Volume 09 - Issue 10

Design and Build a Regulated Power Supply to Complete Basic Electronics Practicum Facilities[Download]
Sixtus Iwan Umboh, Prof. Dr. Marianus, M.Si

Contribution to the evaluation of the health situation in the university environment during a pandemic (Covid-19)[Download]
Bouzerara Ramdane, Chaib Rachid, Hammia Khouloud

Generation of prime graphs using some unary graph products on star graphs[Download]
R. Vijayan and K. Rajendran

Using Crime Deterrence to Promote Peace and Justice among Urban Residents: A Study on the Uganda Police in Lira City[Download]
Joseph Okello & Alex Chono-Oryang

Leaching Process in Paste and Mortars Manufactured from Brazilian Cements [Download]
Patrick García Goulart, Raquel Pedroso Días, Ana Carolina Parapinski dos Santos, Juan Renteria Soto, Julio Roberto Betancourt Chávez

Land Use Change Modeling Using Gis and CA-Markov Model, Case Study Of Djibi Basin (Abidjan- Côte D’Ivoire)[Download]
Anzoumanan Kamagaté, Blaise Koffi Yao, Kouakou Koffi Aboudellaziz , Djakaridja Ouafoundanhan Coulibaly

Reduction of IR Detection by Modifying the Exhaust Nozzle[Download]
Prof. Yamini Anoosha, Hemanth N, Sushanth K, Vinay Kumar N, Harush U K, Murali Rajaram

Deep Learning Model to Detect and Track Object[Download]
Anvar Shathik J., Dr. Veerabhadra Babu D

Development of a Secure Preserve E-Voting System Using Private Blockchain Solutions[Download]
Basil Alothman, Chibli Jumaa, Sara Alshammeri and Murad Khan

Delivery X- an Online Delivery System[Download]
Dhruvin Shah, Harsh Shah, Zeel Shah, Ujval Sha, Manisha Chahalh

Synthesis and Characterization of NixAL2(1-x)O4 for Possible Application in Solar Cell[Download]
Mohamed Hamdan Hussin Ahmed, Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla Yagoub, Rawia Abdelgani Elobaid and Ilham Mohamed Kamal Madani, Mohammed Idriss Ahmed