Volume 09 - Issue 02

Enhancing Nutritional Quality Of Biscuits Through Formulation of Jamun Seed Powder[Download]
Pooja Singh, Rashmi Singh, Setu Kumar, Karam Hussain

Correlation between the activation enthalpy of the J-G relaxation and Tg for IGT Chalcogenide Glasses[Download]
Pawan Srivastava, Dinesh Saxena

A Fuzzy Type-2 based Algorithm for Image Morphing Technique to Securing Data Transmission through Virtual Steganography[Download]
Beena Biswas, Dr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari

Soft-Computing based Modeling for Morphological Image Processing and Digital Data Transmission with Computerized Secure Data Hiding Technique[Download]
Beena Biswas, Dr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari

The Effect Of Transformational Leadership, Perceptions Of Organizational Support, And Organizational Commitments On Readiness For Change Of Employees In Local Government Unit North Lombok District[Download]
Laela Sukati, Thatok Asmony, Hermanto

Gender Impact and Barriers Associated with Female Educational and Administrative Promotion Within Higher Education.[Download]
Champa Das

A Biomechanical Analysis of Ilizarov Apparatus with Olive Wire Using Finite Element Method (FEM)[Download]
Namrata Bhokare1, Nilesh Ghongade2

Relationship between motivation towards sports practice, Negative Running Addiction and the risk of suffering from Anorexia Nervosa[Download]
テ]geles Arjona Garrido, Montserrat Monserrat Hernテ。ndez, Juan Carlos Checa Olmos and Darテュo Salguero Garcテュa

Polymeric Hybrid Composite for Energy Storage Applications-A Review[Download]
Namburu Srikanth, Anitha C Kumar

Some Characterization & Beneficiation Methods of Kaolin Ore, Review[Download]
khaled.E.Yassin, Rasha. Amin, Fatma H. Abd EL-Rahiem

Effects of the sub-critical annealing in the microhardness and grain size of the AISI 12L14 steel[Download]
Dante Jesus Cajero-Medina, Jose Martín Melchor-Leal

Analysis and Design of Telecommunication Monopole Towers with and without Camouflaged [Download]
Syed. Ehtesham Ali, Dr. Mir Iqbal Faheem