oICSET-May-2022 - Special Issue

Investigation On Mechanical Strength Of Synthetic, Natural And Hybrid Composite Laminates [Download]
Karthikeyan .P, Sandhiya .S& Mutharasi .M

β-Amyloid, the Central Player in Alzheimer’s Disease Neurodegeneration, may be a Fulcrum in Glaucomatous Pathogenesis also [Download]
Nancy Maurya

Non-Invasive Method For Covid-19 Detection With Volatile Organic Compounds Sensors Using Arduino Uno Processor [Download]
V Jeyalakshmi, P Divya, P S Layra, G Sorna Selvam

Compressive Behaviour of Mortar Cube of Riversand and Msand with PVA fiber[Download]
R Reno Infanto, Dr S Adish Kumar

Energy Efficient Joint Scheduling For Underlay D2D Communications [Download]
Ms.M.Stella Mercy, D.Priya Dharshini, J.Sineka

Physical and Chemical Analysis of Ground Water Quality during Pre-Monsoon Season in khol Block of District Rewari, Haryana (India)[Download]
Ms. Pratibha, Dr. Souvanik Talukdar, Dr. T. L. Rajawat

Remaining Papers are in progress