Volume 8 - Issue 6

Human Heart Disease Prediction System using Enhanced Decision Tree Algorithm in Data Mining[Download]
Er.. Pooja Verma, Er. Parminder Singh

Impact of Bursary Scheme on Girls’ Transition from Public Secondary Schools to Tertiary Education in Lilongwe, Malawi.[Download]
Dr. Chrine Hapompwe, Jacqueline Siwale, Nomsa Mkandawire Taulo

El-Eshar (Calotropis Procrea)Fibers Combined With Gelatin as Edible Coating for Strawberries[Download]
S.R. Mostafa, M.A. Sorour and F.I. Barakat

Performance Appraisal System In Research And Developmental (R & D) Libraries Of Karnataka State: A Study[Download]
Dr. Rajashekara G.R.

The Effect of Financial Inclusion, Investment, and Capital Expenditure on Inequality in Income Distribution and Community Welfare in Regencies/Cities in Bali Province[Download]
Bayu Yogi Wedananta, Ida Bagus Putu Purbadharmaja

The Impact of Levels Gender Equality and Justice on Provincial Economic Growth in Indonesia.[Download]
Vina Syarifan Nisak, I Nyoman Mahaendra Yasa

Time Allocation And Income Of Elderly Women In The Informal Sector In Pemecutan Sub-District, Denpasar Barat District[Download]
Vini Arifan Nisak, I Gusti Wayan Murjana Yasa

The Effect Of Capital, Raw Materials, Work Experience On Income Through The Production Of Arak Crawings In Tri Eka Buana Village, Sidemen District, Karangasem Regency[Download]
Ni Kadek Ayu Artiningsih , Ida Bagus Putu Purbadharmaja

Smart Vehicle Parking System Using Internet Of Things[Download]
Addisu Alemu, R. Sukumar

The Effect Of Education And Types Of Work On Poor Households Income And Consumtion In Buleleng District, Bali, Indonesia[Download]
Gusti Ayu Putu Krisnayanti , Putu Ayu Pramitha Purwanti

Derivations of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sub-Implicative Ideals of BCK – Algebras[Download]
V. Jaya Sree and B. Satyanarayana

Determining Building Sustainability using BIM applications: Review[Download]
Asser El Shiekh, John Barsoum

A Novel Validated HPTLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Ascorbic acid and Quercetin as Biomarkers in Amalth Guava Leaf Extract Capsules[Download]
Suganthi A, Neethu Johnson and T. K. Ravi

Data Representation Of Motor Vehicle Accidents For Fiscal Year 2016-2020 In Municipality Of Aurora: Basis For Local Government Unit Intervention Program[Download]
Delmer A. Mondido, Delmer A. Mondido, Johana J. Abdula, Leo C. Naparota, Paulino R.Tagaylo, Jean Benedicto Pauyon

Control of Standalone Wind energy conversion system using Pitch control Technique[Download]
M Thirupathaiah

Impact of COVID 19 on production and productivity of Kerala agriculture sector[Download]
Dr. PK Muthukumar, Salini. R,

The Effect of the Number of Tourist Visits, the Role of the Government, and Local Own Revenue (LOR) on the Economic Growth of the Regency/City of Bali Province[Download]
Mirda Talia Silitonga, Ida Bagus Purbadharmaja

Higher Education and Muslim Women in Kerala[Download]
Dr. Shajila beevi.S

Impact of Educational inclusive Programmes for Transgenders in Kerala[Download]
Kumaradhas J.P, Dr. P.K. Muthukumar

Intrusion Detection System[Download]
Ankur, Anuj Kumar, Aryan Chaudhary, Raghuraj Singh

Impact of Covid19 on purchasing decisions of consumers[Download]
Shabhnam, Ashish Kumar

Preparation, spectroscopic investigation of some Tryptophan complexes and their biological activity on the powdery mildew disease[Download]
Younis A. Bader, Fatimah A. Abdulsayid, Hamad M. Adress Hasan

Recent advances in root stock management in sub-tropical and temperate fruit crops[Download]
Anwarulhaq Zerak, Dr. D. K. Varu and Rohullah Niazi

Theoretical Postulates of Ram Ahuja on Crime against Women and its Implications on Reported cases of Scheduled Tribe Women in Kerala[Download]
Salini. R, Dr. PK Muthukumar

Engineering Education in the 21st Century: Understanding Curricular Aspects and Teaching- Learning Practices[Download]
Sameer Babu M, Arunima Anil

Drug Utilisation Study for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital[Download]
Usha Sree P, Vishal Bhargava

School Heads’ Educational Leadership Practice and Teachers’ Performance : The Case of Omar District, Division of Sulu, Philippines[Download]
Norman A. Abdurahman and Jul-Aspi K. Omar

Representatives of the some diagnostic agglutinated foraminiferal genera of the Suborder Verneuilinina (Plectina, Gaudryina, Siphogaudryina, Verneuilina) in the Southern Tethys[Download]
Haidar Salim ANAN

Rainfall Accuracy Prediction Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network And Artificial Neural Network[Download]
Aditya Chavan, Mithilesh Honnavarkar, Manisha Kolekar and Sambhaji Dhavane

Digitization of Inked Fingerprints[Download]
Supriya Balkrishna Palve, Dr. Ameya K. Naik, Prof.Nitin Nagori

Population Abundance and Distribution of Xiphinema sp. Cobb, 1913 in relation to Soil abiotic factor in mulberry field at Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.[Download]
Avhad Sunil. B, Hiware Chandrashekhar. J

Study on the influence due to the oscillation frequency of the blade of the Large Steam Turbine[Download]
Son Bui.H

Person Identification Using Latent Face Images[Download]
Sayali S. Avhad, Dr. Ameya K. Naik, Dr. Kiran Ajetrao

A 2-Way Radial Power Combiner[Download]
Komal Shantaram Parab, Prof. Dipak Kulkarni

Advanced E – Care Pharmacy System[Download]
Apurv Gulati, Abhishek Garg, Alok Sharma

Geospatial Framework For Erosion Zone Identification On Geospatial Cloud Computing[Download]
Sumana Mandal

Appraising Reverberations of Resistance to Change[Download]
Dr. K C Prashanth, Dr. Veena M

Examination of Auto Scaling Parameter Setting Method for Safety Information Systems[Download]
Takahiro Koita and Yu Iguchi

Research And Academic Writing Needs: The Case Of Msu-Sulu Graduate School Students[Download]
Norman A. Abdurahman, Abubakar J. Radjuni

Predicting Customer Preferences In Physical Stores[Download]
Akhil Krishna Alapati, Duggina Sai Chaitanya

Gain Enhancement of Microstrip Antenna By The Insertion of Air Gap Between Layers[Download]
Anirban Bhattacharya, Saptarsika Das

Nanoemulsion: Food quality and safety in meat and vegetable products[Download]
Rosa Huaraca Aparco, María Del Carmen Delgado Laime, Fidelia Tapia Tadeo, Fredy Taípe Pardo

Natural Methods of Dealing Diabetes Among Urban Homemakers[Download]
Geethu K.C, Dr. Susan Cherian and Dr. Annie Cherian

Conceptual Design of a 7 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Manipulator for Martian Applications[Download]
Daksh Jain, Vanshaj Malhotra, Ishan Mishra

Phylogenetic Analysis Of Vicilin Protein[Download]
Sourabh Pujari, Guruprasad Bhandwale , Shantanu Deshpande, Vivek Mali

Examining the Underlying Variables of Faculty Professional Advancement in State Colleges and Universities in Southern Philippines[Download]
Norman A. Abdurahman, Ed.D

Stability Indicating UV Spectrophotometric Method For The Estimation Of Venlafaxine Hydrochloride In Commercial Dosage Formulations[Download]
Dr.K. Bhavyasri, Maimuna Begum, and Dr. Mogili. Sumakanth

Effect of Moringa oliefera Seed cake on Microbial Contamination of Drinking Water of Some Darfur’s Displaced People’s Camps[Download]
Azza M. Khalid, Ahmed Ali Mahdi

The Influence Of Tax Avoidance And Dividend Policy On Company Value With Profitability As A Moderating Variable In Manufacturing Companies In Multiple Industry Sectors Listed On IDX From 2017 To 2019[Download]
Andy Pebriyarto, Hermanto, Siti Aisyah Hidayati

Potential Culinary Tourism In Lombok Island[Download]
Baiq Dinari Larashati, Akhmad Saufi, Lalu M. Furkan

The Effect Of Work-Family Conflict And Family-Work Conflict On Work Stress During The Covid-19 Pandemic (Empirical Study Of Women Civil Servants In Central Lombok Regency)[Download]
Baiq Mentari D'La Rinjani, Siti Nurmayanti, Hermanto

The Effect Of Compensation On Job Satisfaction And Employees Performance At Tvri Station West Nusa Tenggara[Download]
Clara Nelti Fatia Walewangko, Agusdin, Akhmad Saufi

Role Of Organizational Commitment In Mediating Effect Of Work Satisfaction On Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (Ocb) Of Personnel At The Police Criminal Investigation Unit[Download]
Dhafid Shiddiq, Agusdin, Hermanto

The Effect Of Transformational Leadership And Organizational Communication On Knowledge Sharings In Hotel Aston Inn Mataram[Download]
Nanda Revita, Hermanto, Akhmad Saufi

Towards The Efficiency Of The Ratio Estimator For Population Median In Survey Sampling[Download]
Matthew Joshua Iseh,

Academic Freedom From Islamic And Western Perspectives: Evidence From State Universities And Colleges In Sulu[Download]
Amilbahar I. Julpatiri

Anatomy Of Violence In Southern Philppines: Its Impact On Educational Reforms[Download]
Nagder J. Abdurahman

Analysis of Software defined Networking (SDN) based Firewall[Download]
Siddhesh Dashrath Deshmukh, Prof. Nitin Nagori, Prof. Amey Gawde