[Download]
Sigit Purwanto

Social and Economic Determinants of Family Size in Sri Lanka (In Reference to Kirillawala – West GN Division)[Download]
Lashini Liyanage

Scrutinized Analysis of Temperature Dependent Insulation Properties with Cross-linked Polymers[Download]
Dr. Vinay Dua

Warri Ethnic Crisis And Property Market Operation In Delta State, Nigeria[Download]
Irori, Samuel, Akujuru, Victor A.

Musculoskeletal Discomfort Among Nurses[Download]
Roopa Rao and Dr. Geeta Ibrahim

Preliminary Chemical Assessment of Soils in Some Rural Areas of Konaseema region, East Godavari District, AP[Download]
ESV Subrahmanyam, M. Krishnakartik, T. Santhi Kishore, M. Chandra harsha

Optimization of UAV Wing for Better Performance[Download]
Anutha M A, V Yamini Anoosha

The Prevalence of Malaria and Typhoid among Undergraduates in Nigeria[Download]
Adigun, A.O. Saka - Balogun, O. Y. and Adigun, K. A.,

Numerical Solution of Imbibition Phenomenon Using PDQM in Vertical Downward Direction[Download]
A.K Parikh, Jishan K Shaikh

Analysis of the treatment of heavy metals contaminated soils obtained from open dumpsites using phytoremediation technique[Download]
L. Uyigue, Achadu, M. Abah

Fluoride Toxicity And Its Control – A Review[Download]
Dr. P. Ravi Sekhar and Dr. Y. Savithri

The Power of Customer Relationship Management in Enhancing Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction[Download]
Dr Tejas Thakkar, Dr Mehul Patel

Basidiomycetes Spore Concentration Over Soybean Field[Download]
Dr. Lohare Sunita Dhundiraj