Volume 09 - Issue 09**

The Low – Cost Accelerometer Calibration Algorithm Meets Accuracy Compared to High – Quality Accelerometer[Download]
Doan Van Nguyen, Quyen Tra-Kim Nguyen, Long Nhut-Phi Nguyen

Common factors and mental health conditions affecting Quality of Life and well-being of a person[Download]
Aiswarya A R, Anitha K L

Vulnerability Interrelationship Inspire Bio-Cybersecurity[Download]
Seyedali Pourmoafi, Stilianos Vidalis

Determination Of Foam And Emulsion Powers Of Crude Methanol Extracts From Jatropha Curcas And Balanites Aegyptiaca Plants[Download]
Ambair i. K., Dr. Doughari J. H., Dr. Joel U. E.

Is the use of Internet in Remote Teaching The Future In Education?[Download]
Anastasia Metsiou, Georgia Broni, Eleni Papachristou and Magdalini Kiki

Do self-help initiatives matter? A review on the efficacy of community-led poverty reduction through self-help groups in Uganda[Download]
Dickens Otim, David Mwesigwa

Insecticidal Activity of Chewing Tobacco (Nicotiana glauca) Against Cotton Mealy Bug (Phenacoccus solenopsis) (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae)[Download]
Mohammed Alhabib Alraih Abdelgader and Loai Mohamed Elamin Elawad

Probitication of Over Ripe Mango Beverages by Fermentation with Bifidobacterium Longum BB536[Download]
Sadia EltayebElbadway, Barka Mohammed Kabeir

Conservation, Cultivation and Propagation of Zingiberaceae Species of Manipur and Ethnobotanic Utility: A Review[Download]
Singh Sanasam Sanjoy, Devi Maibam Haripriya, Thokchom Rocky, Thokchom Jenita, Singh Potsangbam Kumar

Symmetrical Component Transformation of a Three-Phase Impedance Coupled to a Single-Phase Impedance in Electric Power Systems[Download]
Diego Bellan

The Effect of changing Molar Concentration of Cu x Fe(1-x) O2 Nano Thin Films on Their Optical and Electrical Properties[Download]
Mahmoud Bashir Ali Dawra, A. E. Mohamed Osman, Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla, Mohammed Idriss Ahmed