Volume 8 - Issue 4

The Factors that Influence the Demand for Used Clothing in the City of Tabanan, Bali [Download]
Devi Nur Kholifah, Putu Ayu Pramitha Purwanti

The Effect Of Usd Exchange Rate, Inflation And Economic Growth On The Value Of Indonesian Tobacco Exports In 2014-2019 [Download]
Christover Harry Siagian, Anak Agung Bagus Putu Widanta

Physicochemical Properties and Lipid Profile of Two Varieties of Raw and Parboiled Cameroonian Ndop Rice (Oryza sativa) Bran Oil: Effect of Oven Drying of the Bran on the Oil Chemical Properties and Oil Yields[Download]
PAchidi Aduni Ufuan, Tiencheu Bernard, Mbah Anna Fehnui, Tenyang Noel, Tiepma Ngongang Eurydice Flore, Feumba Dibanda Romelle, Tonfack Djikeng Fabrice

Profitability of Indian Scheduled Commercial Banks[Download]
Prabhakar Pal, Pooja Patel, Rohit Yadav, Shweta Vishwakarma

Promotion of Kindergarten Leader Professional Position Based on Management Ability Development[Download]
Yuanyuan Xia, Jialong Shen and Dongxu Qu

Reproduction of frog (Hylarana albolabris,Hallowell 1856) from Banco National Park (Ivory Coast)[Download]
Beh Romaric Konaté, Blayda Tohé and Phoebé Son

Future aspects of organic foods which enhance the human health status[Download]
Mamta Rathore, Pooja Singh, Ashish Srivastava, and H.G. Prakash

A study on quality analysis, value-added processing and waste utlization of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.)[Download]
Pooja Singh, Setu Kumar, and H. G. Prakash

Banking Technology and Service Quality in Public Sector Banks of Tamilnadu: An Assessment[Download]
Palavalasa Sai Kamalakar Rao Dr.A.Ruksana Banu A. Abdul Raheem

The Interferon And Its Functions; Mathematical Modeling[Download]
Ruiz A, Leão L M, Oliveira K, Fernandes N, Sánchez S, Fernández A, Ruiz A I.

A Study On Factors Influencing Foreign Aided Drinking Water Project With Special Reference To Japan Drinking Water Scheme[Download]
Ms. SonaScaria , Ms. Seethalekshmy.C

Parthenogenesis as an alternative mode of reproduction in the Metastriate ticks Rhipicephalus appendiculatus and Rhipicephalus zambeziensis (Acari: Ixodidae).[Download]
Abdou Khadre FALL

Statistical Model of Role of Communication to Advertising the Trade Mark and Admission of a University in Thai Nguyen City[Download]
Thi Hue Tran, Thi Quynh Nhung Ngo

Panchakarma In The Management Of Childhood Sickle Cell Anemia[Download]
Dr. Akriti Gupta Dr. Swapnil C Raskar , Dr. Aboli Patil, Dr. Vishal Prajapati

Pharmaceutical Analysis of ASHWAGANDHADI AVALEH: An Ayurved Formulation for Malnutrition[Download]
Dr.Lakshmi Devi chauhan, Dr. Aboli Patil, Dr. Swapnil C.Raskar

Communication, Youth Empowerment And Development[Download]
Dr. Antoine KOUAKOU

Comparative Performance Analysis of Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Gastrointestinal Polyp Image Segmentation[Download]
Syed Qamrun Nisa and Amelia Ritahani Ismail

Why Two Genuine Signatures are never Identical in Practice: Evidence and Scientific Explanation[Download]
Pàvlos Kipouràs, Christos Kosmidis, Dimitrios E. Skarpalezos

Infertility –Remedies Based On Vedic Astrology[Download]
Vedavathi Suguru, Kamalakara Sharma Sagi

Ten Years of Live Video Streaming Experience in Kenya[Download]
Jason Githeko

Current state of affairs for West Nile Virus: Review[Download]
Moses W. Sichangi,

Optimising the Mobile Cab Rental System App using Particle Swarm Algorithm[Download]
Swathi Rao S, Krishna Mohan Rao

Principles of Continuous Risk Monitoring of Body Composition, Insulin Resistance, Endothelial Dysfunction and Nutrition to Improve General Health and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer[Download]
Zsolt Ori, MD, MS, FACP and Ilona Ori, JD

On the Partial Least Square Regression Modeling to Collinear Regressors: Contribution of Transportation Sector to Nigeria Economic Growth[Download]
Ogunnusi, O. Nurudeen, Ojo, G. Olugbenga and Sikiru, O. Abdulwasiu

Poverty and Deprivation: Study of a most impoverished population for better management of resources[Download]
Masood Ahmed

A modified model for the allocation of general industrial costs in the light of the agency alliances theory and moral hazard - A theoretical and practical study[Download]
Mohamed M. Elgibaly

Application Of Heat-Pump Drying Technology To Dry Longan Flesh With High Quality And Energy Efficiency[Download]
Duy Pham Van, Hanh Pham Thi, Huong Nguyen Viet, Tu Le Tat

Experimental Investigations On Heat Transfer And Friction Factor Of Hybrid Nanofliud Equipped With Angular Twisted Strip Inserts In A Parabolic Trough Solar Collector Under Turbulent Flow[Download]
R.Vasanthi, G.Jaya Chandra reddy

Positioning of Shear Wall In L- Shaped Unsymmetrical Building on The Sloping Ground.[Download]
Sagar D. Parbat, Dr. A. M. Badar and Prof. S.R. Satone

The role of the Social Media in the Social responsibility: Sociological Perspective[Download]
Dr. Madesha A

Plant Disease Detection Using TensorFlow[Download]
S.B. Chaudhari, Vaibhav Wagaskar, Mohseen Shaikh , Vijay Shirsath, Onkar Shelke

Multi-hop Sub-clustering Approach for Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
Sanchith, Prof. DR. Suchithra R

Pharmaceutical Analysis of Aparajit Avaleha: An Ayurved Formulation for Vataja Kasa (dry cough)[Download]
Dr. Anshul baloda, Dr. Aboli patil, Dr. Swapnil cr, Dr. Vikram singh

Pharmaceutical Analysis of HaridradiAvaleha: An Ayurved Formulation for Bronchial Asthma[Download]
DR. Rimpi Majumder , DR. Aboli Patil, DR. Swapnill raskar

Healthy Dietray Habits (Aharvidhi) In Childhood For Longevity- An Ayurveda Review Through Kashyapa Samhita[Download]
Dr. Shallu Sharma, Dr. Swapnil Raskar, Dr. Aboli Patil, Dr. Sudhir Pani

In Silico designing, QSAR analysis and receptor –ligand interaction studies of some potential IRAK4 inhibitors[Download]
Dowluru SVGK Kaladhar, Bishakha Patel

Impact of online education on teaching and learning during COVID-19 pandemic : Challenges and Experiences[Download]
Dharanendra Prabhu U., Chidanandappa S and Manjunatha B

Evaluation of Cyanide and Heavy Metal Absorption from Cassava Processing Waste Water by Pumpkin Leaf[Download]
Orua Antia, William Olosunde and Ubong Assian

The Effect of Unemployment Rate, Education Level, and Economic Growth Rate on Poverty Levels in districts / cities in Bali Province[Download]
Dewa Ayu Sri Astari, Made Suyana Utama

Extreme Rainfall Analyzing In The Departments Of Zou And Collines (Central Part Of Benin Republic)[Download]
Eteka I.J., Tossou e. G., Kodja D. J. ; Totin H, Vissin W.E.

Development Of Automatic Controller For Solar Operated Light[Download]
Mr. A.S.Kamble , Er. R. M. Dharaskar, Dr.K.G.Dhande, Dr.P.R.Kolhe, Er.N. B. Mirajkar