Volume 7 - Issue 6**

Geostatistical Modeling Using Open Source R Software[Download]
IGN Mindra Jaya, Neneng Sunengsih

Groundwater Table and Salinity Zone Mapping In the Coastal Areas of Padang[Download]
Mulya Gusman, Adree Octova, Yoszi Mingsi Anaperta, Bustari Muchtar, Nurhasan Syah, Dedi Hermon

Abatement of Cr(VI) From Aqueous Solution Using Cheap Biosorbent Sawdust[Download]
Kishor Kumar Singh

Conceptual Studies on Aircraft Roll Using Jets of Air[Download]
V Yamini Anoosha, Shashankh S, Amol, Krishna Murthy, M Adarsh

Management Model for Coastal Areas Threatened by Abrasion Community based in the Pariaman City West Sumatera Province, Indonesia[Download]
Haryani, Agus Irianto, Nurhasan Syah, Eri Barlian

Numerical study on heat and mass transfers on a CEB (compressed earth blocks) wall in a sahelian context.[Download]
Sayouba Kabre, Marcel Bawindsom Kébré, François Ouédraogo, Bétaboalé Naon, Zacharie Koalaga, François Zougmoré

End-of-Life Determination of Hybrid Energy Storage System on Peak Shaving and Solar Power Regulated Application[Download]
Praphun Pikultong, Somchai Jiajitsawat, Thanet Vilasmongkolchai

Non Pneumatic Tyre design with Honeycomb spoke structure[Download]
Raj Abhishek, Anoop Kumar

The change of light speed due to transformation from micro to macro space[Download]
Mohamed Farah Idris,Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla,Shawgy Hessain Abdulla,Mashair Ahmed Mohammed Yousif , Mohamed Idriss

Food and Nutrition as natural immune-boosters: An Elaborative Review[Download]
Areeba Fatima, Harshitha Chennupati, Priyanka Aduri

Design of A Grid Connected PV System via PV*SOL Software[Download]
Luu Ngoc An, Tran Thi Minh Dung

Novel Coronavirus Disease: A Review[Download]
Vidhi Jain, Manish Jain, Simranjeet Singh Saluja, Manmeet Singh Saluja, Varunesh Chaturvedi, Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Mukim

Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Based Classification Algorithms for Sentiment Analysis[Download]
Tekendra Nath Yogi, Nawaraj Paudel

Management of trunk borer in Khasi Mandarin[Download]
Bhaskarjyoti Sarma, R. K. Nath, M. Choudhury, H. Ojah, P. Ahmed and R. Sarma

Effect of Palladium Doping of Photocatalytic activity of Nanostructured CdS[Download]
M.J. Pawar , A.D. Ingale, V.B. Nimbalkar, A.D. Khajone

Political Participation Of Women In Punjab[Download]
Jyoti, Dr. P. DurgaRao

SMS Spam Detection[Download]
Sheeba Selvapattu, Mrs. Pallavi V Patil

A simple and low-cost route to homogenize CdS nanospheres for thin films applications[Download]
Laura A. Reyes-Verdugo, Carlos Villa-Angulo

Cooling Cap- A Novel Approach Used In The Treatment Of Chemotherapy Induced Alopecia[Download]
P.Ramya, P.Kezia kereen and Surnila Teja sai

Corporate Financial Reporting Implications in the Wake of Covid-19[Download]
Dr. Debdas Rakshit and Ananya Paul

Mobile Agents Model For Online Booking In A Distributed Environment.[Download]
Afolabi Oluranti , Ibochi Andrew Abah, Abah Sunday Ochepo

Veselyi Kut Village Territory Investigation For Heavy Metals Content In The Soil And For Water Chemical Composition[Download]
S.M. Kirienko, S.M. Panova