Volume 09 - Issue 08**

Physicochemical characteristics of ice cream stabilized with Gum Arabic and Tartar Gum.[Download]
Sabah Kh. Alawad, and Yousif M.A. Idris

Differentiation of Fertilized and Non Fertilized Clay Sand Samples Using XRF and AAS Techniques[Download]
Khansaa Elawad Elhaj Mohammed, Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla Yagoub, Sawsan Ahmed. Elhouri Ahmed, Fatma Osman Mahmoud Mohamed

Physicochemical, Minerals and Fatty acids of Yoghurt as Affected by Milk Source[Download]
Ahmed Eltayeb Ismail Mohammed, Elgasim Ali Elgasim, Eiman O. Basheer and Ibtisam H. Elhassan

Strategic Management Practices of Selected State Universities and Colleges in Samar Island, Philippines[Download]
Jinky C. Tafalla

Abaca (Musa textiles) Sub-sector Assessment to Scale-up Biodiversity Initiatives[Download]
Jinky C. Tafalla, , Edwin R. Celestino,

A Study of the Rural Energy Technology in the Philippines[Download]
Jinky C. Tafalla

Regional Government Policies in Dealing with Covid-19 and Its Economic Implication in Indonesia [Download]
Mansur Afifi, Luluk Fadliyanti and Jalaluddin

Extent of Implementing the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system in Sudanese Beef Industry.[Download]
Eman O. Basheer, Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Wala S. Babekir, Randa A. Ibrahim, Ghaydaa M. Ebrahim, Sheerin E. Ahmed and Azza M. Khalid

Chemical Composition of Yoghurt Enriched with Arabic Gum (AG)[Download]
Nada A. Fath, Eiman O. Basheer, Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Ahmed El. Ismaiel, Mohammed A. Alnor, Wala S. Babekir and Sheerin E. Ahmed

Physicochemical, Minerals and Fatty acids of Cow’s and Camel’s Yoghurt[Download]
Mohammed A. Elnour, Eiman O. Basheer, Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Ghaydaa M. Ebrahim, Wala S. Babekir, and Randa A. Ibrahim

Peroxide Value (PV) and Fatty Acids of Beef Burger Enriched with Olive oil[Download]
Mohammed A. Elnour, Eiman O. Basheer, Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Ahmed El. Ismaiel and Wala S. Babekir

Eco Friendly Plastic Sand Bricks A Comparative Analysis[Download]
Pranav Dixit and Mr. Jonty Choudhary

Replacement Of Natural Concreting Materials To Environmental Waste To Produce Eco Friendly Concrete – A Review[Download]
Vivek Kumar, Mr. Pukhraj Sahu

Microbial Characteristics and Sensory attributes of Yoghurt Enriched with Arabic Gum (AG)[Download]
Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Eiman O. Basheer, Ahmed El. Ismaiel, Mohammed A. Alnour, Gehan Abdullatif Mustafa Ali and Wala S. Babekir

The Effect Of Work-Family Conflict And Family-Work Conflict On Work Stress In Fear Of Succes Situation Post-Covid-19 Pandemic Study on Female Employees at Mataram University Hospital[Download]
Adhiya Wahida Wilayati, Abdul Aziz Bagis, Mukmin Suryatni

Effect Of Different Concentration Of Some Local Gums On The Physical Attributes Of Ice Cream[Download]
Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Elgasim Ali Elgasim, Eiman O. Basheer and Ahmed Eltayeb Ismail Mohammed

On the Hypersurface of a Finsler space with generalized Matsumoto metric[Download]
Surekha Desai, Narasimhamurthy S K and Raghavendra R S

Geodesic equations of Randers-change of Matsumoto metric in two-dimensional Finsler spaces[Download]
Raghavendra R S, Narasimhamurthy S K and Surekha Desai

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi[Download]
Dr. Archana Mishra and Dr. Archana Tiwari

The presence of Corporate Social Responsibility in times of crisis: The case of Greece and the key point of lignite production[Download]
Anastasia Metsiou, Georgia Broni, Eleni Papachristou and Magdalini Kiki

Effect of Arabic Gum (AG) on Physical Characteristics of yoghurt[Download]
Ahmed El. Ismaiel, Eiman O. Basheer, Ibtisam H. Elhassan, Mohammed A. Alnor, Gehan Abdullatif Mustafa Ali, Sara Y. Ahmed and Wala S. Babekir

Effect of Insecticides, Folimat 800 and Tricel EC 20% (Organophosphate) on Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Plant Growth under two Different Soils in Sudan[Download]
Wael M.O, Alsamowal M.M. , Dagash Y., Ibrahim S.

Productive and Reproductive Traits of Butana Cattle under Atbara Livestock Research Station Condition[Download]
Tahani Abd-Elkafi Ahmed, Salaheldein Sidahmed Ahmed

Potential Solar And Wind Energy Forecasting For Capital City Using Neural network[Download]
Mustaqim, Muhamad Haddin and Arief Marwanto

Identification And Documentation Of Indigenous Technical Knowledge On Agricultural Practices Among Angami Tribe, Nagaland, India[Download]
Thejanei, Dr. Mary N. Odyuo, Dr. J. Longkumer

Utilization of Landsate-8 OLI Data in The Lithological Discrimination and Mapping of W. El Gemal – W. Sikait area, South Eastern Desert, Egypt[Download]
Dawoud, M.; Gehad M. Saleh; Mohamed S. Kamar; Badr, Y.S.; Mostafa Kh. Mahmoud

A Two-dose Intranasal Vaccine Containing West Nile Virus Envelope Domain III Adjuvanted with a Mast Cell Activating Cationic Peptide Mastoparan 7 and CpG Induces Protective Anti-West Nile Virus Immunity in Mice[Download]
Moses W. Sichangi

**Remaining Papers are in progress.