Volume 09 - Issue 05

Decision Support Model based Genetic Algorithm [Download]
Sarvottam Dixit, Neerja Jain

Impact of existing courtyard in an educational building [Download]
Diksha Ranpise, Aparna Mhetras

Prediction Of Student Performance [Download]
Shubhanshu Chadha, Utkarsh Maurya, Yasharth Tiwari and Surya Maurya

IWIS: The IoT Based Water Irrigation System for Urban Farming [Download]
Londren U. Velasco, Jesfer M. Dela Cruz, Cris Mabel C. Montaos, Ricardo B. San Agustin, Abegail S. Comandao, Walfredo G. Santos

Lost and Found Retrieval System Using Google Map, SMS And Voice Call[Download]
Londren U. Velasco, Raymond S. Macatangga, Copernicus P. Pepito, Jeffrey G. Romano, Marc Ryan Ihan Manota, Rizza Joyce Clemente

Utilising the Neuro Signature System for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Victims of Domestic Violence [Download]
Ruwab Khemchandani and Priyanka Kacker

Soft X-Ray Spectromicroscopy-A Review[Download]
Dr. K. Bhavya sri, S. Pravallika, R. Swethasri,Anushree Hari, Dr. Mogili.Sumakanth

Comparison Of Energy Performance Of Commercial Buildings With And Without Kinetic Facades[Download]
Mukmin Suryatni , Ida Ayu Putri Suprapti , Siti Nurmalaah

Development Of Training Program And Evaluation In Efforts To Increase Employee Performance At West Lombok Regency[Download]
Mukmin Suryatni , Ida Ayu Putri Suprapti , Siti Nurmalaah

Provision of the Amenities Lacking In the Annapur Village through a Different Government Scheme to Become Self Sustainable Village[Download]
Shalaka Dixit, Prof Aparna Mhetras

E-Commerce as a Tool to Increase Farmer Welfare[Download]
Ade Pugara, Brian Pradana

Photocatalytic degradation of coralene yellow 7 GD Dye using synthesized MgZnAl2O5 nanoparticle under UV light (254nm)[Download]
Madhusudhana N, Yogendra K and Yuvaraj

Use of Domestic Microwave Oven in the Preparation of Nanostructured Materials[Download]
C. K. Mahadevan

Review Paper on Brain Tumour Diagnosis System[Download]
Dr. Snehal Golait, Amulya Pawshekar,Ruchita Rahate, Supriya Malewar, Tanaya Deodhe, Tanvi Thakre

Tertiary Education Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning: Only option during the COVID -19 Lockdown[Download]
Subitha Sivakumar, Sivakumar Venkataraman and Dr.Elma Thekiso

Feature Oriented Performance Analysis of the Social Media[Download]
David Ademola Oyemade , David Allenotor

Shipping Containers In Substitute Of Conventional Construction Method At Pune For Accommodation.[Download]
Rakhi Munot, Prachi Iyer

Hybrid Auto Text Summarization Using Deep Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic System[Download]
Dr.G. Premalatha, Shazama Fathima H, Shahina Nizam

The possessions of various fabric type and seam schemes on the seams proficiency[Download]
Mst. Khodeza Akhter

IoT Digital Forensics: State of the Art Recent Internet of Things (IoT) Digital Forensic Investigation Methods, Challenges and Future Directions[Download]
Maryam AlShaer, Khawla AlShehhi, Samia Abdulla

The Influence Of Liquidity And Company Size On Stock Prices With Dividend Policy As Intervening Variables[Download]
Imam Andre Perdana, Ni Ketut Surasni, Siti Aisyah Hidayati

The Effect Of Work-Family Conflict And Family-Work Conflict On Work Stress And Work-Life Balance Of Nurse[Download]
Baiq Rabiatul Adawiyah Kartika Wulan, Lalu Suparman, Siti Nurmayanti

The Relationship Of The Professional Learning Community With Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Among Accounting Principles Teachers[Download]
Tan Su Ling