Volume 7 - Issue 7**

Maximal Strong Independent Functions[Download]
Dr. M. Kavitha

Role Of Pimavanserin In Psychosis Treatment[Download]
Gurwinder Pal , R B Bodla, Shabana

Modeling and Forecasting of the Temperature in Bandung, Indonesia: The Next Ten Years[Download]
IGN Mindra Jaya, Anna Chadidjah

A novel biodegradable system based on the art nanotechnology combined with the statistical design in saline habitats[Download]
EmanBarkat1, Dunja-Manal M. Abou-Zeid2 and Soraya A. Sabry2

Pill Reminder and Prescription Digitalization Application Using PHP and Android[Download]
Juan P Saju, Diya K Mangalakadan, Cinu KJ

Impact of Service Quality on Mobile Broadband Service on Consumers: A Case for Developing Economies[Download]
Abel Yeboah-Ofori, Nana Kwamena Aduhene

Traffic Sign Detection Using CNN[Download]
Dr. Vijaykumar S. Bidve, Anula Bhole, Mrunalini Temgire, Sneha Wagh, Bhakti Toraskar

2019-nCoV Twitter big data to aid worldwide emergency response: Case study on US tweets[Download]
Koffka Khan, Emilie Ramsahai

ITRACONAZOLE: Potent Anti-Cancer Agent[Download]
Gulshan Nath, Dr. Sharad Wakode

Pharmacosomes: A Novel Vesicular Drug Delivery System[Download]
Deep Pathak, Dr.Satish Manchanda

In-Silico Analysis of Silk Serpin-2 Protein from Arachnocampa richardsae.[Download]
Amit Chougale, Shivani Mantri, Sneha Kagale, Shruti Vedante

Design and control of speodu binary fractionation column[Download]
R.S.Hassan, Mahasin. B.E, G.A.Gasmelseed

Manufacturing Automation Technologies and Processes Currently Employed by Pharmaceutical Industries[Download]
Ravindra Thamma, E. Daniel Kirby, Daniel Stachelek, David Lunt

Method Development and Validation of Enalapril Maleate and Hydrochlorthiazide by RP-HPLC[Download]
R Anusha Sugandhar

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): A review[Download]
Aanchal Arora, Amrita Parle

Marble Waste Management for Protection of Ecology and Environment[Download]
Deepti Mehta, Dr. Deepak Paliwal, Dr. Vijayendra Singh Sankhla

Biosynthesis of Green Silver Nanoparticles and Its UV-Vis Characterization[Download]
Amra Bratovcic

Diabetes Mellitus and Treatment of T2DM with SGLT-2 Inhibitor and DPP-4 Inhibitor in a Combined Tablet Dosage Form[Download]
Tayal Deepak, Bajaj Sakshi

Evaluation Of Phytochemical And Nutritional Potential Of Okra (Albelmoschus Esculentus) Leaves In Maiha Adamawa State, Nigeria[Download]
Ezekial Tagwi Williams, Polycarp Ndafte and Nachansa’a Timothy

The Role Of Cyberloafing Mediation On The Influence Of Role Conflict And Role Ambiguity On Performance[Download]
Isna Laely Rahmah, Siti Nurmayanti, Surati

Tourist Relationship Management (TRM), Tourist Satisfaction and Tourist Trust In Forming Tourist Advocacy Behavior after the Lombok Earthquake[Download]
Khalid, Handry Sudiartha Athar, Lalu Edy Herman Mulyono

Role of the Brand Trust as Mediation between Brand Image and Purchase Intention VCO Lombok Products[Download]
Nani Triana Cahyani, Dwi Putra Buana Sakti, Handry Sudiartha Athar

Efficacy of functionalized tri-calcium phosphate containing fluoride varnish for enamel remineralization after exposure to pH cycling regimen[Download]
Shaymaa M. Nagi , Ali Abdelnabi , Shahinaz N. Hassan

Phytochemical, Elemental, Proximate And Anti- Nitrients Composition Of Irish Potato (Solanum Tuberosum) Obtained In Kwaja, Mubi Sourth Local Government Area Of Adamawa State[Download]
Ezekiel Tagwi Williams, Nuhu Njamba Danladi and Nachana’a Timothy,

Pharmaceuticals In The Water Supply[Download]
Rajendra Kumar, Dr. P.K. Sahoo, Deep Pathak, Dr. Satish Manchanda

A study to Findout The Effect Of Diaphragmatic Breathing On Lung Function In Individuals With Allergic Rhinitis.[Download]
Mahitha Boddu, Sampath baireddy

Prediction of students’ performance Using A combinational classifiers[Download]
Dr. Yasir Mohamed Ahamed, Dr. Fatima Dafallah Mohammed Elhassan

Optimization of Spray Drying Condition for Production of Aloe Vera and Sugarcane Juice Flavoured With Cocoa[Download]
Jeyanth Allwin, Aishwariya, Anbukkani, Reginold Jebitta, Ashiq Ushama, Dinesh kumar, Sundara Moorthy,

White over Black - White coal-Finer than Black coal[Download]
Tuhina Chatterjee.

An Analysis of Classification Algorithms for Nepali News[Download]
Kamal Acharya, Subarna Shakya

Latest Treatment and Management Strategies for the Management of Parkinson Disease[Download]
Kavita Meena, Meenakshi K. Chauhan

Herbal Kajal/Kohl: An Overview[Download]
Sweta Roy, Bhag Chand

The Stieltjes Moment Problem Related to the Hamberger Problem[Download]
G. K. Sanap

Efficient Lane Reversals for Prioritized Maximum Flow[Download]
Urmila Pyakurel, Sachin Wagle, Mohan Chandra Adhikari

The Influence Of Transformational Leadership On Behavior Organizational Citizenship With Organizational Commitments As A Variable Of Mediation In The General Election Commissioners West Nusa Tenggara Province[Download]
Suhardi Soud, Surati, Sri Wahyulina

Expectations of High Currency Redenomination in Commercial Banks Transaction Cost of Nigeria[Download]
Hassana Aliyu Mohammed

Mortality analysis of Paracocuccus marginatus against Calotropis gigantean and Curcuma nilgherrensis[Download]
G.Manjula, T.Chitra, S.Uthirasamy

The Effect Of Compensation, Work Discipline, And Organizational Commitment On The Performance Of Honorary Teachers (Study Of Honorary Teachers In Elementary Schools In The West Sakra Sub-District Of West Nusa Tenggara)[Download]
Romi Oriza, Hermanto, Lalu M. Furkan

A Review on Cyclodextrins[Download]
Rashmi Kumari, Hanuman prasad sharma, Bhagchand

Effect of Grade of Concrete in Shear Strength of Exterior Beam Column Joint of Reinforced Concrete Building[Download]
Alok Krishnan, Dr.G.D Ramtekkar

A review on ethosomes[Download]
Sandeep kumar, Rashmi Kumari, Dr. Satish manchanda

Performance evaluation of copper coated Aluminum electrodes in EDM process[Download]
Prabhakar Reddy.P,Akhilesh.K, Manideep.G, Sai Krishna.P

Keratinophilic Fungi Distribution, Pathogenicity and Biotechnological Potential[Download]
Dr. Archana Mishra , Dr.R.K.S. Kushwaha

Pedagogical Stakes of Evaluation Practices According to the Competency-Based Approach: the Case of Physics and Chemistry Teaching in Secondary Schools in Morocco[Download]
Chaibia. Srour, Imane. El-Kababi, Azzeddine. Atibi3, Khadija. El-Kababi, Mohamed. Radid