Volume 09 - Issue 11**

Control Of The Content Of Heavy Metals In The Soil With Spectrophotometric Method [Download]
K.A. Kuliev, A.Z.Zalov, S.Q.Aliev, U.B.Abasqulieva

Study on the Role of Ethical Leadership Implementation and Organizational Culture On the Organizational Performance of Regional Apparatus Work Units (SKPD) Within the Regional Government of West Nusa Tenggara Province[Download]
Dr. Mukmin Suryatni,MM, Drs. Lalu Hamdani Husnan.MBA.DBA, Dr. Lalu Suparman,Drs.,MM.

Community Preparedness And Participation In Disaster Risk Management In Highly Flood-Prone Barangays In Davao City, Region Xi, Mindanao, Philippines [Download]
Angelica B. Almacin, John Carlo A. Bangot, Cedy Socarte, Joven O. Casquero, Dr. Joel S. Pardillo

Digital Transformation and Operational Performance of Nigeria’s Financial Sector[Download]
Ugwu Kelechi Enyinna; Awah Stanley; Duru Erasmus. E; Onyeanwu Chidi Christian

Evaluation of Trees Outside Forests in India with special reference to Manipur State: A Review [Download]
Khomdram Monalisha Devi and Potsangbam Kumar Singh

Toward A Personalized Learning System : E-Learning Case[Download]

Study of Structural and Electrical Properties of NixS1-xO2 Compound for Possible Application in Solar Cell[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla Yagoub, Mohamed Hamdan Hussin Ahmed, Ilham Mohamed Kamal Madani, Rawia Abdelgani Elobaid, Mohammed Idriss Ahmed, Saifullah Jamali

Materials Management and Factor-Strategy Cost Minimization Model for Construction Project Delivery[Download]
Echeme, Ibeawuchi Ifeanyi; Odion, CJ. Jonah; Ugwu Kelechi Enyinna; Okwara Ihuoma Deborah

Strength Of Multilayer Polymer Pipe Taking Into Account Change In Physical And Mechanical Properties Of The Material[Download]
Aliyev G.G., Aliyev A.G.

A Review of LNG Vaporization Rate Models for Water Spills[Download]
Emmanuel A. Ezeh and Emeka Okafor

The Effect Of Psychological Well-Being And Work Engagement Towards Organizational Commitment (A Study On Non-Official Government Employees Of The Public Work Office Of East Lombok Regency[Download]
Indar Jaya Kusuma, Hermanto , Mukmin Suryatni

The Effect Of Time Pressure And Social Support On Emotional Exhaustion And Job Satisfaction (Study On Nurses Of Bhayangkara Hospital)[Download]
Ni Kadek Endah Dharmayanti, Mukmin Suryatni, Sri Wahyulina

Effect Of Workload And Organizational Support On Work-Life Balance (Study On Midwives Of Community Health Centers In East Lombok Regency)[Download]
Muhammad Rusdi, Mukmin Suryatni, Hermanto

The Effect Of Leadership And Organizational Culture On Organizational Effectiveness At The Regional Secretariat Of Central Lombok Regency[Download]
Tutut Dwi Hartanti Rahayu, Lalu Suparman, Hermanto

Analysis of IOT Architecture for Healthcare Monitoring[Download]
Amanuel Terefe Tegegn, Prof. Chandrasekhar Shastry

User experience and new forms of interaction[Download]
Gustavo de la Cruz-Martínez, Ana Lilia Laureano-Cruces, Eric Omar Torres-Velasco, Lourdes Sánchez-Guerrero

Visualization through qualitative reasoning: an interactive-interface[Download]
Ana Lilia Laureano-Cruces, Eric Omar Torres-Velasco, Alfredo J. Santillán-González, Lourdes Sánchez-Guerrero

Recognition of Genetic Polymorphism in FABP4 and TG Lipid Metabolism-Related Genes in Egyptian Buffalo[Download]
Sahar Helalia, Aida El makawy, Neama Abo-Bakr, Nagwa Hassan, Mohamed Hassanane