Volume 09 - Issue 04

Intelligent Agent for Decision Making on Probable Harm Legal Rule and Laws for Computer crimes Protection[Download]
Chafaa M. A. Hamrouni and Alsubaie Shafi Madhkar

Implementing 4-Point Block Method for Approximating the Initial Value Problem of the Fifth Order [Download]
Pham Thi Thuy, Pham Thi Thu Hang

Influence of sodium alginate on fresh and hardened properties of concrete[Download]
Abdulelah Shallah Aljohani, Abusamra Awad Attaelmanan Yousif,

Model Driven Ontologies for Effective Law Enforcement Solutions[Download]
Chafaa M. A. Hamrouni and Alsubaie Shafi Madhkar

Comorbidity and its Impact on COVID-19 Patients[Download]
Dr.A.Sangamithra and P.Dhavamani

Exploration of Cyber Security in a Work-from-Home Environment[Download]
Gloria Odiaga, Collins Awiti, Roggers Abong’o, David Odera, Philip Akech, Silvance Abeka

Empowerment of Disabled Women through Education in Kolkata[Download]
Upama Ghosh

The Effect Of Inflation, Unemployment, And Population Density On Poverty In West Nusa Tenggara[Download]
M. Zia Urrahman, Siti Maryam, M. Irwan

Phenomenological Study On Perspectives Of Workers With Disabilities About Occupational Discrimination In Government Offices Of Lombok Island[Download]
Sukandriani Utami, Thatok Asmony, Dwi Putra Buana Sakti

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Online Learning During COVID-19: An Exploratory Analysis[Download]
Dr. Abdulmunem Alshehhi, Prof. Wathiq Mansoor, Ms. Ameena Alshehhi

Prequalification Guidelines in Tendering From 25,000 Sq.Ft – 1, 00,000 Sq.Ft Engineering Industrial Projects, Pune[Download]
Nahid Shaikh1, Romeiro Silveira2

Applicability of bio-mimetic architecture to create a passive design in building skin.[Download]
Arya Unde, Aparna Mhetras

Bamboo as a sustainable construction building material.[Download]
Rohit Shinde, Gayatri Mahajan

E-learning From Faculty Members’ Perspectives[Download]
Dr. Nagi Zomrawi and Dr. Emadeldin Omer

Optimization of Gemstone Faceting Parameters Using Taguchi Method and Grey Relational Analysis of Wollo Opal[Download]
Eyoab Adane, Alayu Mekonen

A Factorial Analytical Study Of Congestion Causation In A Nigerian Depot[Download]
Oboba C.U. and Edokpia R.O.

Isolation and identification of probiotic bacteria from donkey (Equus africanus asinus) milk of South-Western Haryana[Download]
Ankur Kumari, Parvati Sharma, Anuradha Bhardwaj, Pushap Lata, Jyoti Dalal & Amit Kumar

A Mathematical Model For Predicting The Strength Of Concrete With Cattle Bone Ash[Download]
Chigozie .D. Anaebo, Nkeiruka .V. Osuji

Contextual Integration In Iraqi City Center Development Projects[Download]
Mumtaz Hazem Daoud Al-Dioji, Esraa Ahmed Mohamed Musa

Modified Quaternion Wavelet Transform And Its Convolution[Download]
V. D. Sharma

Weedi: A Mobile Application For Weeds Identification[Download]
Joel B. Alvarez, Mary Yole Apple D. Ruedas, Leoniel Bais

An Effective Classification Rule Mining Algorithm for Object Oriented Databases[Download]
Ajita Satheesh, Dr. Aarti Kumar

Design and Construction of a Solar Dryer for Preservation of Agricultural Products in Ile-Oluji, Ondo State Nigeria.[Download]
Dare-Adeniran O. I and Areola R. I