Volume 09 - Issue 03

Hybrid and Open Pollinated Seed Production in Vegetable Crops under Protected Cultivation[Download]
Saurabh Tomar, Rajiv, DP Singh, Meenakshi Singh, Prabhat Kumar, HG Prakash, Mamta Rathore

Determinants of Household Consumption with Government Funds During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Klungkung Regency, Indonesia[Download]
Ni Kadek Widya Kristyanti and A.A.I.N Marhaeni

Performance Analysis Of Three Phase Boost Cascaded Multi Level Inverter In Hybrid Microgrid System Using Ann Controller[Download]
Marimuthu C, Radhika G R, Narendran S, Rithic CH

The Effect of ISPO Policy, Productivity, International Price, and Exchange Rate on Indonesian Palm Oil Export [Download]
Ni Putu Nila Ayunia Arta Widayanthi, I Gusti Bagus Indrajaya

Effectiveness of Educational Games(e-Games): Outcomes-Based Approach in Teaching Computer Programming for Tertiary Students[Download]
Maricris M. Usita, Gienelle O. Guinanao

The Effect of Raw Materials, Labor, and Capital on Revenue of the Roof-Tile Industry[Download]
I Wayan Yuda Widnyana Putra, Ni Putu Martini Dewi

The Effect of Length of Business, Working Hours, Business Location, and E-Commerce on Merchant Income at Kumbasari Market, Denpasar City[Download]
Adek Wahyu Diantari Wangsa, Ni Putu Martini Dewi

Alternative learning options for studying higher education in India during the pandemic.[Download]
Utkarsh Sharma

Solar Powered Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent Device[Download]
Mr. Yele Akash Balasaheb, Er. R. M. Dharaskar

Application of Service Life Design and Modelling for Reinforced Concrete Sewerage Structures[Download]
Mario S. Oligo, Tandy Q. Paquit, Nelson G. Notarte

Deflector Variations on Pickup Truck with Zero Degree Angle Aero-cap Bank Towards Air Flow Patterns and Pressure Distribution Characteristics[Download]
Gede Prananda Pranidhana, Anak Agung Adhi Suryawan , Ainul Ghurri

Triangular Statistical Arbitrage In Foreign Exchange Market[Download]
Naleli Jubert Matjelo

The Effect Of Leadership, Perceived Organizational Support, And Job Satisfaction On Organizational Citizenship Behavior With Organizational Commitment As Intervening Variables. (Study On Civil Servants At The Regional Secretariat Of West Nusa Tenggara)[Download]
Rizky Praditha Dewi, Hermanto, Mukmin Suryatni

Predicting Cost of ICT in Public Universities Using Regression Algorithm[Download]
David Odera, George Ogongo, Dancan Okello

Automation of the torque process in the assembly of the component called Frontcover as an integral part of an internal combustion engine.[Download]
Francisco Duran, Alberto Barrera

Generation And Characterization of Hidden Optical-Polarization States[Download]
Gyaneshwar K. Gupta, Ravi S. Singh

The Role of Employee Engagement Moderation on the Effects of Creativity towards Employee Innovation at the Investment and One-Stop Integrated Services Office of West Nusa Tenggara Province[Download]
Sari Dewi Malahayani Ar; Thatok Asmony; Siti Nurmayanti

Development and Performance Evaluation Of Refractory Brick Biochar KILN[Download]
Mr. Harshal Shinde, Er. Rajesh M.Dharaskar, Dr. K.G.Dhande, Er. Nilesh B. Mirajkar