Volume 7 - Issue 8

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Stress, Aggressive Behavior and Coping Strategies Adopted By Adolescents[Download]
Dr. Amandeep Kaur Bajwa and Shruti.Sharma

Spatial Distribution Of Mortality Rate Of Under-Five Child In Bandung City, Indonesia[Download]
IGN Mindra Jaya, Neneng Sunengsih

Handling Project Stakeholders to achieve Project Success: A Case of Selected Projects in Chipata District, Zambia[Download]
Dr. Sunday Silungwe,

A Short-Range Radar System Using Arduino [Download]
Mohamed Naji Muftah, Ismail Saad Ali and Abdalghani OmarAbdalla

Effect of Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters on Tensile Properties and Microstructure of Aluminium 6061 and Pure Copper [Download]
Harish Akarapu, Sairam prasad B, Rajkumar B

Prediction of User’s Trust on Social Media Content in Nepal[Download]
Isma Pokharel, Nawaraj Paudel

The Impact of Warehouse Automation in Amazon’s Success[Download]
Joshua Laber, Ravindra Thamma, E. Daniel Kirby

Quantum Efficiency Dependence on the Thickness and Number of QWs in p-i(MQW)-n CdS/CdTe Solar Cells[Download]
Graciela Z. Arvizu-Ocejo, Carlos Villa-Angulo, Rogelio A. Ramos-Irigoyen, Rafael Villa-Angulo and Iván O. Hernández-Fuentes

Monitoring and Controlling Temperature Sensors by Wireless Network Using NRF24L01[Download]
Abdalghani Omar Abdalla , Abdulgader Z. Abdalla , Mohamed Naji Muftah, Mohamed S. Alsahulli

Katuvua And Environmental Conservation Efforts By Tokaili Community In Central Sulawesi Indonesia[Download]
Zanal siradjuddin

Design And Development Of A Turbine Flowmeter Using A DC Generator[Download]
Aboajela Kajaman, Saifaldin Dangou, Ahmed Hassan

System Guidance -- Financial Intermediation -- Innovation Diffusion, A Framework Of Chinese Innovation Policy Tool[Download]
Lihui Xiang, Jake J. Wen, Lijian Zhang

Mathematical Model For Cost Effective Solar Desalination Unit[Download]
Jairam Motlani,

A Review: Brain Targeted Drug Delivary System[Download]
Akshay S. Bhambre, Swapnil A. Mundhe, Kiran C. Rodge

Green Coffee In Pharmaceutical Industry: A Boon To Mankind[Download]
Bhargavi Singh, Dr. R.B. Bodla, Ashish Kumar, Monika Khatri

Cosmic Evolution – Another Approach: Spherical-Toroidal Dynamic Duality In Higher Dimensions[Download]
Dénes Joó,

Food Waste Management At Kit’S College Of Engineering, Kolhapur[Download]
G. D. Mali, D. S. Mali

Hormonal Differentiation And Plantlet Regeneration From Stem Node Explants Of Cucurbita Maxima (L). A Vegetable Crop Plant.[Download]
Mandaloju Venkateshwarlu

Treatment Of Vinasse And Sugar Cane Waste Water[Download]
Ahmed ,O. Y, Gasmeleed ,G .A . Ali ,M .M

A Conservative Approach For Unicystic Ameloblastoma : A Case Series[Download]
Dr. Kavita Wadde, Dr. Sandip Rathod,

The Influence Of Consumer Internal Factors On The Purchase Decision Of Gramoxone Brand Pesticides In The West Sakra Sub-District[Download]
Fathurrahman1, H. Budi Santoso2, Handry Sudiartha Athar3

The Effects Of Workplace Spirituality On Employee Engagement And Organizational Citizenship Behavior[Download]
Kilep Mariani1, Thatok Asmony2, Siti Nurmayanti3

Effect Of Work-Family Conflict Against Employee Organization Commitment And Performance[Download]
Lutfi Saufi Al Idrus1, Lalu Suparman2, Sri Wahyulina3

Effect Of Brand Prestige On Improvement Of Brand Image: The Role Of Attitude Toward Counterfeit Mediation[Download]
Roy Prabantoro, B. Handayani Rinuastuti, Lalu Edy Herman

Influence Of Soil Texture And Equilibrating Potassium Phosphate On K+ Equilibrium Concentration And Buffer Power[Download]
Khlaled Shaheen, Abdulbari Billaed