Volume 7 - Issue 5

Ionization techniques: synthesis on the different applications in the health field[Download]
Bathily EAL, Diop O, Ndong B , Djigo MS , Kokou A , Thiaw G , Gueye K , Mbaye G, Diouf LAD , Soumboundou M , Djiboune AR , Sy PM , ,Ndoye O , Diarra M , Mbodj M, Seck-Gassama SP

Missing Child Identification System Using Image Processing [Download]
Karthikeyan N, Janani S, Kavitha S, Masilamani A, Nandhini V

Spatial Disease Modeling of Diarrhea in the City of Bandung, Indonesia [Download]
IGNM Jaya , A Chadidjah

Effect of Salt Stress on Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Twelve Commercial Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata L.) Varieties. [Download]
ML Kabir, F Najmim, JK Roy, Y Ali , S Sultana, F Ahmed

Leaf Disease Detection using Image Processing [Download]
Karthikeyan N, Anjana M S , Anusha S , Divya R M, Asha Vinod

Design and Experimental Study on Steel Truss Bridge using Splice Connections[Download]
V Ravi sankar and J Umanambi

Study of Solvent Effect on UV-Visible Spectra of a Newly Synthesized Zn(II), Co(II) and Cd(II) Complexes with L-Tryptophan [Download]
Fatimah A. Abdulsayid, HAMAD M. ADRESS HASAN

Etheronic Start Of The Nucleonic And Bionic Structured Elements [Download]
Dénes JOÓ

Fatigue Failure Analysis of Crankshafts-A Review [Download]
Iyasu Tafese Jiregna, Goftila Gudeta Sirata and Fitsum Tadesse Soramo

Policy Model of Disaster Mitigation for Liquefaction Potential in Pagar Alam City-Indonesia [Download]
Olivia Oktorie, Dedi Hermon, Eri Barlian, Indang Dewata, Iswandi Umar

Furture Job Trend in Design [Download]
Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman

Quick review of urethral diseases [Download]
Alena Findrik Balogová, Marianna Trebuňová, Zuzana Kováčová, Radovan Hudák, Jozef zivcak

Possibilities of an artificial urethra reconstruction [Download]
Alena Findrik Balogová, Marianna Trebuňová, Radovan Hudák, Jozef zivcak

Control of Membrane Desalination Plant [Download]
Z. E .Hamad, G.A.Gasmelseed, I.S.Almutaz

Contribution of bone scintigraphy in the diagnosis of a solitary femoral bone metastasis in a case in the nuclear medicine department of the General Hospital Idrissa Pouye (HOGIP) in Dakar. [Download]
Bathily EAL, Djigo MS , Diop O , Ndong B , Kokou A , Thiaw G, Gueye K , Mbaye G, Diouf LAD, Soumboundou M, Djiboune AR,Sy PM, Ndoye O, Diarra M, Mbodj M.

Estimation by mathematical formulas of the biological attenuation thicknesses from 18F-FDG PET-CT images [Download]
Bathily EAL, Meyer C, Besson F, Forbes A, Diop O, Ndong B, Djigo MS, Adambounou K, Thiaw Gora, Mbaye G, Diouf LAD, Sy PM, Djiboune AR, , Gueye K, Grimon G, Vaylet C D, Ndoye O, Diarra M, Mbodj M, Durand Emmanuel.

The Disposal of Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) and Construction Waste with Use them in Cement Brick Manufacture for Environmental Cleanliness and Protection [Download]
E. A. Basha, Mohamed A. Saleh, Mohamed Al-ghedwi, Abdullah E. Basha

An Ergonomic Study to Evaluate Specific Work-Related Tasks of Chefs in Commercial Kitchens [Download]
Zoya Ovias and Roopa Rao