Volume 7 - Issue 9**

Studies on AV,PV,SV,EV and P-anisidine Values of different brands of Mustard Oils using Before and After Frying [Download]
Dr.Shashikant Pardeshi

Female Condom Use Among Sexually Active Women In Selected Townships In Chipata District, Zambia[Download]
Dr. Sunday Silungwe

Green Synthesis of Cubosomes[Download]
Patnala Ramya, Garlapati Sneha Reddy, D. Lakshman kumar, Ruhie Afshan, R.Anusha Sugandhar

Comparative Study on the Phytochemical and Mineral Composition Cucumis Sativus L. AND Cucumis Anguria L. (CUCUMBERS) From UBA.[Download]
Ezekiel Tagwi Williams,Sani Maneke, and Nachana’a Timothy

Assessment of Post Expansion Impacts of Maruba Dam in Machakos County; A Case Study of Miwani Estate in Machakos Town[Download]
Joseph K. Ngari, Prof. Ezekiel Nyangeri Nyanchaga, Dr. Zablon I. Oonge

Boundedness of Two Dimensional Fourier-Laplace Transform and Fourier-Finite Mellin Transform And its Applications[Download]
A. N. Rangari and V. D. Sharma

Employee Attrition Prediction System[Download]
Prof. Shital Kakad, Rucha Kadam, Pratiksha Deshpande, Shruti Karde, Rushabh Lalwanie

On The Optimality of Inventory Production Model with Finite Production Rate under Stock Dependent Demand[Download]
Janardan Behera, Sudhir Kumar Sahu

Content Management Systems to Development E-Commerce Websites: OpenCart Case Study[Download]
Mustafa M. Aboali, Khadija F. O. Algeitta and Taqwa. M. Almadani

Difficulties Encountered by English as a Second Language Learners in Using Stress and Intonation: A study based on Higher National Diploma in English (HNDE) students of Advanced Technological Institute (ATI), Trincomalee, Sri Lanka[Download]
Dr. Niruba Sarath Jayasundara and Abdul Halik Abdul Farook

Determination of Gross Organic and Micro-biological Content of Wastewater Drains from vicinity of Cement and Gas associated Activities, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.[Download]
Iyama, William Azuka; Egbunefu Chukwudi Omeni and Owonaro, Jennifer

Local Application of Plug-Flow Biogas Digesters Using LDPE Material for Livestock Households in Vietnam[Download]
Vu Thi Anh Tho, Pham Van Duy and Le Thanh Doanh

The Role of the Internet of Things to Enhance the Medical and Health Fields[Download]
Mokhtar Shouran, Jabir Massoud

Soil vulnerability to water erosion in the Baobolong catchment area (central-western Senegal): Remote sensing and GIS (Geographic Information System) approach[Download]
Landing Biaye, Fary Diome, Dome Tine, Djibril Tine

Studies On Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Concerning Control Of Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infections In Parts Of Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria[Download]
Oguh, E. M., Nzenwa, P. O., Ajero, C.M.U., Ukaga, C. N., Obasi, C.C., Edward, U.C. and Okwodu, N.E

The Realisation of Inclusive Democracy in a Neo-liberal India[Download]
Dr. Manas Behera

Comparative analysis of the bilateral quadrilateral and constant strain triangle element meshing of a square plate using finite element method[Download]
Farhan Ahmad; U.K.Dewangan

The Role Of Convalescent Sera Against Coronavirus Diseases[Download]
Soumitra Sahana,Indrajit Samanta, Indranil Chatterjee, Suman Kumar Nath, Rajeswar Das, Snehansu Biswas, Sanchari Chatterjee, Anagh Mukherjee

Synthesis and Characterization of Pure and Cu Doped CdO-TiO2 Nanostructures for Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine-B under Visible Light[Download]
C. Bhagya lakshmi, S. Anna venus, S. Velanganni , C. Neela Mohan

Investigating Training Of Life Skills On Achievement In Science[Download]
Dr. R. Muthulakshmi

The influence of of nicotinic acid on the growth of A. clavatus- 24 on the production of critic acid by submerged fermentation[Download]
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh

**Remaining Papers are in progress